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Chapter 351 - Gotta Punish That Ungrateful Child!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 351: Gotta Punish That Ungrateful Child!

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    Ning Shuqian took the call from Xia Ruya and understood what happened at the police center just now. Gradually, a smile appeared on her dark face—that smile had a poison-like splendor, as if able to cause instant death at the slightest touch.

    Ning Shuqian tidied up her facial expression and came to the living room. She noticed that Wen Haowen was on the phone with someone with a dark expression, madly throbbing veins on his forehead, yet suppressing his frustration and anger with all his might.

    Wen Haowen then hung up the phone, hurriedly got up from the sofa, and kicked the glass tea table in front of the sofa. Clang, Ping, Pong—the tea table flipped onto the floor, sending the things on it all over the floor.

    Ning Shuqian hurried over and asked, “Haowen, what happened, why do you look so upset? Did anything happen in the office?”

    Boiling with anger, Wen Haowen again slammed the phone onto the floor. “Just now, Madam Jiang called to reject the re-discussion of the collaboration with the Wen Family.”

    Ning Shuqian widened her eyes in disbelief and said, “Haowen, how did this happen? Previously, after the conflict between Wen Xinya and Miss Jiang, it wasn’t easy before you managed to reach a new agreement to collaborate with the Jiang family after visiting them thrice. Why did the Jiang family suddenly go back on their words?”

    At the mention of this, Wen Haowen became even more infuriated as he kicked the overturned tea table on the floor again and said, “Who else but that little b*tch Wen Xinya. Miss Jiang went missing and the police brought her to the police station to assist in the investigations. Unexpectedly, she refused to cooperate and even got into a conflict with Madam Jiang. Just like this, both parties fell out with each other.”

    “Haowen, perhaps there’s some misunderstanding. Did you clarify with Madam Jiang?” Ning Shuqian looked stunned. She had wanted to tell Haowen about this and did not expect Madam Jiang to actually call Haowen personally—what a godsend.

    Wen Haowen was on the verge of losing his mind from the anger. “What misunderstanding—it’s simply Wen Xinya that rascal who ruined it!”

    Ning Shuqian suddenly gritted her teeth. “This Wen Xinya is really outrageous. You slog your heart out for the Wen Family’s business and because of her, you humbly visited the Jiang family with gifts and apologies. It wasn’t easy before you obtained the Jiang family’s forgiveness and willingness to discuss a new collaboration with the Wen Family. She actually kept dragging you down and stabbing you behind your back—what kind of a daughter is this!”

    Indeed, Ning Shuqian’s words fueled Wen Haowen’s rage. “This rascal!”

    Ning Shuqian hurriedly walked over, pulled Wen Haowen to the sofa, and said, appeasing his anger, “Haowen, don’t get angry. If the collaboration with the Jiang family falls through, so be it. It’s not worth it to hurt your health!”

    Wen Haowen flung Ning Shuqian away and blasted at her. “What do you know? The Xiao Family’s ambitious intentions to enter the luxury brands market can be clearly seen. All these years, it’s only with the collaboration between the Wen Family and the Jiang family that we managed to subdue the Xiao Family. Otherwise, with the Xiao Family’s capabilities and capital, they’d have long waged war with the Wen Family for the luxury brands market. Now that the collaboration between the two families is falling through, the Xiao Family will definitely seize the opportunity to enter the market.”

    Ning Shuqian’s face turned pale. “Haowen, then… what should we do?”

    Wen Haowen stared at her with a vicious expression. “How would I know! I’d finally persuaded the Jiang family to discuss a new collaboration, but it’s all ruined by Wen Xinya that rascal.”

    Ning Shuqian said in a panic, “How about the Gu Family? Once the Xiao Family successfully invades the luxury brands market, it’ll also pose a threat to the Gu Family. Surely they won’t sit and do nothing!”

    Wen Haowen said angrily, “Ignorant woman with long hair but short wit. The Gu Family has connections with both the government and the underworld. It’ll be foolish for the Xiao Family to beard the lion in his den. As long as the Xiao Family doesn’t threaten the Gu Family’s benefits, why would the Gu Family do anything to the Xiao Family!”

    As if Ning Shuqian suddenly thought of something, she said to Wen Haowen in a panic, “Haowen, I was on the phone with Ruya just now. She casually mentioned that the Ai Shang Group’s cosmetics are great, but due to being bought over by the Xiao Family recently, there have been huge changes within the Ai Shang Group, and many of their products have been taken off the shelves.”

    This news undoubtedly added insult to Wen Haowen’s injury. He was extremely shocked and lost. “Is this true?”

    Ning Shuqian hurriedly said, “Yup! The Ai Shang Group has always been collaborating with the Xia Family—the Xia Family’s supermarkets have always carried counters of the Ai Shang Group’s cosmetics.”

    Seemingly still in disbelief, Wen Haowen asked, “Are the news accurate?”

    Ning Shuqian frantically retrieved her phone and dialed Xia Ruya’s number. “I’m not too sure, either. I’ll ask Ruya again!”

    Unexpectedly, Wen Haowen snatched the phone from her and, after the call went through, he asked, “Ruya, is the news regarding the Xiao Family buying the Ai Shang Group over accurate?”

    Xia Ruya said at the other said, “Accurate. The Xiao Family has already started moving today. Uncle Wen must have noticed today that the Ai Shang Group’s shares have dropped even further.”

    Wen Haowen hung up the phone and hurriedly checked the Ai Shang Group’s shares on the stock market. Indeed… within a day, it had already dropped over a hundred points.

    “We’re done for, done for!” Wen Haowen slumped down on the sofa with a blank expression. Previously, he had already heard that within five years of being listed, the Ai Shang Group had become a top cosmetics brand in the country enjoyed by many wealthy ladies. The Wen Family already did not possess a huge market share of the cosmetics product market. If the Xiao Family were to really buy the Ai Shang Group over, they would also occupy a proportion of the market share.

    With the ambitions of the Xiao Family, once they occupy part of the cosmetics product market, the Wen Family’s other product markets would also be in danger.

    Ning Shuqian was in a state of great confusion, rambling words of panic non-stop, and suddenly widened her eyes, asking, “Haowen, do you think it’s possible that the Jiang family is collaborating with the Xiao Family to go against the Wen Family? After all, the Xiao Family wants to occupy the luxury brands market and the Jiang family has grudges with Wen Xinya…”

    Her statement crushed the last bit of Wen Haowen’s logical mind as he felt rage shooting through his roof. “It’s all because of Wen Xinya that b*tch, causing the Wen Family to be in this kind of trouble. Ever since she returned to the Wen Family, nothing good has happened to the Wen Family!”

    Just now, his mind was confused and did not think about this matter. With Ning Shuqian mentioning it now, he felt that it was extremely possible.

    What if the Jiang family and the Xiao Family collaborated?

    This statement reverberated in his mind non-stop, shredding his logical mind to ashes bit by bit. He grabbed his jacket and marched outside.

    Ning Shuqian hurriedly said, “Haowen, where are you going?”

    Wen Haowen said angrily, “I’m going back to the Old Mansion now. I’ve gotta punish that ungrateful child no matter what—see how else can the Old Man defend her.”

    Ning Shuqian said in a panic, “Haowen, I’ll go with you.”

    Wen Haowen ignored her, grabbed the jacket, and dashed towards the main door, with Ning Shuqian hastily following behind.