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Chapter 310 - Even Confucius Says That Appetite and Lust Are Only Natural!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 310: Even Confucius Says That Appetite and Lust Are Only Natural!

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    Si Yiyan drove to Lishan Mansion where his assistant, Gu Yuehan, had once brought Wen Xinya to for a visit. However, she did not manage to get a good tour around the place because she was brought straight to the helipad.

    The mansion was situated on a large piece of land and had stone walls made of grey, staggered bricks. It gave off a somber and melancholic vibe.

    The mansion’s interior decor was rustic, and there were tea sets, a teapot, chessboards, calligraphic paintings, and ancient ornaments on display. They exhibited the style and taste of the owner.

    The courtyard had a European decor with cobblestone pavements that surrounded the entire space. Plants grew in the cracks and crevices of the pavement, giving the place a tranquil and serene vibe.

    “Be careful with your steps. It’s tough walking on cobblestone grounds,” said Si Yiyan while guiding her along the pavement. Surprisingly, the surface of the pavement was rather even and she could still walk on a steady gait despite wearing stilettos.

    “The decoration of this place is really beautiful. It does seem a little old, though,” said Wen Xinya, who tried to find her balance instead of leaning against him and putting all her weight on his body. She felt rather safe and secure to have him beside her. She realized that time waited for no man.

    “This mansion has been around for 21 years. Most of the decor and interior design was decided by my mother. She lived here throughout her pregnancy and only returned to Italy with my father after I was born,” said Si Yiyan in a tone of melancholy.

    Unsure of whether she should comfort him or not, Wen Xinya held his hand gently.

    Si Yiyan looked down and smiled at her.

    They were greeted with a breathtaking sight after making a turn. It was a lake that was surrounded by lush, emerald greenery which glistened under the sun. There were rocks and mountains beside the lake in which water streamed downwards continuously, causing ripples to form on the surface of the water.

    Si Yiyan pointed at a spot in front and said, “My father was the one who made that grape trellis and my mother was the one who planted those grapes. My father told me that once the grapes ripened, we’d sit beneath the vines and enjoy the sweet and delicious grapes during afternoon tea. We would let time pass and bask in a carefree mood.”

    Wen Xinya looked over to see that there were lots of grapes hanging from the vines on the trellis, and two exquisite rattan chairs and a wooden table. “Peace, security, and tranquility are what most women want. Not only did your father love your mother, he understood her very well too.”

    Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Si Yiyan looked at her intently and said, “Wen Xinya, I’ll make up for all the things that my father failed to do.”

    His father had failed to stay by his mother’s side until death did them part, but he’d definitely do it with his future spouse.

    Wen Xinya looked up at him with an affectionate gaze. It felt as if his intense gaze had bored a hole through her, as if he could see clearly every part of her inner soul.

    “I planted that cluster of roses myself not long after I met you,” said Si Yiyan with a smile before walking towards the cluster of roses in the corner.

    “They’re beautiful!” Wen Xinya remarked truthfully. Although it was already October, there were still bits and pieces of withered roses and loose petals, which were strangely beautiful.

    Si Yiyan looked down and kissed her on her sideburn. “Roses are red and the vines intertwine. The grapes come to fruition and the roses bloom. Life is all about having a companion.”

    “I didn’t expect the arrogant, prideful, aloof, and standoffish you to have such a romantic and poetic side deep within your heart.” Wen Xinya remarked while chuckling.

    She was wrong. Zhong Rufeng was at most a scholarly gentleman while Si Yiyan was a true blue Casanova.

    He was a man of complex emotions and romance. He could put his thoughts into poetic, pompous words. He could be suave and dashing, but he could also be elegiac. He could be frivolous and open to all conversations, but he could also be austere and solemn.

    He was a rare find!

    Si Yiyan’s eyes lit up and he said, “Hurry and grow up so that I can enjoy the bliss of having a partner.”

    “Unlike in the olden era, being a Casanova is frowned upon nowadays. Yet, you’re still so proud of it,” said Wen Xinya. She stared at Si Yiyan, whose face was flushed and had a look of tenderness in his gaze, clearly in love. She had never known that Si Yiyan would look like this when he was in love. Her heart began to race and her breathing became erratic.

    Grazing his fingers lightly against Wen Xinya’s rosy cheeks who was, in fact, incredibly shy despite appearing hostile, he said, “It’s only normal to be flirtatious and romantic with the woman you adore. The stories of Zhang Chang from the Han Dynasty being flirtatious and promiscuous remain legendary even to this day.”

    “Zhang Chang faced harsh castigations from the public because of his philandering ways, and that’s also the very reason why the emperor stripped him of his position as a high-ranking official,” said Wen Xinya whose face was burning hot, as if his fingers were electrifying. Waves of electricity surged through her body.

    Although she was physically only 15 years old, she had the soul of a 25-year-old who knew everything about love and sex. After being enticed by him, she began developing lustrous thoughts and sexual fantasies about him.

    “How could you compare romance to power and materialism?” Si Yiyan exclaimed with a menacing look in his eyes while moving his slender and bony fingers across her lips.

    Unable to restrain her burning passion, she decided to smack his fingers away. She glanced at him and said, “Every Casanova is actually shameless deep down!”

    She was indirectly calling him shameless. Si Yiyan chuckled and said, “Wrong. Every man is shameless deep down. This is only human nature. Even Confucious said that appetite and lust are only natural!”

    Glaring at him in disdain, Wen Xinya rebuked. “How dare you have the cheek to implicate other men when you’re clearly the one being shameless. You’re so thick-skinned and self-righteous as well.”

    Wen Xinya suddenly recalled a quote from a certain book that she had read—”When a woman loves a man, she becomes extremely petty. When a man is in love with a woman, he becomes amusingly childish and immature in front of her. Women would usually express their love through everyday things, whereas men would do so by showing their lust for the woman they adore, unrestrainedly without hesitance.”