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Chapter 306 - Seventh in Running for the Queen of Lan Feng

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 306: Seventh in Running for the Queen of Lan Feng

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    Indeed, Wen Xinya won the top spot for the Four Belles of the freshmen at the Lan Feng Institute. Although it was just a superficial title, it greatly boosted Wen Xinya’s reputation in the Lan Feng Institute.

    As for the voting for the Queen of Lan Feng, Wen Xinya was just placed at the seventh position. However, for a freshman to stand out among almost a thousand female students in the whole Institute within slightly a month of entering the Institute, it was a big deal. It was worth noting that the senior students occupied the first four placings, followed by two sophomores, and she was the highest-ranked freshman.

    And Xia Ruya was just placed beyond the first hundred positions.

    Of course, these were all told to her by Zhou Tianyu and Xu Tongxuan. She did not care for these superficial titles at all.

    Today, she had an appointment with Li Mengjie and Yan Shaoqing to check on the progress of the renovations of the shop front. After getting out of the Institute, Wen Xinya flagged down a cab by the roadside and went to the shop front.

    Once Wen Xinya alighted from the cab, she was totally astonished by the brilliant architecture before her eyes!

    The entrance sloped up leading to a nine sapphire steps. Mounting the steps, nine wooden pillars engraved with dragons paired with phoenixes stood tall. Green glazed tiles, red pillars, golden roof, and white railings—the vintage imperial palace styled architectural design could already be seen.

    Wen Xinya entered the inner hall. Yan Shaoqing and Li Mengjie were already there!

    Li Mengjie brought Wen Xinya around the inner hall and said, “At the moment, the external renovations are already complete. As refinements are needed for the internal renovations, the progress has slowed down. However, everything is expected to be completed within two months.”

    “Not bad. Seems richer than the designs on paper.” Wen Xinya couldn’t help but nod in approval after seeing the rough renovations inside. The renovation company recommended by Gu Junling was indeed extraordinary.

    Li Mengjie nodded and said, “The renovation staff that you brought over is very experienced. The senior workers were able to tell the imperfections on paper right away and raise better suggestions. Not only did it hasten the renovation progress, but it has also saved quite a bit of resources, which resulted in massive savings for us.”

    “These are the financial statements for the renovation budget at the moment.” Yan Shaoqing handed the financial statements over to Wen Xinya in a timely manner.

    Wen Xinya looked through it carefully. There were two financial statements—a set of forecasted expenditure previously and a set of actual renovation spendings. Indeed, a huge sum was saved.

    “Just nice, I have something to discuss with you. The renovation senior worker suggests that we use fired golden bricks for the flooring of our grand hall. Not only are they compact in terms of quality, but they’re also thick and grand, and can be fired with all sorts of prints according to our requirements. Most importantly, they’re relatively more cost-effective. The senior worker has given me a set of price list and samples of the golden bricks—see what you think!” Li Mengjie passed the prepared materials to Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya knew that golden bricks were not gold. Instead, they were a special kind of stone material fired to be densely knitted and compact bricks, reputed to be golden rocks and thus, known as golden bricks. The flooring of ancient imperial palaces was mostly made of golden bricks, but that technique had already been lost. Currently, golden bricks in use were mostly imitation.

    She examined the golden bricks closely. All sorts of prints like clouds, flowers, and birds were fired on them. Also, they were compact in terms of quality and did not pale in comparison to marble—indeed a qualified choice. She then looked at the price list again—indeed, they were a few times cheaper than marble. “Okay, we’ll use golden bricks.”

    Li Mengjie smiled and said, “I’ll inform the renovation company in a bit.”

    Wen Xinya looked towards Yan Shaoqing again. “Regarding the supply of medicinal herbs haven, are the details settled?”

    Previously, Grandpa Du had introduced a few more influential medicinal herbs havens within the country to her. With Grandpa Du as the middleman, she had linked up with the other party very quickly. She had already briefly negotiated the collaboration with them. However, as she was underage, it was inconvenient for her to come forward to handle the specifics. Thus, it was handed over to Yan Shaoqing.

    Yan Shaoqing replied, “The details are more or less settled. Lawyer Qiu is currently preparing the contract. When the time comes, I’ll let you take a look first.”

    Wen Xinya asked again, “How’re the arrangements over at the factory?”

    Yan Shaoqing said, “Renovations for the factory are also in progress and are expected to be completed at the same time as that of the shop front. Additionally, some equipment and staff have already been ready for some time. Currently, I’m discussing the related training courses with the Traditional Chinese Medicine physician that you sourced.”

    Wen Xinya nodded. She had chosen the cosmetics factory to be situated on the outskirts of Jin City. Although Jin City would be rapidly developed in the future, it was also the first city in the country to propose environmental protection and excelled at it. The place that she had chosen was serene, close to the mountains and rivers, and would substantially elevate the value of her cosmetic products in the future.

    Wen Xinya looked towards Li Mengjie. “The preparations on Yan Shaoqing’s end are more or less completed. How’s the staff training going on for your side?”

    As they were going for the theme of a grand banquet in an ancient palace, the staff in the shop was all required to learn the etiquette of the Tang dynasty. Also, they needed to understand the philosophy and foundational knowledge of the Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare as well as the related messages of the products.

    Li Mengjie answered, “Staff training is going on well and is expected to be completed in another month.”

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “In that case, I can set out to prepare the related documents regarding the manufacturing of products as well as the Center for Prevention of Diseases and the Drug Administration Authority.”

    As if Yan Shaoqing predicted Wen Xinya’s move, he whipped out some related documents and passed them to her. “It’s best if we can obtain the GMP drug manufacturing standards license—it’s the highest certification required for the major cosmetics brands both locally and abroad. With Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare products, this certification is even more important for us. I’ve prepared the related documents here—you can have a look.”

    “Okay, I’ll go back and study it carefully.” GMP was the manufacturing standards that the World Health Organization recommended that all countries in the world employ, meaning “Good Manufacturing Practice”. It was a kind of autonomous management standards focusing on the production quality and safety standards during the production process.

    Li Mengjie said, “We also need to start designing the packaging for our products. Product aesthetics directly affect the intuitive and subjective impression that the products give you and can’t be taken lightly. If we start preparing earlier, we’ll have more time.”

    “I’ll take care of this part. You guys don’t have to worry!” Wen Xinya intended to design herself and already vaguely had many leads in her mind.

    Hearing which, Li Mengjie felt assured. “Regarding sales, are we only doing store sales?”

    Wen Xinya said, “I’ve agreed on a formal sales line cooperation with the Floral Lingo Pavilion. The products of Lanxin Cosmetics would be placed at the Floral Lingo Pavilion on consignment and they’ll draw a 20% commission. Additionally, our customers will need to have the Floral Lingo Pavilion’s VIP card in order to purchase products at the shop front. Some beauty-related products will form a sales chain with the Floral Lingo Pavilion—we’ll do our best to make customers understand that the effects of our products will be further enhanced when paired with the beauticians of the Floral Lingo Pavilion!”

    The 20% commission given by Lanxin to the Floral Lingo Pavilion seemed insignificant. However, once customers knew that the effects of the Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare products would be enhanced when paired with all sorts of top-grade treatments at the Floral Lingo Pavilion, the Floral Lingo Pavilion would profit greatly from the provision of their services.

    “Got it!” Li Mengjie gasped. Before the opening of the shop front, she had already found the Floral Lingo Pavilion to ensure the products of Lanxin Cosmetics. With the affirmation of a top beauty salon like the Floral Lingo Pavilion, all the more they wouldn’t need to fret over sales once their products were launched.