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Chapter 311 - Xinya, Why Are You Having a Nosebleed?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 311: Xinya, Why Are You Having a Nosebleed?

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    During lesson time in school, Wen Xinya was incredibly distracted while the teacher rattled on and on about the lesson topic.

    She couldn’t help but be reminded of the dream she had last night about the beautiful cluster of roses that Si Yiyan had planted and her sexual encounter with him. During their intimate session, she was intertwined around him like the vines of the roses and letting her passion flow.

    A romantic poem popped up in her mind.

    “What are you thinking about? You didn’t even realize that the lesson is over,” asked Zhou Tianyu, staring at her closely from head to toe. She discovered that Wen Xinya’s eyes were glassed over and her cheeks were both flushed red. He was slightly shocked to see tears in her eyes.

    “Nothing… nothing much!” she exclaimed, seemingly still distracted and unaware of Zhou Tianyu’s presence.

    Her tears began to blur her vision, which only became much clearer after she blinked. She looked down at the white A4-sized paper to see that she had subconsciously sketched a beautiful bed of roses while she was distracted by her thoughts. The stalks of the roses were intertwined around each other, and the petals were full and beautiful in their own grace.

    The sketch actually seemed to look a little over-sexualized, perhaps because of her corrupted thoughts. She had also annotated the sketch with the sensual line from the romantic poem!

    Blood surged through her veins and a crimson liquid began flowing from her nostrils!

    “Oh goodness! Xinya, why are you having a nosebleed?” Zhou Tianyu exclaimed in shock after letting out a shriek of terror.

    “Is my nose bleeding?” Wen Xinya instinctively rubbed her nose, only to see that her fingers were stained red.

    Staring at her bloodstained fingers, the last thread of rationality within her snapped. She thought to herself,

    Terribly frightened, Zhou Tianyu hurriedly held her hand and exclaimed, “Xinya, I’ll take you to the medic room!”

    Wen Xinya finally realized that Zhou Tianyu was present. She felt incredibly embarrassed, but she couldn’t possibly tell her that she was fine and had merely gotten a nosebleed from thinking about a lustrous dream she had. “Tianyu, I’m alright, I just over-nourished myself with tonic soup after experiencing an excessive loss of blood during an injury.”

    “Is that so?” asked a worried Zhou Tianyu.

    “Yes, that’s right!” Wen Xinya answered with a firm nod. She whipped out some tissue paper to clean the blood off her nostrils, after which she ripped the piece of tissue paper into shreds and dumped them into the dustbin. It seemed that that was the solution to getting rid of the evidence of her nosebleed.

    “Haha! If you say so. You don’t have to be so serious and agitated!” said Zhou Tianyu, who felt much more relieved to see that she had indeed stopped bleeding. She did not doubt her words because nosebleeds from excessive exhaustion were commonplace and rampant in school.

    Turning red with embarrassment and feeling ashamed again, she said, “I only emphasized on my answer because I didn’t want you to be worried.”

    “Just tell me straight if you’re afraid that I’d be worried. Why are you blushing!?!” Zhou Tianyu asked in bewilderment, sensing that something was amiss with Wen Xinya today. Upon seeing the sketch on her desk, Zhou Tianyu inched closer and asked, “What are you drawing? Let me see!”

    “Nothing, it’s just a casual sketch!” she quickly explained, reluctant to let Zhou Tianyu see the sketch. She placed the sketch into her bag calmly, although her hands trembled slightly. She asked, “Tianyu, what brings you here?”

    Distracted by her question, Zhou Tianyu answered, “Junling is hosting a gathering at Ninth-Heaven today and wanted me to inform you.”

    Wen Xinya frowned slightly and said, “I have something on tonight, I might not be able to make it!”

    She had other plans in mind. Si Yiyan mentioned that he would be picking her up after school. Since he rarely returned to the nation, she wanted to spend as much time as she could with him.

    Staring at Wen Xinya, Zhou Tianyu exclaimed, “Are you kidding me!?! You can’t make it? We haven’t gathered together in a long time. If there’s nothing too important for you to do later, just come with us and have some fun! Han Mofeng will be there, too. How can you be absent!?!”

    “Is Han Mofeng on a break from school now?” asked Wen Xinya, wavering a little. It had been a long time since she heard anything about Xu Zhenyu. Although Xu Zhenyu was best friends with Han Mofeng, she was unsure if they were still in contact.

    Zhou Tianyu pulled her hand and whined. “Yeah, Junling wouldn’t organize a gathering for no reason! Xinya, just come with us. Otherwise, it’d be so boring for me and Tongxuan since we’re the only girls.”

    Wen Xinya agreed with a nod. “Sure! Let’s go together after school.”

    Zhou Tianyu was over the moon. Suddenly reminded of something, she poked Wen Xinya in the arm and asked, “By the way, I saw you getting inside a black car after school yesterday. It doesn’t seem to be the car that your chauffeur Tao drives. Who was the one who picked you up? Tell me!”

    Wen Xinya immediately answered, “Just a friend!”

    Zhou Tianyu’s curiosity was piqued after hearing her answer. “What friend? Junling said that that car is a customized and handmade one. The material used to build it has to pass through the safety checks and meet the standards set by NATO. He definitely isn’t an ordinary person.”

    Wen Xinya explained, “He used to be my grandfather’s apprentice. He taught me calligraphy and chess for a period of time.”

    Zhou Tianyu lost interest after hearing her answer. After all, Old Mr. Mo had lots of apprentices, all of whom turned out to be figures of status and authority. Hence, it was not surprising that an apprentice of Old Mr. Mo could own such a luxurious car. “By the way, what were you thinking about just now? You kept spacing out and didn’t even realize that I was here!”

    Wen Xinya began to turn red and hot again at the thought of what happened earlier. She frantically cupped her face in her hands and exclaimed, “I was just thinking about something!”

    Zhou Tianyu stared at her curiously and asked, “You’re acting peculiar today. You either avoid my questions or brush me off with a vague answer. What’s wrong with you? You’re so distracted. Are you feeling unwell?”

    Wen Xinya shook her head and answered, “No, I’m just heaty because I’ve been over-nourished!”

    Zhou Tianyu nodded and said, “The clam soup at Ninth-Heaven is extremely effective at dispelling heat. Drink more of those tonight. You have to eat more bland and healthy foods and increase your water intake for the time being.”

    Seeing how concerned Zhou Tianyu was about her health, Wen Xinya felt a little guilty for lying to her.