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Chapter 362 - Calling You a Dimwit Is an Understatemen

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 362: Calling You a Dimwit Is an Understatement

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    Wen Haowen drove around town in a bid to shirk off the reporters behind him. However, the reporters and paparazzi seemed to be everywhere he went as if they had radar. Wen Haowen finally managed to shun them at three o’clock in the afternoon. He then hurriedly returned to the family mansion.

    Wen Xinya was having a chat with Old Mr. Wen in the living room about some business-related matters. Clearly, Old Mr. Wen had intentions to share his experience in the business world with her, so as to give her a head start.

    Wen Haowen was extremely peeved by the sight before him. Recalling his father’s comment about Wen Xinya being far better than him, he couldn’t help but resent her even more strongly.

    Wen Xinya stared at Wen Haowen and asked in astonishment, “Father! Why have you come home?”

    Scowling at Wen Xinya, Wen Haowen ordered sternly. “Go back to your room immediately. I have something to talk about with your grandfather.”

    A sullen expression formed on Wen Xinya’s face and she stood up to leave.

    However, Old Mr. Wen grabbed her hand to stop her from leaving. “Just speak your mind. Xinya is not an outsider, and she’s going to take over the Wen Corporation someday, anyway. It’s better to let her know more about the corporation.”

    Wen Haowen’s face stiffened and he protested in disgruntlement, “Father, I’m not dead yet. Are you already thinking of handing the Wen Corporation over to a gangster who led a wandering life for fifteen years?”

    Old Mr. Wen quipped calmly. “You’re the CEO of the Wen Corporation and yet, you were thrown out of the Jiang Corporation office tower. Even I feel ashamed for you. You’re such a failure and yet you still have the cheek to criticize your daughter?”

    Seemingly extremely offended, Wen Haowen snapped angrily. “Father, Jiang Shaofeng is clearly the despicable one. How could you blame me for it?”

    Old Mr. Wen scoffed. “You’ve finally realized how cruel and despicable the Jiang family is. Who was the one who swallowed his pride and begged for their forgiveness previously? Why are you throwing a fit now?”

    Despite being thick-skinned, Wen Haowen couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. He quickly changed the subject and said bitterly, “Father, regardless of whether you agree to it or not, I’ve decided to cooperate with the Xia Family and seek their help in resolving this matter.”

    Old Mr. Wen shot him a glance and asked, “You’ve embarrassed yourself at the Jiang Corporation. Is that why you’re planning to cooperate and take revenge against the Xiao and Jiang Families regardless of the consequences?”

    Wen Haowen felt a sudden wave of anger after having his intentions exposed. However, he soon got a grip on his emotions and said indignantly, “Father, I can’t take it lying down. I must let the Jiang and Xiao Families know that I’m no pushover and also not someone to be trifled with.”

    Suddenly infuriated, Old Mr. Wen rebuked. “You’re no pushover? Everyone in the circle knows how much of a dimwit you are.” His lips curled into a mirthless smile that caused his wrinkles to deepen as he continued, “You’re planning to compromise the Wen Corporation’s interests just for your own selfish reasons. Have you ever thought about what will happen to the Wen Family in the future if we accept the help from the Xia Family?”

    Remaining calm and composed, Wen Haowen continued, “We’re just going to be launching our brand in the Xia Family’s mall. What’s the big deal?”

    Filled with disappointment, Old Mr. Wen said, “Calling you a dimwit is an understatement. You’re a useless piece of garbage. You can’t understand a simple logic that a fifteen-year-old can. So much for allowing you to run the Wen Corporation for so many years.”

    Wen Haowen hit the roof, incredibly infuriated by all the reprimanding and humiliation that he had faced from everyone, including Old Mr. Wen. “Father, are you really going to watch me get insulted and humiliated by those two despicable scums?”

    Old Mr. Wen chuckled sarcastically and said, “Who can you blame if you’re the one who gave them the chance to humiliate you? If you want to take revenge, go ahead and do it yourself, but you can forget about implicating the Wen Family. I won’t stand for it.”

    “Father, do you even see me as your son?” Wen Haowen yelled at the top of his lungs, unable to contain his fury.

    He couldn’t help but be reminded of Ning Shuqian’s words: “Haowen, I really feel so unjustified for you. You worked so hard to run the Wen Corporation and yet, your father has his guard up against you and still hasn’t given you his portion of shares even until today. He’s still encroaching on the leadership position in the Wen Corporation and clearly doesn’t plan to make you his successor. He obviously wants to hand it over to that little bitch Wen Xinya.”

    Old Mr. Wen sneered. “I’m tolerating you and your unruly actions precisely because you’re my son. Otherwise, why do you think you’re still the CEO of the Wen Corporation?”

    Wen Haowen guffawed sarcastically and retorted in exasperation. “What’s the harm in helping the Xia Family’s mall transition into a luxurious one? By then, we’d have a powerful and strong partner. Father… just what are you hesitating for?”

    Old Mr. Wen answered, “We worked hard for years to establish our brand and get it to where it is today—an internationally-renowned luxurious brand. There’s no point in lowering our status and launching our brand in the Xia Family’s chain supermarket.”

    Clenching his fists tightly with his veins bulging from his arms, Wen Haowen insisted vehemently. “Father, I don’t care if you’re going to approve of it or not. I’m going to hold a board meeting with all the shareholders of the company now. I’m sure the rest of the shareholders are going to agree with my decision.”

    Having run the Wen Corporation for numerous years, Old Mr. Wen understood the characters of the shareholders and was well aware that they’d definitely support Wen Haowen. He barked. “Hold it right there. If you dare to do that, I’ll hold a board meeting immediately and strip you of your position as CEO of Wen Corporation.”

    Wen Haowen widened his eyes and stared at Old Mr. Wen in disbelief. “Father, don’t force me!”

    Seeing that the argument was getting heated, Wen Xinya frantically interjected. “Father, please don’t act rashly. Grandpa stopped you because he already has a solution to deal with the Jiang and Xiao families!”

    Glowering at Wen Xinya with bloodshot eyes, Wen Haowen chastised. “You, shut up! You’re in no place to speak now. He wants me dead. Why would he have a solution to deal with them?”

    Knowing that nothing she said would make a difference, Wen Xinya said, “Just wait until tomorrow. The Xiao Family will face an obstacle in acquiring Ai Shang Group. Father, just be patient and wait for a day. The Xiao Family took more than a few days to plan the acquirement. So, just wait until tomorrow.”

    “Fine, I’ll just wait,” said Wen Haowen, who did not wish to strain his relationship with Old Mr. Wen any further. After all, Old Mr. Wen was the biggest shareholder, and it would be a piece of cake for him to kick Wen Haowen off his position.