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Chapter 324 - Ning Shuqian, This Is Only the Beginning of Your Agony

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 324: Ning Shuqian, This Is Only the Beginning of Your Agony

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    After dinner, Ning Shuqian left the Wen Family’s old mansion together with Wen Haowen, appearing gloomy and dejected. She intended to talk to Wen Haowen about the ovulation pills. She was not one to sit and wait without doing anything.

    However, Ning Shuqian realized that she had made a wrong move this time. She had indeed gotten Wen Haowen wrapped around her finger and won his heart. However, she was no longer the Ning Shuqian she used to be. After fifteen years of marriage, their passion for each other had long faded and vanished. Men tended to get sick of their spouses once the novelty wore off. Wen Haowen was mindful of his actions and dared not be unfaithful towards her when they stayed in the Wen Family’s old mansion. However, now that they had moved out and Old Mr. Wen was not around to watch over him, she was certain that he would definitely cheat on her when the opportunity came.

    Although Wen Haowen was angst and had a bad temper, he was extremely obedient towards his mother. Thus, there was no escape for Ning Shuqian because old Mrs. Wen was bent on making her conceive.

    The side effects of the ovulation pills were far worse than what Ning Shuqian had described. Not only would the user be plagued with all kinds of pain and misery, but the effects were also permanently detrimental to the health, too.

    Most importantly, Ning Shuqian was already 36-years-old and way past her childbearing years. How could she possibly stand the torment that came with taking the ovulation pills?

    Ning Shuqian could forget about keeping Wen Haowen’s heart if she were to lose her beauty because of the ovulation pills. Once she lost Wen Haowen, Wen Xinya could do whatever she wanted with her.

    Wen Xinya was waiting to see Ning Shuqian being put through the torment of suffering the side effects from the ovulation pills.

    However, she was not worried that Ning Shuqian would get pregnant. After all, she had been unable to conceive for fifteen years. Wen Xinya doubted that Ning Shuqian would be able to fall pregnant at such an old age.

    Besides, Ning Shuqian had failed to bear a child for the Wen Family in their previous lifetime.

    A deafening silence filled the air in the living room. The dishes served during dinner were all Wen Haowen’s favorites and hence, were rather oily. Wen Xinya made Old Mr. Wen a cup of tea and said, “Grandpa, you had so much oily food tonight. Have some tea to get rid of the oiliness!”

    “You’ve been restricting my diet ever since you came back. All I’ve been eating lately is bland and tasteless food. Of course I’d have to eat to my heart’s content tonight since I rarely get to eat unhealthy and delicious food,” said Old Mr. Wen, whose frown had vanished after seeing Wen Xinya’s heartwarming gesture.

    “Grandpa, you’re old in your years. Although you’re in the pink of health, you should take good care of your body. You can have oily food once in a while, but you shouldn’t take them every day,” Wen Xinya said persuasively.

    “Yes, yes, I know. You’ve been nagging about that every single day,” said Old Mr. Wen. However, he was rather glad and gratified to see how concerned she was about him.

    Wen Xinya said, “Grandpa, how could you dislike me because I’m naggy?”

    Old Mr. Wen said, “No, no, I don’t mind it at all. You’re my granddaughter. I’ll dislike anyone except you!”

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Of course. Since you don’t mind it, I’ll get Mrs. Wang to brew you a daily dose of herbal medicinal soup from tomorrow onwards.”

    Old Mr. Wen’s eyes widened in shock. He had been on a medicinal soup diet before. Although he found it rather refreshing at first, he soon got sick of it. Wen Xinya did not compel him to take them since he was rather healthy.

    Staring at him, Wen Xinya said, “You’re actually much luckier than my maternal grandfather. Grampy has to drink three doses daily as well as a cup of ginseng tea before bed and in the morning.”

    Upon hearing her words, Old Mr. Wen said, “Your Grampy has always hated medicine. How did you convince him to take them?”

    “That’s a secret!” Wen Xinya exclaimed, grinning widely.

    Old Mr. Wen was speechless.

    Wen Xinya was smiling slyly like a fox.

    Old Mr. Wen asked, “Xinya, what happened with Shen Mengting? Why did she assault you with a weapon? How did you get involved with her? You must have brought up the incident in front of me just now for a reason.”

    “Here’s what happened…” Having already expected her grandfather to ask her about it, she told him everything from the start, including how Shen Mengting tried to gain her trust and spiked her drink.

    Although she had never once told Old Mr. Wen about the things that Ning Shuqian had done to her, Old Mr. Wen could already guess it vaguely. She felt that it was crucial to let her grandfather know what Ning Shuqian’s true colors were in order to get him to stand on her side. Only then would he stop pinning his hopes on Wen Haowen, who was wrapped around Ning Shuqian’s finger.

    Old Mr. Wen exclaimed with a sullen expression, “That bastard Ning Shuqian. How dare she get up to these nasty tricks behind our backs!?!”

    Wen Xinya nodded and said, “Ever since I moved back to the Wen Family, she has been doing everything she can to plot against me.”

    “Xinya, don’t worry. Leave Ning Shuqian to me. I definitely won’t let anyone harm my granddaughter,” Old Mr. Wen said with a terrifyingly cold stare in his eyes.

    Wen Xinya held his hand and said, “Grandpa, stay out of this. You and Father have always been at odds with each other. If you intervene and punish Ning Shuqian, your relationship with Father is going to be strained further. Father is still a little afraid of you now, but if you fall out with him, Ning Shuqian will be able to control him. She’ll only stand to gain from it.”

    Old Mr. Wen had never thought about it before because he had long given up on Wen Haowen. Hence, he had never been afraid of offending Ning Shuqian. However, he found that Wen Xinya’s words made sense. After all, Wen Haowen still possessed 15% of the Wen Corporation’s shares and Old Mrs. Wen was definitely going to give him the 5% that she owned. If he were to be controlled by Ning Shuqian, he could easily create chaos within the Wen Corporation with 20% shares.

    “Grandpa, leave Ning Shuqian to me. Anyway, my father and I are already estranged. Just consider it as a chance for me to try my hand at handling her. I’ll definitely look for you when I need your help,” said Wen Xinya, who knew what Old Mr. Wen was thinking. However, she would rather take revenge on Ning Shuqian instead of letting her grandfather get rid of her. She wanted Ning Shuqian to suffer the fate that she had planned for her to, and end up with nothing to her name.

    Most importantly, she was still a little intimidated by Ning Shuqian. She would still get reminded of Yang Chongguang’s death occasionally and the mystery about the Birds of Paradise was growing deeper. Hence, the Wen Family might not be able to subdue Ning Shuqian completely and might risk losing everything they had.

    Wen Haowen was ambitious yet hot-tempered. Once he was infuriated, he would turn his back on everyone and resort to anything.

    “Alright, then,” said Old Mr. Wen, who had no reason to turn her down. He wanted her to start learning how to deal with Ning Shuqian since she would eventually be in charge of the Wen Corporation.