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Chapter 313 - Wen Xinya Is So Evil!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 313: Wen Xinya Is So Evil!

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    After school, Wen Xinya and her friends headed to Ninth-Heaven for the gathering. Ling Qingxuan and Han Mofeng had already ordered some dishes and alcohol while waiting for them. Upon sight of Han Mofeng, Gu Junling walked towards him and punched his chest playfully. He teased, “Brother, you’ve become so strong and buff!”

    Han Mofeng punched him back and said with a smile, “You’re still the same. Brother, you must work doubly hard to get fitter! Health is wealth.”

    “Hahahaha…” Everyone burst into laughter upon hearing Han Mofeng’s words.

    Zhou Tianyu looked at them and said, “Cut it out you two! It’s only been three months since we met. How much change can there be?”

    Ling Qingxuan guffawed and said, “Loony has changed quite a bit. Not only did he get buffer, but he‌‌has also gotten much tanner, too!”

    Wen Xinya teased. “I can’t tell at all. He’s still that gigolo Han Mofeng.”

    Everyone burst into laughter.

    “The military toughens me up!” Han Mofeng retorted.

    They laughed out loud again.

    Staring at Han Mofeng, Xu Tongxuan asked, “Hey Loony, aren’t the rules in your school very strict? You barely get to use the phone, either. Why do you get a break today?”

    Han Mofeng answered, “We were rewarded with a three-day break to unwind and relax because we pushed through the two-month intensive training course.”

    “Oh, I see!” Zhou Tianyu said, giving him a pat on his shoulder out of sympathy.

    Gu Junling poured everyone some liquor and said with a sigh, “I really wonder how Xu-er is doing.” He then looked at Han Mofeng and said, “Do you have any news of him? He’s already gone to Xibei for more than two months. Yet, he has never once contacted us. I really want to beat him up.”

    Wen Xinya paused while helping herself to some food and listened attentively.

    “Has he never contacted any of you before?” Han Mofeng asked in astonishment. He subconsciously looked at Wen Xinya. They all knew how much Xu Zhenyu fancied Wen Xinya. Thus, she probably had something to do with his sudden decision to go to Xibei.

    A sullen expression formed on Ling Qingxuan’s face. He said, “That fool Xu-er. He clearly promised to contact us regularly. Yet, he has already been away for two months and still hasn’t called or texted any of us.”

    Zhou Tianyu chimed in. “Forget it if he didn’t contact us. He didn’t even contact Xinya, either. I really wonder what he’s thinking. I wish I can beat him up into a pulp.”

    Xu Tongxuan said, “That fellow has always been willful. His temper hasn’t changed even after he joined the military.”

    “Perhaps, he’s just having a really tough time during training.” Wen Xinya defended him.

    Han Mofeng said, “He called me once last month but didn’t say much. I asked him if he had gotten used to life in the military and whether or not it was tough. He said that he could still manage. I’m sure you guys know that the Xu family only has power over Tianjing city. Hence, they definitely can’t interfere with the military matters of Xibei. I reckon he must be having a tough and arduous time in the army.”

    Zhou Tianyu remarked, “Xu-er is the most spoiled and privileged amongst all of us. Surprisingly, he can take more hardship than we can. Although he showed his determination to go to Xibei, I thought that he was just making a rash decision in a moment of folly and that he would return to Tianjing once he was done exploring. Yet, he actually stayed there for more than two months without contacting us. I reckon he must have made up his mind to excel in Xibei.”

    Gu Junling said, “Xu-er may be privileged, but he’s not afraid of hardship at all. He’s always been stubborn and obstinate. Once he’s made up his mind, it’s almost impossible to change his decision. I was really worried about him at some point. However, he’ll definitely perform well in the military with that determination and grit of his.”

    Ling Qingxuan said, “I could tell that Xu-er was serious about going to Xibei. He’s never failed to keep his promises and has always achieved everything that he set his mind to. Old Mr. Xu insisted on sending him to the military, not only because Xu-er’s brother had decided to become a politician, but also because he thinks Xu-er is cut out for politics.”

    “Seems like a lot has happened during the few months that I was away,” said Xu Tongxuan with a sigh.

    “I wonder how he’s doing now,” said Wen Xinya, who was still rather worried about Xu Zhenyu. She knew that he was an obstinate person who often suffered in silence.

    Han Mofeng said, “Don’t worry guys, nothing will happen to Xu-er. Although the Xu family can’t interfere with the military of Xibei, old Mr. Xu can definitely do something to help, given his status and power. When I visited old Mr. Xu back then, he seemed to be in a good mood while talking about Xu-er. Seems like he’s very pleased and confident in Xu-er’s abilities.”

    Gu Junling raised his glass and exclaimed, “Let’s toast!”

    The few of them clinked glasses. Staring at Wen Xinya who was eating quietly, Han Mofeng said softly, “Xu-er asked about you when he called me the other day.”

    Wen Xinya put down her chopsticks and asked, “What did he ask about?”

    Han Mofeng said, “He just asked if you were doing well and if your stepmother was still making life difficult for you. He wanted me to tell you to be careful of Xia Ruya.”

    Wen Xinya was slightly taken aback by his words. Although she knew what kind of a person Xia Ruya was, she did not expect Xu Zhenyu to take it so seriously. “How did you answer him?”

    Han Mofeng chuckled and said, “What else could I have said? Regardless of how formidable Ning Shuqian may be, she’s no match for you. No matter how capable Xia Ruya may be, you’ll always outshine her. Hehe… I may be in military school, but I’ve heard about your glorious achievements in Lan Feng Institute!”

    Placing a hand on her forehead, Wen Xinya asked, “Did you tell him everything?”

    Han Mofeng smiled awkwardly and said, “Hehe, I told him all the details!”

    “Did you add any false details?” Wen Xinya asked, pinching her hand gently.

    Han Mofeng did not notice her actions. He smiled and said in embarrassment, “A little… hehe.”

    “Really just a little bit?” Wen Xinya asked, squinting at him.

    Han Mofeng suddenly realized that he might have incurred her wrath. “I really only added a few false details, really…” He then sprung up from the couch and hid behind Gu Junling.

    Staring at Han Mofeng, Wen Xinya said, “What are you hiding for!?! I was just trying to praise you.”

    Xu Zhenyu would have definitely called her and sneaked out of the military to see her should he find out that she wasn’t doing too well.

    Han Mofeng’s eyes widened in shock, suddenly realizing that she was just teasing him.

    Turns out Wen Xinya is so evil!