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Chapter 319 - Lust Is Just an Empty Shell

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 319: Lust Is Just an Empty Shell

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    On the way back to Lishan Mansion, Si Yiyan had a smile hanging from his lips and joy overflowing from his eyes. Wen Xinya couldn’t help but find his behavior a little strange.

    However, Wen Xinya felt sluggish all over and was too lethargic to ask him about it. Hence, she slipped into a trance and dozed off in his car.

    Si Yiyan cocked his head sideways to see that she was sleeping soundly. He then pulled over by the roadside and eased her into a comfortable position before removing his jacket and placing it over her gently. He then increased the temperature of the air conditioner and continued driving.

    Wen Xinya woke up from her pleasant nap to find that she was lying on a spacious incense wood bed. The faint scent of the wood wafted up to her nose and she almost thought that she was lying on the wooden bed in the Mo Family home.

    She sat up straight and gave her back a little stretch before getting out of bed. She then took a look at the time to see that it was three o’clock in the afternoon, which also meant that she had slept for half an hour.

    Wen Xinya exited the room. However, Si Yiyan was nowhere in sight and hence, she decided to go to his study.

    Seeing that the door of his study was left ajar, Wen Xinya pushed the door gently to enter. As soon as she did, she was greeted with the sight of Si Yiyan drawing on the easel. She then tiptoed towards him stealthily.

    Si Yiyan looked at her and said, “You’re up. How was your nap?”

    “Yes, it was great,” said Wen Xinya, who walked over and stood beside him. “What are you drawing?”

    Si Yiyan swapped the brush in his hand for a thinner one and dipped it in some crimson ink before glancing at her.

    Wen Xinya began to get a little flustered and quickly looked down, only to see that he had drawn a beautiful cluster of roses that were in full boom. It was simply a breathtaking sight.

    She suddenly found the painting to be rather familiar-looking.

    She took a closer look and realized that it was the same one that she had sketched during class previously.

    She instantly turned as red as a tomato while recalling her sensual dream and how brazen and passionate she was when getting intimate with him in the dream.

    The painting in front of her seemed to depict a man and a woman making love with each other.

    She thought to herself. She sobered up instantly and asked, “How… how did you know about this sketch?”

    “A hundred stalks of roses…” Si Yiyan smiled and recited the poem that she had annotated her sketch with. He then unfolded a piece of fine paper to reveal the sketch that she had drawn that day, causing her to feel extremely shy and embarrassed.

    Si Yiyan spoke in an extremely alluring voice that was beautiful, captivating, charming and mesmerizing.

    It was as if all her blood had surged towards her face. She suddenly remembered her sketch slipping out of her document file when she was at Lanxin Cosmetics. Seems like that was when Si Yiyan had picked it up.

    Being an intelligent and randy playboy, Si Yiyan definitely understood the significance of the drawing.

    After painting the roses, Si Yiyan picked up the calligraphy brush and penned down the romantic poem.

    Feeling extremely ashamed, she instinctively tried to snatch the brush away from him, but to no avail, because she was too slow.

    Si Yiyan put the painting aside and allowed it to dry off after completing his masterpiece.

    Wen Xinya instantly tried to grab it.

    As soon as she took a step forward, she was almost immediately pinned against the easel. Pressing his forehead and chest against hers, Si Yiyan kissed her gently and stuck his sweet tongue into hers. Overwhelmed with nervousness, Wen Xinya began to pant heavily while thinking about the roses on the painting.

    “Will you give that drawing to me as a gift?” Si Yiyan asked while still pressing his lips closely against hers.

    Wen Xinya’s heart fluttered upon hearing his voice. She suddenly realized that she had never given him any gifts and hence, could not bring herself to reject him, especially since he sounded a little desperate.

    “I’ll take your silence as consent,” said Si Yiyan, who did not give her the chance to turn him down.

    Wen Xinya nodded subconsciously.

    “Ah!” Wen Xinya exclaimed in shock the moment she realized that Si Yiyan had picked her up and lowered her onto the desk. She accidentally knocked over the brushes, cases, and ink with her arm, after which they fell onto the ground.

    Alarmed by the noises, the servants hurriedly ran towards the door and knocked on it.

    Si Yiyan ordered coldly. “Everything’s fine, you may leave!”

    Wen Xinya wanted to take the chance to sneak away. However, Si Yiyan immediately thumped himself down onto her and kissed her passionately again while the brushes rolled around on the ground.

    Wen Xinya was overwhelmed with immense pleasure and joy, thoroughly enjoying the deep, gentle kiss that he had planted on her lips.

    All of a sudden, she noticed Si Yiyan’s light gray jacket being pressed against the fabric of her long satin skirt which had exquisite petals embroidered on it.

    Her lips, beauty, tenderness, and coyness made her irresistible to him. They were both enjoying the intimate encounter while smooching each other.

    Wen Xinya said softly, “Your mother used to tell you stories about Buddha, but I wonder if she had ever told you before that Buddha used to be Sakyamuni, who had once stayed in recluse beneath a Bodhi tree. Afraid that he would achieve nirvana and become Buddha, the devil decided to send three women to his side and try to seduce him. The three women each represented joy, greed, and lust. However, Sakyamuni managed to resist the temptations and became Buddha.”

    Kissing her periodically, Si Yiyan asked, “What were the true identities of those three women?”

    “There were just empty shells!” Wen Xinya answered before giggling coquettishly and smugly. She was sitting in a graceful and alluring position.

    Si Yiyan stopped kissing her all of a sudden and pulled her into his arms. Wrapping his arms tightly around her waist, Si Yiyan murmured, “Xinya…”

    Wen Xinya placed a finger on his lips and said, “Don’t say that you’re sorry. I know you won’t hurt me.”

    Si Yiyan then buried his head into her neck and took a deep whiff of her unique scent before kissing her gently again, tracing her neck all the way until her earlobe.

    Wen Xinya felt as if beautiful and exquisite flowers had bloomed on the areas where he had left kisses.