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Chapter 341 - You Can’t Even Save Yourself Now

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 341: You Can’t Even Save Yourself Now

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    Wen Xinya exited the partition to see that Madam Jiang was sitting on the couch with her mobile phone in hand, appearing extremely anxious. Meanwhile, Xia Ruya was seated beside her and comforting her gently, while Xia Ruxue and Jiang Yuqian were sitting side by side with their heads hung low.

    Wen Xinya sat down on the couch slowly.

    The few of them looked up at her.

    Xia Ruxue turned as red as a tomato upon sight of Wen Xinya and sprung up from the couch. She hollered at Wen Xinya. “Wen Xinya, do you really think you can shirk the responsibility just because you’re pretending as if everything is alright? You were obviously the one who abducted Ruoyin.”

    Glaring daggers at Xia Ruxue, Wen Xinya barked. “I didn’t abduct Jiang Ruoyin! What evidence have you got to accuse me of abducting Jiang Ruoyin? If you don’t have solid proof, I can sue you for slander.”

    Jiang Yuqian scoffed. “Do we still need evidence for that? It’s only normal that you’d hire someone to abduct Ruoyin because you bear a grudge against her for embarrassing you in Lan Feng Institute.”

    Jiang Yuqian thought to herself.

    Besides, the Jiang family and the Wen Family would definitely fall out. The Jiang family was not inferior at all, in terms of status and power. Hence, the Wen Family definitely wouldn’t tolerate Wen Xinya or spare her from punishment.

    Xia Ruxue chimed in. “You used to be a gangster on the streets and you were detained by the police several times before. It’s not surprising that you would commit such an act.”

    Wen Xinya’s face grew sullen and she said coldly, “Jiang Ruoyin is the heiress of the Jiang family which is an elite and wealthy family in the country. Perhaps, she has been abducted by some thugs.”

    Xia Ruxue snapped angrily. “Ruoyin has already been missing for more than twenty hours. If her abductors were after money, they would have long called to extort for a ransom. However, there hasn’t been any news of Ruoyin yet. Even the police are guessing that she has been abducted because of a personal feud.”

    Wen Xinya glanced at Jiang Yuqian and Xia Ruxue before retorting. “If it’s really a personal feud, shouldn’t the enemies of the Jiang family be greater suspects than us!?!”

    Glowering at her, Jiang Yuqian said, “Quit all that clever talk. The police will investigate and get to the bottom of the truth. Nothing you say will make a difference.”

    Xia Ruya looked up at Wen Xinya and said with slight displeasure in her eyes, “Xinya, if you’ve really kidnapped Ruoyin, just admit it! Aunt Jiang is very worried about Ruoyin.”

    Wen Xinya shifted her gaze to Xia Ruya and quipped aloofly. “As I said, I didn’t kidnap Jiang Ruoyin. Are you deaf? Don’t you understand my words?”

    Xia Ruya’s lips quivered slightly and she remained silent.

    Unable to contain her anger, Xia Ruxue said indignantly, “Wen Xinya, this is the police station. Don’t be too arrogant. I’m asking you, where’s Jiang Ruoyin? Just what did you do to her?”

    Glaring at Wen Xinya coldly, Jiang Yuqian said, “I suggest you’d better come clean about what you have done to Ruoyin. Otherwise, you won’t be able to escape the law even if you’re the daughter of the Wen Family.”

    Seeing how confident Jiang Yuqian was, Wen Xinya snapped angrily. “As I said, this has nothing to do with me at all!”

    Jiang Yuqian scoffed. “That’s for the police to decide. There’s no use even if you keep denying!”

    “Oh, is that so?” Wen Xinya retorted. She quipped with a mirthless smirk. “Don’t you call the shots?”

    Jiang Yuqian’s eye widened in shock and she wondered to herself if Wen Xinya had found out about anything. She glared at Wen Xinya to see that the latter had an icy cold gaze in her eyes. “I’m not the police. I obviously don’t have a say.”

    Wen Xinya scowled at Jiang Yuqian and said, “You’re not the police, but your uncle is a policeman.”

    Jiang Yuqian stared at Wen Xinya in disbelief and uncrossed her legs while her face grew sullen. She sprung up from her seat and screeched. “Wen Xinya, don’t you dare accuse me.”

    “How am I accusing you? I didn’t say that you deliberately told your uncle to frame me and get me implicated. Why are you so worked up?” Wen Xinya questioned.

    Jiang Yuqian stood rooted to the ground, at a complete loss for words.

    Sensing that something was amiss, Xia Ruya quickly said, “Xinya, how could Inspector Wang possibly be Yuqian’s uncle? Don’t accuse Yuqian.”

    Xia Ruxue recovered from the shock and interjected. “I think you’re just covering up for your own lies. That’s why you’re framing Yuqian instead! Yuqian and her mother have been relying on each other ever since she was a child. She doesn’t have an uncle!”

    Wen Xinya raised her brows and said with an austere expression, “Like I said, if you have evidence to prove that I was the one who kidnapped Jiang Ruoyin, there’s nothing I can say. If you don’t, everything that you people have said today shall be used as proof of slander. I can take legal action against you, so I hope you’ll watch your mouth.”

    Jiang Yuqian stared at Wen Xinya, who was smirking smugly. She scoffed. “Are you threatening us? Hah. Wen Xinya, get your facts right. We’re not reporters or paparazzi who come from humble backgrounds. You can’t manipulate us. You can’t even save yourself now and yet, you’re thinking of taking legal action against us. You’re so ridiculous it’s amusing!”

    Jiang Yuqian thought to herself.

    Xia Ruxue guffawed arrogantly. “Exactly. You want to take legal action against us? Sure! Wait till you’ve gotten yourself out of trouble! Hahahaha!”

    Wen Xinya glared at Jiang Yuqian and Xia Ruxue menacingly before saying, “I hope you won’t regret what you’ve done today.”

    A frown creased Wen Xinya’s forehead. She utterly detested the fact that Jiang Yuqian and Xia Ruxue were being manipulated by Xia Ruya. Hence, she could not be bothered to talk to them.