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Chapter 335 - Becoming a Member of the Zhishan Club

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 335: Becoming a Member of the Zhishan Club

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    Wen Xinya had a banquet to attend in the evening. It was a small-scale private birthday celebration organized by Madam Shen, who had backstabbed Ning Shuqian during the charity auction previously.

    Wen Xinya was surprised to see that Madam Shen had invited her to the banquet, without extending the invitation to her family. She thought to herself that Madam Shen was probably just inviting her on Madam Zhou’s account.

    However, Wen Xinya had been invited to all types of social events and banquets held by people of the upper-class society ever since Madam Zhou introduced her and gave her a good image during the previous banquet.

    Due to the fact that she would be attending someone else’s birthday party, she decided to don a simple pastel green gown and some pearl accessories, so as to avoid being too eye-catching while still staying elegant and formal.

    When Wen Xinya arrived, she handed the gift that she had brought to the reception desk before entering the banquet hall to see that there were more guests than she had imagined. Although Madam Shen was angst and feisty, she was well connected and had a wide social circle.

    Upon sight of Wen Xinya, Madam Shen welcomed her smilingly. “Xinya, you’re here! Your Aunt Zhou was just talking about you. Hurry and go inside!”

    Wen Xinya smiled and said enthusiastically, “Aunt Shen, Happy Birthday! I wish you eternal youth and health!”

    Madam Shen pulled her into the banquet hall merrily before proceeding to welcome other guests.

    Holding her hand, Zhou Huiyan said, “Let me introduce you to the guests here. Madam Shen may be feisty, but she’s frank and straightforward. The people she knows are mostly rather nice.”

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Thank you, Aunt Zhou!”

    Wen Xinya stared into the distance and caught sight of a woman who was dressed in a navy gown and exuding an elegant aura. She was greatly taken aback, for she had recognized the woman to be Madam Tang Xiaowei, the chairperson of the Zhishan Club, whom she frequently saw on television.

    The Zhishan Club was a nationally-recognized charity organization that contributed to all the charity associations in the nation and rendered help in administrative matters. It was the most powerful and authoritative charity organization in the city.

    The current president, Tang Xiaowei, was already in her sixties. She used to be the Chief of the Ground Forces Administration Team and had graduated with a bachelor’s degree in music and dance from Central University, as well as a postgraduate degree in Tribal music from a music academy in Z Nation. She was also one of the top actresses in the nation and had received special incentives from the National Administrative Council. Her husband used to work in the Central Cultural Department, but had unfortunately passed away years ago in a car accident. They did not have any children at all. Due to her incredible devotion towards her husband, Tang Xiaowei had never remarried and instead focused on her philanthropic career, during which she led the Zhishan Club to the pinnacle of success.

    Zhou Huiyan walked towards Tang Xiaowei together with Wen Xinya and said smilingly, “Xinya, this is Tang Xiaowei, the chairperson of the prestigious Zhishan Club. Everyone addresses her as Mrs. Li. I had actually invited her to make the opening speech during the banquet that I held previously. However, she couldn’t make it because of an urgent matter that cropped up at the last minute.” Zhou Huiyan then introduced Wen Xinya to Tang Xiaowei. “Xiaowei, this is Miss Wen whom I’ve mentioned to you earlier. She’s Old Mr. Mo’s granddaughter, and is a very virtuous and intelligent child.”

    “Nice to meet you, Mrs. Li! I’ve admired you for a really long time. I didn’t expect to have the pleasure of meeting you today. How fortunate of me,” said Wen Xinya, who was surprised and honored. As much as she tried to contain her emotions, she could not stop herself from blushing or her sparkly eyes from lighting up.

    “Turns out it’s Miss Wen. I hear about you frequently from Huiyan. She told me that you’re an ambitious and candid girl. I’ve finally met you in person,” Tang Xiaowei said, scanning her from head to toe. She discovered that Wen Xinya was pretty and elegant yet domineering despite her young age, a close resemblance to Old Mr. Mo. Tang Xiaowei smiled and continued, “Old Mr. Mo and I go way back. Since you’re his granddaughter, I shall save the formalities. Although I’m old enough to be your grandmother, you may call me Aunt Tang.”

    Wen Xinya exclaimed gleefully, “Thank you, Aunt Tang!”

    Zhou Huiyan grinned and said, “Xinya was the one who suggested that we use videos of the beneficiaries receiving the help given by the charity organizations in place of the opening speech during my banquet previously. Surprisingly, that turned out well. The Zhishan Club has received a lot more donations recently, and that’s all thanks to Xinya. She deserves credit for trimming the video and coming up with that suggestion.”

    Wen Xinya nodded shyly.

    Tang Xiaowei smiled and said, “Your grandmother, mother and Old Mr. Mo are all honored members of the Zhishan Club. Since your Aunt Zhou has put in a good word for you, why don’t you become a member of the club too?”

    “You’re… really going to give me the opportunity to join the club?” Wen Xinya asked in bafflement. Joining the Zhishan Club was a great opportunity for her to gain power and status. If she were to join the club, she would be securing a position that was highly coveted by lots of socialites and daughters of wealthy men in the nation.

    Zhou Huiyan chuckled and said, “Silly child, why would your Aunt Tang lie to you?”

    Wen Xinya recovered from the shock and thanked gratefully. “Thank you for the opportunity, Aunt Tang!”

    Wen Xinya understood that Tang Xiaowei had offered her the opportunity to join the Zhishan Club on the account of her maternal family, and also because Zhou Huiyan had put in lots of good words for her. There were rumors that Zhou Huiyan would be succeeding Tang Xiaowei as the chairperson of Zhishan Club. Hence, Tang Xiaowei would definitely take her recommendation seriously.

    Tang Xiaowei smiled and said, “Your mother might no longer be around, but I hope that you can fulfill her last wishes and contribute to charity.”

    Wen Xinya nodded earnestly and said, “Thank you, Aunt Tang. I’ll do my best.”

    “How has Old Mr. Mo been lately? I haven’t seen him in a long time,” asked Tang Xiaowei, who found Wen Xinya to be a pleasant and genuine girl who did not seem pretentious at all.

    Wen Xinya answered, “Grampy is still the same. He’s healthy, and he’s recently picked up Tai Chi. He’s a little hooked onto it.”

    She had previously sought Si Yiyan to look for a Tai Chi master for her grandfather. Although the medicinal herbs were helping his health, the effects would be much better when combined with exercise.

    Tang Xiaowei smiled and said, “It’s great that Old Mr. Mo has begun taking care of his health!”

    Having known Old Mr. Mo for years, Tang Xiaowei understood what his personality was like. She could also empathize with his feelings of dejection and hopeless since they were both widowed.

    Staring at the pretty Wen Xinya, she thought to herself,

    Indeed, life was all about imparting and inheriting!