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Chapter 334 - You’re Just Pretending to Be Innocent After Receiving a Benefi

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 334: You’re Just Pretending to Be Innocent After Receiving a Benefit

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    After school, Gu Yuehan sent Wen Xinya to Lishan Mansion where she chatted with Si Yiyan for a while. However, he had to excuse himself to answer a video conference which cropped up at the last minute. Hence, Wen Xinya decided to sit on the couch and play with her mobile phone to kill her boredom.

    Feeling lonely, Cleopatra paced back and forth behind her, occasionally showing its teeth while facing her.

    Wen Xinya pushed Cleopatra’s head away and said, “Cleopatra, don’t disturb me. Go and play on your own elsewhere!”

    Cleopatra continued to walk in circles around her, reluctant to leave.

    Wen Xinya had no choice but to say, “Cleopatra, be obedient. I don’t have the time to play with you now. Go and play on your own!”

    Cleopatra then wagged his tail and played cute before scurrying off reluctantly.

    Wen Xinya looked through the Ai Shang Group stocks, only to discover that they had suffered a drastic plunge. Shock was written all over her face.

    Ai Shang was a top brand in the nation which lots of wealthy clients from the upper-class society enjoyed patronizing. Although Ai Shang Group had only been listed for less than five years, they had been performing rather well in the stock market, and their stocks had always been stable.

    After his video conference, Si Yiyan walked towards her slowly and asked, “What are you looking at? Why are you so focused?”

    Wen Xinya answered calmly, “Nothing much. I just bought some units of stock recently, so I decided to take a look at its performance.” She then placed her mobile phone on the coffee table and looked up at him. “Is your conference over?” she asked.

    Si Yiyan nodded and said, “Yeah, it’s over.”

    “Is everything alright?” Wen Xinya asked.

    Si Yiyan answered, “It’s nothing major. There might be some changes to the contract between the Xiasi Group and the government. I’ll be able to stay in the nation for longer after the agreement is settled.”

    Wen Xinya asked with a frown, “How about the Xiasi Group’s headquarters in Italy?”

    A menacing gaze formed in Si Yiyan’s eyes and he said, “I’ve gathered all the power that those old fogies used to hold. There are just some loose ends there, but that bunch of old dogs can vie with each other for the meager amount of benefits left. Besides, everything will be kept under control with Gu Yuehan’s brother tending to the business there.”

    Wen Xinya’s heart skipped a beat and she recalled Gu Junling’s remarks about Si Yiyan—he would never start a conflict, yet he could always reap the most benefits. She said, “Let’s take Cleopatra out for a walk in the garden. He kept pacing back and forth around me and pestering me to play with him just now.”

    Si Yiyan pulled her to the backyard while Cleopatra crawled around the patio. Upon sight of Si Yiyan and Wen Xinya, it stood up immediately and began wagging its tail while running towards them.

    “Cleopatra, fetch!” Wen Xinya exclaimed before throwing a frisbee up into the air.

    Cleopatra darted towards the frisbee and caught it with its mouth. It then ran back to Wen Xinya and handed her the frisbee.

    “Well done, Cleopatra,” said Wen Xinya, who was surprisingly in a good mood. She stroked and petted Cleopatra, after which it circled her gleefully, occasionally sticking its tongue out to lick her palm.

    Wen Xinya guffawed loudly in amusement. She then retracted her hand and hid it behind her back. “It’s so ticklish! Cleopatra, be good, don’t lick me. I’m worried that Si Yiyan might punish you!”

    Cleopatra then quickly scurried towards her back and chased her while she dodged.

    Happiness was written all over Si Yiyan’s face as he watched her have a whale of a time with the dog.

    “Ah! Si Yiyan, save me… hahahaha…” Wen Xinya then scrambled towards Si Yiyan with Cleopatra chasing her, after which she fell straight into his embrace.

    Si Yiyan instinctively gestured at Cleopatra.

    Wen Xinya burst into laughter, her dark eyes brimming with joy.

    The way she smiled resembled a sly fox, greatly arousing and enticing him. He raised her chin gently and began kissing her with immense passion.

    At this moment, Cleopatra began zooming towards Si Yiyan, who miraculously noticed it and grabbed the frisbee from Wen Xinya’s hand before throwing it into the air.

    Cleopatra turned around and proceeded to chase after the frisbee.

    Si Yiyan had never once moved away from Wen Xinya throughout his fluid course of actions.

    After kissing her for a long time, he finally let her go. Wen Xinya fell into his arms and pressed her head against his chest meekly with tender affection.

    “Si Yiyan, you sneaked up on me again!” Wen Xinya exclaimed coquettishly, her rosy lips curved into a smile. They were soft, vibrant, and alluring like a beautiful stalk of rose that he would pick regardless of what it took.

    “You’re wrong!” Si Yiyan said, moving his fingers across her lips gently.

    Wen Xinya puffed her cheeks up and glowered at him. “How am I wrong?”

    “I clearly kissed you openly. How could you call that sneaky?” Si Yiyan said with raised brows. He found her to be even more charming and seductive than usual whenever she was pretending to be angry. He also found her lively eyes and clenched fists to be extremely adorable.

    Wen Xinya glared at him and asked, “How are you going to explain that?”

    “You were the one who dived into my arms. I was just following my heart and doing what I wanted to,” Si Yiyan answered self-righteously, staring at her with a gaze that was so intense that it seemed to have consumed her whole. His warm breath landed upon her lips and he suppressed his passion with all his might while giving her an explanation for his actions.

    Wen Xinya was dumbfounded and bewildered. In other words, he was trying to tell her that he had kissed her without warning, simply because she had aroused him and hence, it was not considered a sneak attack!

    “You’re just pretending to be innocent despite knowing that you’ve gained an advantage,” said Wen Xinya after she had recovered from the shock.

    “Why don’t I let you take liberties with me, too? We’ll be even, then.” Si Yiyan teased in a hoarse voice, staring at her eyes that were as dark as the ocean at night, seemingly calm and peaceful, yet full of dangerous, tidal waves.

    “No, I don’t want you to accuse me of seducing you again.” Wen Xinya retorted, blushing as red as a tomato. She couldn’t help but feel shy upon sensing how passionate Si Yiyan was.

    Si Yiyan burst into laughter, his voice low and alluring.

    Wen Xinya began to feel more and more flustered. Not daring to look at him, she said with shifty eyes, “Where’s Cleopatra? He’s no longer in sight.”

    “Oh, I told him to go away because we were getting down to business just now. He should be running around somewhere on Mount Li,” Si Yiyan answered, staring at her cherry-red lips. Although he lusted for her and her delicate body, he found that she was… way too young.

    Wen Xinya’s eyes widened in shock. Staring at Si Yiyan, she suddenly realized just how lustrous and lecherous he could be.