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Chapter 333 - Xinya, You’ve Landed Yourself in Hot Soup This Time

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 333: Xinya, You’ve Landed Yourself in Hot Soup This Time

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    Ning Shuqian secretly headed to the hospital to inquire about artificial insemination, only to discover that both prospective parents would each have to undergo a thorough physical examination and a series of checkups, which included the checking for abnormalities in sexual organs, secretion of sex hormones in the prostate glands and inner cervix lining, as well as for any blockages in the fallopian tubes. Both parties would have to clear the tests before they could undergo artificial insemination.

    If Ning Shuqian were to undergo artificial insemination together with Wen Haowen, he would definitely find out about her health condition. Given how much he wanted to have a son, she was certain that he would divorce her if he were to find out that she was in poor health.

    Ning Shuqian was getting a major headache.

    Old Mrs. Wen, who usually refrained from poking her nose into their business, seemed to be acting out of the ordinary lately. She called Ning Shuqian every single day to urge her to book an appointment at the hospital for artificial insemination, and even told her to go together with Wen Haowen.

    Fortunately for Ning Shuqian, she managed to escape the ordeal because Wen Haowen was too busy to go with her.

    However, given how insistent the Wen family was, she would definitely have to undergo artificial insemination.

    “Aunt Ning, what are you doing in the hospital? Are you feeling unwell?”

    Upon hearing the sweet voice and the words of concern, Ning Shuqian looked up to see that Xia Ruya was standing in front of her and appearing extremely worried. Ning Shuqian hurriedly snapped out of her trance and answered, “I’m alright. I’m just here to inquire about something.”

    Xia Ruya smiled and said, “Good to hear. I thought you were unwell, Aunt Ning.”

    Looking at Xia Ruya, Ning Shuqian asked, “Why are you at the hospital?”

    Xia Ruya answered smilingly, “I’m here to get some vitamin tablets.”

    Ning Shuqian nodded and said, “Vitamins are good for your health.”

    Holding onto Ning Shuqian’s arm, Xia Ruya asked, “Aunt Ning, would you like to go shopping with me? I’m going to buy some skincare products.”

    After some consideration, Ning Shuqian answered, “I’ve been planning to get a new set of skincare products recently, too. Let’s go shop together!”

    Xia Ruya said, “Aunt Ning, have you heard of a skincare brand called Ai Shang? The efficacies are great. Although it’s a local brand, lots of famous celebrities and socialites enjoy using their cosmetic products. Aunt Ning, why don’t you give it a try? I’m using their products now, too.”

    “I think Ai Shang is a top brand in the nation,” said Ning Shuqian, who couldn’t help but hesitate a little after hearing that it was a local brand. After all, she had always been using expensive, international brands that were far better than local brands. In her opinion, local products simply couldn’t hold a candle to those from overseas.

    Xia Ruya smiled and said, “Aunt Ning, Ai Shang may be a local brand, but their products work much better than other prestigious brands from overseas. This brand merely hasn’t expanded into the international market because it hasn’t been established for long yet. On top of that, Ai Shang doesn’t have sufficient funds and abilities, either.”

    “Since you’re singing praises about their products, I should give them a try,” said Ning Shuqian, who was rather tempted after hearing Xia Ruia’s praises. She had always trusted Xia Ruya’s taste in things. Besides, a set of skincare products would not cause a dent in the bank for Ning Shuqian. Hence, there was no harm in giving it a try since she could easily just replace them if they were not to her liking.

    Xia Ruya smiled and said, “Aunt Ning, just trust me. I heard that the Xiao Family has plans to acquire the Ai Shang Group and make Ai Shang Cosmetics a part of their business in a bid to use it to delve into the luxury brand market. Ai Shang is truly an outstanding brand. Given the Xiao Family’s wealth and power, they’ll definitely give the brand a new image and transform it into a prestigious, international brand.”

    Ning Shuqian’s eyes widened in shock, and she asked, “What? The Xiao Family is planning to acquire Ai Shang Group and delve into the luxury brands market? How did you know about this?”

    The four big families each had businesses in different fields. Although they were despicable, they had always stayed in their own lanes. Now that the Xiao Family was planning to acquire the Ai Shang Group, they were obviously trying to take a share of the loot in the luxury brands market which the Wen Family was heavily involved in. However, they mostly dealt with jewelry and apparel. Only 10% to 20% of the businesses belonging to the Wen Corporation were related to cosmetic products.

    The Xiao family was clearly trying to compete with the Wen Family in the luxury cosmetics market. Once they acquired the Ai Shang Group, give it a new image and publicize it, the Ai Shang Group would definitely secure its footing in the market.

    Xia Ruya answered, “Ai Shang Group and the Xia Family have always been cooperating with each other and they have product counters in the supermarkets belonging to the Xia Family. I only found out about this because I discovered that lots of Ai Shang’s products were missing from the display shelves in the supermarkets.”

    Ning Shuqian said with a sullen expression, “The Xiao family is so greedy and ambitious. They’re planning to compete with the Wen Family in the luxury brands market.”

    Although Xia Ruya had been hearing about the Xiao Family’s plans to dabble in the luxury brands market, she did not expect the rumors to be true. Not to mention, the Xiao Family had even begun taking action stealthily.

    After snapping back to reality, Xia Ruya said, “Aunt Ning, the Xiao Family may be more capable than the Wen Family, but the Wen Family has been dealing in the luxury brands market for so many years. The inexperienced Xiao Family won’t be able to outshine the Wen Family. You see… the major luxury brands in the international market have mostly held their ground throughout the decades. There are rarely any new brands that can replace established ones.”

    Although Ning Shuqian found her words to have made sense, she still could not help but feel worried. “That may be the case, but the Xiao Family has more financial abundance than the Wen Family, and Ai Shang Cosmetics is a popular brand in the local cosmetic scene. If the Xiao Family acquires Ai Shang Group successfully, they’re going to become a threat to the Wen Family.”

    “Aunt Ning, the Xiao Family may be overly ambitious, but the Wen Family can definitely undermine them with the help of the Jiang family. Don’t worry about it.”

    Ning Shuqian said with a frown, “Ever since Wen Xinya’s conflict with Jiang Ruoyin, my father-in-law has already cut off all ties and ceased partnerships with the Jiang family. We’re at odds with the Jiang family now. I doubt they’d be willing to work with the Wen Family against the Xiao Family.”

    Xia Ruya began to feel tense and jittery. “In that case, Aunt Ning, the Wen Family is in great danger. The Xiao Family is much more powerful and wealthy than the Wen Family. I don’t think the Wen Family can deal with the Xiao Family without any help.”

    Gritting her teeth in anger, Ning Shuqian barked. “It’s all Wen Xinya’s fault. If it weren’t because of that little bitch, the Jiang and Wen families wouldn’t have fallen out.”

    Xia Ruya said worriedly, “Uncle Wen and Grandpa are going to hit the roof if they find out about this. Xinya has really landed herself in hot soup this time, by causing a stir between the Jiang and Wen families because of her personal feud with Jiang Ruoyin.”

    Xia Ruya’s words inspired Ning Shuqian to come up with a sudden idea.

    Ill at ease, Xia Ruya said to Ning Shuqian, “Aunt Ning, why don’t we tell Uncle Wen and Grandpa about this now so that they can prepare themselves mentally and take the necessary precautions?”

    Ning Shuqian frantically tried to comfort her and said, “I’ll speak to your Uncle Wen about this. Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

    Xia Ruya nodded obediently with an icy cold gaze in her eyes.