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Chapter 340 - There’s More to Jiang Ruoyin’s Abduction!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 340: There’s More to Jiang Ruoyin’s Abduction!

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    Wen Xinya exited the interrogation room while Wang Hanjie followed closely behind her, no longer putting on the airs as he had done at the start. Instead, he was acting as if he was stepping on eggshells.

    Wang Hanjie had been holding his position for five years and had set his sights on replacing the Chief of the Southern District Police Station who was about to retire soon. His brother-in-law, Jiang Wenzhe, greatly doted on his niece, Jiang Yuqian. Hence, Wang Hanjie definitely would not let himself miss the opportunity to suck up to Jiang Yuqian.

    Thus, he decided to stand up for Jiang Yuqian after hearing that she was frequently bullied by Wen Xinya. At the start, he thought to himself,

    That was the reason why he had decided to nitpick and find fault with Wen Xinya. But to his astonishment, Wen Xinya was not one to be trifled with and even threatened to call her lawyer.

    Chu Jingnan was waiting for her outside the interrogation room. Upon sight of her, he asked worriedly, “Xinya, are you alright!?!”

    Wen Xinya glanced at Chu Jingnan and quipped. “Thank you for your concern, President Chu. The police station is a safe place where policemen go by the books. What could possibly happen to me?”

    She had deliberately emphasized on “go by the books”, giving Wang Hanjie the chills. He froze in shock and turned pale.

    Chu Jingnan frowned and asked her softly while holding her hand, “Xinya, did the police make things difficult for you?”

    Wen Xinya shrugged his hand away and clipped coldly. “We can talk, but don’t get all touchy with me.”

    Angered by her aloof attitude, Chu Jingnan snapped. “Wen Xinya, do you really think you can be let off easily after being implicated in Jiang Ruoyin’s abduction? You’re being too naive!”

    “What do you mean?” Wen Xinya asked in surprise. She initially thought that Jiang Yuqian had only informed the police of the conflict she had had with Jiang Ruoyin in the past. However, it seemed the case was far more complicated than she had thought.

    Staring at her, Chu Jingnan said, “You’re the daughter of the Wen Family and the police would have to inform your family before bringing you to the police station. Besides, you’re underage. You’d have to be accompanied by a parent during investigations. They wouldn’t have just brought you here like this.”

    “You mean, there’s more to this case?” Wen Xinya asked, suddenly overwhelmed with an ominous feeling. She was too preoccupied with finding out the truth behind the matter and failed to realize the bigger problem.

    Chu Jingnan lowered his voice and said, “Wang Hanjie is Jiang Yuqian’s uncle-in-law, and he only got to where he is today because of the connections he has with Jiang Wenzhe.”

    “How did you know that?” asked Wen Xinya, who did not expect Jiang Yuqian to be associated with Wang Hanjie in such a way. Although Jiang Yuqian was a little dense, she was not a fool and definitely wouldn’t expose her relationship with Wang Hanjie.

    Chu Jingnan said, “I only found out because I smelled a rat the moment I saw her chatting merrily with Wang Hanjie when I went to the washroom. Hence, I decided to look into it. I then heard her addressing Wang Hanjie as her uncle.”

    Wen Xinya rubbed her forehead in frustration.

    Chu Jingnan said with a frown, “Don’t think that you can escape scot-free just because you know that you didn’t abduct Jiang Ruoyin. Although Wang Hanjie may seem like a small fry, he commands great respect and power in the three districts under him. He’s the Chief, and yet, he had to take you to the police station and interrogate you personally. Don’t you find it strange that he didn’t let his subordinates be involved?”

    Wen Xinya scoffed. “He’s just trying to find an excuse to blame Jiang Ruoyin’s abduction on me. After all, he’s a policeman. He can pin anyone as the culprit just by tampering with the interrogations and evidence.”

    It was not her first encounter with the police. Having been detained a few times, she was well aware of all the unspoken rules. Hence, she felt thankful to have escaped Wang Hanjie’s manipulation. Otherwise, things would have turned out differently if she were to say something wrong.

    “You didn’t say anything else during the interrogation, did you?” Chu Jingnan asked. Despite seeing how relaxed she was, he wa still worried that she would accidentally spill information that would land herself in trouble.

    Wen Xinya said calmly, “I’m not that silly. I know what to say and what not to say.”

    Although Chu Jingnan had told her the truth about the matter, she was not grateful to him at all. After all, she knew that he definitely had an ulterior motive for helping her.

    Displeased by her aloofness, Chu Jingnan said, “I don’t have any other intentions. You’re just a fifteen-year-old who knows nothing. Those policemen are sleazeballs who have encountered all kinds of people. If…”

    Wen Xinya interrupted. “That’s enough. I know what to do. We’re in the police station now.”

    Chu Jingnan suddenly realized that he had been spouting things that he shouldn’t be spouting in the police station. Feeling vexed, he said, “Just be wary. You may be the daughter of the Wen Family, but your status doesn’t always come in handy.”

    Wen Xinya turned around to leave, not wanting to speak to him.

    Chu Jingnan grabbed her hand and said, “The Jiang family and the rest are all outside. We’d better stay here, lest you get into conflict with them again. This is Jiang Yuqian’s turf, after all.”

    Wen Xinya shrugged his hand away and said, “I shall see what she can do to me!”

    Chu Jingnan watched her leave relentlessly, feeling distraught and perplexed. He had informed her of the truth out of goodwill and yet, she refused to heed his advice.