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Chapter 350 - Too Bad, the Person Whom You Offended Is Wen Xinya

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 350: Too Bad, the Person Whom You Offended Is Wen Xinya

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    After Wen Xinya and her friends left, Bureau Chief Li called Wang Hanjie into his office and ordered. “I won’t put you in a spot for what happened today. Hand me your resignation letter tomorrow!”

    Wang Hanjie’s legs turned into jelly, feeling as if all of his energy had been sucked out of him instantly. His eyes widened in shock and stared at Bureau Chief Li in bewilderment. “Bureau Chief, even if I made a mistake by failing to follow the standard procedures and protocol when taking Wen Xinya to the police station for interrogations, I would at most be given a demerit point. Why are you making me resign?”

    Staring at him sympathetically, Bureau Chief Li said, “I didn’t want to do that either, but too bad, the person whom you offended is Wen Xinya. Did you forget who she is? She’s a member of the wealthy and powerful Wen Family and her grandfather is Old Mr. Mo. Even I have to respectful and polite when speaking to them. I’d have to swallow my pride and bow down to them. Even the Head Superintendent treats them with respect. Who do you think you are? Are you mightier than the nation’s leader?”

    “Can’t you just demote me?” asked Wang Hanjie, who had turned as pale as a sheet. He was not highly educated and only managed to rise to his position because of his brother-in-law, Jiang Wenzhe’s connections. He had a rigid mindset that the citizens would never be able to undermine government officials.

    In his eyes, the Wen Family were merely merchants who were far inferior to his brother-in-law, and Old Mr. Mo… was nothing but a scholar. he thought.

    That was also the reason why he was so willing to help his niece Jiang Yuqian deal with Wen Xinya. Yet, he did not expect that he had made an utterly wrong move.

    “Demote you? Didn’t you hear that the Head Superintendent has already been informed of this matter? Do you really think that everything will blow over just by demoting you?”

    Wang Hanjie’s hopes were dashed. Consumed by terror and anxiety, he broke out into cold sweat and said, “How about you transfer me to another branch, instead? I can leave this city and go to another one. Will that do?”

    Staring at him in disdain, Bureau Chief Li chastised. “There’s no such thing as an easy escape. You’re being too naive by thinking that you can escape unscathed after offending someone that you shouldn’t have offended! Wen Xinya clearly wants to pursue this matter. Once her lawyer intervenes, it won’t be as simple as sacking you. If you don’t wish to be involved in a lawsuit, you’d better comply.”

    Wang Hanjie staggered forward and knelt down before Bureau Chief Li. Tearing up uncontrollably, he pleaded. “Bureau Chief Li, please save me! After all, I’ve been working under you for so many years. You can’t just leave me in the lurch!”

    Staring at Wang Hanjie kneeling before him with a straight face, he recalled the countless number of people who had knelt before him throughout the span of his decades-long career. Besides… he was going to retire soon and could not afford to ruin the reputation that he had painstakingly built throughout the years simply because he had taken pity on Wang Hanjie.

    Hugging his thigh tightly and crying at the top of his lungs, Wang Hanjie pleaded. “Bureau Chief Li, you’re on good terms with that Mr. Gu, please just put in a good word for me. Don’t make me leave the police force. I’ll gladly accept a demotion or a transfer.”

    Although he was barely educated, he understood that where’s there’s life, there’s hope. He thought to himself,

    Bureau Chief Li sneered. “Do you really think I don’t know that you’ve been eying my position? You were planning to curry your niece’s favor so that she could put in a good word for you in front of Jiang Wenzhe and influence him to let you be promoted to my position once I retire.”

    Wang Hanjie’s eyes widened in shock and he stopped crying instantly. All the mucus dripping from his nose made him appear extremely disheveled. He dared not make eye contact with Bureau Chief Li’s cold eyes.

    Glaring at him in amusement, Bureau Chief Li quipped. “How capable of you. You really think Jiang Wenzhe is so powerful? He’s not powerful enough to touch me.”

    Wang Hanjie turned pale, overwhelmed with shame and embarrassment that made him feel like killing himself. He instinctively explained, “Bureau Chief, you got me wrong. I don’t have such intentions.”

    Bureau Chief Li scoffed. “You know clearly whether you have such intentions or not. Be smart and tender your resignation. That way, you won’t get into trouble and it’ll be easier for me to account to the higher authorities.”

    Wang Hanjie stared at Bureau Chief Li in utter disbelief and asked, “Bureau Chief Li, did… did the higher authorities tell you to make me resign?”

    How stupid and foolish of him to still be so muddled up at this juncture! Bureau Chief Li said in contempt, “Why would the higher authorities be bothered about a small fry like you? There are lots of ways for them to get rid of you and give you the sack. You’ve broken the rules and law numerous times before throughout your career as the chief of this police post. You can easily be thrown into jail. I’m only taking pity on you and giving you an easier way out on the account that you’re my subordinate.”

    Wang Hanjie was at a complete loss for words.

    Bureau Chief Li sneered at him before turning around to leave the office.

    After Bureau Chief Li left, Wang Hanjie sat on the ground, dumbstruck and unable to recover from the shock.

    The chilliness of the ground penetrated through his skin and sent a cold shiver down his spine. He finally snapped back to reality and frantically whipped out his mobile phone to call Jiang Yuqian.

    Jiang Yuqian questioned in displeasure, “Didn’t you say that Wen Xinya would be done for this time and that she would definitely be framed as Jiang Ruoyin’s abductor? Didn’t you say that her reputation would be tarnished even if she doesn’t get punished by the law? Why is she alive and well now?”

    “Didn’t you witness everything that happened? If it weren’t because of Bureau Chief Li’s intervention, Wen Xinya wouldn’t have been able to escape scot-free…” said Wang Hanjie, who was filled with exasperation. If it weren’t because of Jiang Yuqian, he wouldn’t have ended up in such a sorry plight. He couldn’t help but feel peeved at the thought of Jiang Yuqian’s often haughty and snobbish attitude towards him. However, he had no choice but to mellow his tone since he needed her help.

    Jiang Yuqian interrupted him and did not allow him to continue. “At the end of the day, you are to blame because you’re useless. My father tried his best to give you a push in your career and yet, you’re just a useless piece of garbage. You’re the Chief of the police station and yet you can’t even get such a simple task done. I’m telling you, you can forget about getting me to put in a good word for you.”

    Wang Hanjie frantically tried to butter her up. “Yuqian, don’t be like this. Just help me on the account that I’m your uncle and your mother’s brother, will you? Bureau Chief Li wants to chase me out of the police station. If I leave the police force, Brother-in-law will have one less person to help him…”

    Ning Shuqian again interjected. “My mother has passed away for so many years. Why are you bringing her up again? Besides, you’re not my mother’s blood-related brother. You were just her burden. My father has treated you very well on my mother’s account. What more do you want?”

    She then hung up on him. He tried to call again, only to discover that she had already switched off her mobile phone.

    He then called Jiang Wenzhe’s secretary.

    The call went through quickly. “Hello, Mr. Wang! Mr. Jiang would like you to stop calling him from now on.”

    The beeping tone of the call ending rang in his ears continuously. He finally realized that it was truly over for him this time.