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Chapter 336 - Saving a Ton on Advertising and Publicity

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 336: Saving a Ton on Advertising and Publicity

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    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Aunt Tang, you’re constantly working hard to manage Zhishan Club, but you ought to be mindful of your health, too. Grandpa Du’s granddaughter has researched on improving one’s health using Traditional Chinese Medicine before and has some recipes that are very effective. My grandfather is currently using them. You may give them a try, too.”

    Although Wen Xinya was returning a favor, she was also trying to suck up to Tang Xiaowei. After all, the latter was a highly respected person of status.

    “Sure! How thoughtful of you,” said Tang Xiaowei, who found Wen Xinya to be very genuine, sincere and thoughtful. She could also tell that she was intelligent and virtuous.

    Although she knew that Wen Xinya was just sucking up to her by offering to give her the Traditional Chinese Medicine recipes, she was not surprised at all for she knew that she was a person of status, whom many had tried to butter up. In fact, she even got repulsed by some bootlickers.

    However, she was comfortable with Wen Xinya’s approach. After all, she had old ties with Old Mr. Mo and hence, it seemed appropriate for Wen Xinya to show concern for her grandfather’s old friend. It was only right for her to care about Tang Xiaowei on her grandfather’s behalf.

    Tang Xiaowei spoke to Wen Xinya for a while longer before excusing herself to talk to other guests.

    Gazing at Zhou Huiyan with immense gratitude, Wen Xinya said, “Aunt Zhou, joining the Zhishan Club is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I really don’t know how I should thank you!”

    Zhou Huiyan smiled and said, “What are you thanking me for? You’re intelligent and full of wisdom. It’s a good thing to be offered the chance to join the Zhishan Club. Besides… it’s also because you’ve managed to get into Xiaowei’s good books. It’s not entirely my credit.”

    Still extremely grateful towards her, Wen Xinya said, “I know it’s a Herculean task to get into the Zhishan Club, and Aunt Tang had a good impression of me, all thanks to the good words that you put in for me.”

    Zhou Huiyan smiled at Wen Xinya who resembled her grandmother, Ren Yuqian. “You’re outstanding enough.”

    Wen Xinya blushed shyly after hearing her compliment.

    Zhou Huiyan held her hand and said, “However, you’ll still have to work hard because you’re only a candidate now. Whether or not you become an official member will have to depend on your own abilities.”

    Wen Xinya answered with a nod, “Got it, Aunt Zhou.”

    Suddenly reminded of something, Zhou Huiyan said, “The results of the Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare products that you have given me previously were excellent. Surely you can’t be the one who set up the imperial beauty product shop front on Pearl Street?”

    Wen Xinya nodded and answered, “Yes, it’s a shop that I have set up with Grandpa Du’s granddaughter, Du Ruo. She’s in charge of manufacturing while I’m in charge of managing the business. All the formulas have been screened by Grandpa Du.”

    Zhou Huiyan smiled and said, “It’s a great idea and concept. I’ll bring some people over to support you once you open for business.”

    Wen Xinya thanked. “Thank you, Aunt Zhou. However, could you help me keep it a secret? I don’t want the Wen Family to find out about my shop. After all, I’m still young and can’t handle such a major business.”

    All of the people in Zhou Huiyan’s social circle were socialites of the upper-class society and would become the potential customers of Lanxin Cosmetics.

    “Alright, I’ll keep it a secret for you,” said Zhou Huiyan, who was shocked to hear that the Wen Family did not give her any help at all. She was impressed by Wen Xinya yet again.

    However, she knew that Wen Xinya was extremely ambitious and had a huge appetite for success. After all, the Wen Family owned a few businesses in the cosmetics industry, and if they were to find out that the shop was opened by Wen Xinya, they would definitely acquire it. Once it became a part of the Wen Corporation, Wen Xinya would no longer be able to manage and control her own business.

    Wen Xinya grabbed Zhou Huiyan’s arm and said, “Ruoruo has recently invented a new type of mask that is to be applied before bed. I’ll give you some samples another day.”

    Zhou Huiyan nodded and proceeded to introduce her to more people.

    Holding a glass of grape wine in her hand, Wen Xinya could not help but eavesdrop on a bevy of women’s conversation about Lanxin Cosmetics.

    “Hey, have you guys heard about the new palace-themed cosmetic store down Pearl Street?”

    “The location of that store is very close to Pearl Mall, Jiayuan Club, as well as Floral Lingo Pavilion beauty salon. Besides, it’s a fresh and unique concept that other stores along that street don’t have. We’re not blind. How could we possibly not notice it?”

    “I heard that they’re planning to launch a series of Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare products and make imperial beauty techniques their signature!”

    “Who’s the owner of the store? That’s such a bold move.”

    “God knows! The owner is so mysterious. I visited the shop yesterday out of curiosity and the decor is extravagant. All the calligraphic paintings and ornaments are high-quality replicas. Also, the employees in the store are all dressed in Tang Dynasty style clothing and practice ancient etiquette as well. I almost thought that I had traveled back in time!”

    “How interesting. I shall go take a look someday. It’s been a long time since such a fresh concept store popped up in the city.”

    “Yeah, I’m so sick of all those European-style luxury stores that I pass by whenever I’m shopping.”

    “I’m really looking forward to the Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare methods. I wonder if their treatments are really going to be as effective as they made it out to be. They claim that they’d be applying imperial beauty techniques that were used in ancient times.”

    “They should be effective. Did you guys notice Floral Lingo Pavilion’s latest advertisement in the magazines? They’re introducing a new series of Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare products under a brand called Lanxin. I reckon Floral Lingo Pavilion must have something to do with this new store in town.”

    Everyone was greatly taken aback.

    “Floral Lingo Pavilion has always had high standards for their products. All of their cosmetics have to undergo a quality control check before they can be used on clients. Since Floral Lingo Pavilion is associated with this new brand, we shall try them when it officially launches.”

    “Okay! I happen to be planning to purchase a new set of skincare products. I shall try the effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine beauty products!”

    “It’s just cosmetics. We’re not cash-strapped anyway. Let’s just get a new set and try. Quality is what matters most.”

    Wen Xinya smiled in delight. She was glad to see that her plan to pique the curiosity of potential customers by opting for a full-ancient decor and heavily publicizing the imperial beauty techniques had worked out.

    The publicity that Floral Lingo Pavilion had done for Lanxin Cosmetics was extremely effective as well. It seemed she’d get to save on advertising and publicity fees.