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Chapter 370 - The Wen Corporation Will Belong to Wen Xinya One Day

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 370: The Wen Corporation Will Belong to Wen Xinya One Day

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    The Jiang family was greatly affected by the Xiao Family’s failure to acquire the Ai Shang Group. They were stripped off the title as one of the four major families. The sudden twist of events lifted Wen Haowen’s spirits greatly. In a celebratory mood, he decided to ask a few friends out for some drinks.

    To his surprise, he ran into Xiao Zhiyuan and Jiang Shaofeng in the bar and couldn’t help but feel smug and thrilled upon sight of their dismayed faces.

    Wen Haowen returned home in a drunken stupor at one o’clock in the morning.

    Ning Shuqian was watching some television while waiting for him in the living room. Upon sight of him, she hurriedly stepped forward and exclaimed, “Haowen, you’re back!”

    “I had some entertaining to do tonight. That’s why I came home late. Why haven’t you gone to bed yet?” Wen Haowen asked while Ning Shuqian removed his coat and tie for him.

    “I was waiting for you, of course!” Ning Shuqian answered, staring at him tenderly.

    Wen Haowen glanced at Ning Shuqian, who appeared extremely haggard and jaundiced because of the ovulation jabs. Her skin, too, appeared much coarser under the warm, yellow light. It was no longer as smooth and supple as before, and the fine wrinkles near her eyes began to show, causing her to look extremely aged.

    She was about thirty-seven years old…

    He thought to himself in utter shock,

    He began to feel repulsed by the woman before him, who could no longer invoke any feelings of affection within him. In fact, he had even begun looking at her in disdain.

    At the same time, he couldn’t help but be reminded of a fair and beautiful face. Staring at Ning Shuqian with his eyes glassed over, she seemed to gradually become the woman whom he was imagining in his head; the woman who was bursting with youth and had an alluring figure, mesmerizing features, narrow and captivating eyes, as well as smooth porcelain skin. He couldn’t help but be greatly enticed.

    “Haowen…” Ning Shuqian murmured. She could tell from his bloodshot eyes and his moving Adam’s apple that he was aroused. Hence, she began touching him seductively in a bid to add to the mood.

    “Little seductress, I’m going to teach you a lesson!” He then pounced onto Ning Shuqian like a ferocious predator lusting for the meat of its prey.

    Soon, Wen Haowen’s passion and spirits were dampened instantly.

    He snapped out of his mood and sobered up. Upon sight of Ning Shuqian, he felt as if all his urges had vanished.

    “Haowen, I want you…” Upset about the fact that Wen Haowen seemed to be no longer in the mood for an intimate session with her, Ning Shuqian pressed her lips against his, in a bid to arouse him again.

    Having been married to Wen Haowen for fifteen years, she knew his body like the back of her hand. Hence, she was well aware of what she had to do in order to turn him on and make herself seem irresistible.

    Wen Haowen’s passion was reignited. He thought to himself that Ning Shuqian may be old. but he could at least do whatever he wanted with her. Hence, he began to look at her with much less disdain.

    Ning Shuqian was covered in bruises by the time they were done. Having had a whale of a time, Wen Haowen hugged her and kissed her continuously. “Little slut, you’re getting better and better at serving me!” he remarked.

    Ning Shuqian was suddenly filled with disappointment and misery. Wen Haowen was not a man at all. she thought. She said, “Haowen, I have something to tell you!”

    “What is it?” he asked. His body temperature was unusually high due to the alcohol. Staring at the bruises on Ning Shuqian’s body, he suddenly felt tempted to inflict pain and violence onto her again.

    Ning Shuqian quickly said, “I heard that Xinya had stocked up on the Ai Shang Group stocks beforehand and purposefully manipulated the stock market with the intention to hinder the Xiao Family from acquiring Ai Shang Group. In the end, her plan succeeded and the Xiao Family incurred major losses. Xinya earned a ton from the sell-offs.”

    Ning Shuqian’s goal was to deal with Wen Xinya, which was why she had kidnapped Jiang Ruoyin and framed Wen Xinya to indirectly make her fall out with the Jiang family. However, she did not expect that Wen Xinya took advantage of it and caused the Jiang and Xiao Families to suffer great losses.

    As red as a tomato, Wen Haowen grimaced and asked, “How did you know?”

    He sobered up immediately and snapped out of his trance.

    She only found out about it because someone else had tipped her off. However, she obviously wouldn’t let him know. “Ruya was the one who told me. The Xia Family has looked into it secretly because they used to work with Ai Shang Group.”

    Her excuse was rather conceivable. From what she knew about Wen Haowen, she was certain that he wouldn’t bother about the source of information and would focus on the main issue, instead.

    Although Wen Haowen lacked substance and capabilities, he nonetheless still had experience in doing business. After thinking through the details, he said, “I’ve been thinking that it was the old fogy who did it and went against the Xiao Corporation. I was wondering why there were no changes to the Wen Corporation’s funds. Turns out Wen Xinya was the one getting up to mischief. That wretched lass. The nerve of her to hide it from me.”

    He was filled with resentment towards her.

    Ning Shuqian said, “Wen Xinya is just a hooligan who has led a wandering life for fifteen years. How would she know how to deal with such a major issue? Did Father help her?”

    Wen Haowen grimaced in anger while the veins on his temples throbbed continuously. Clearly, he had believed Ning Shuqian’s words.

    Staring at Wen Haowen with a morose look, Ning Shuqian said, “Haowen, Father doesn’t even want to inform you of his plans to deal with the Xiao Family. Had he told you earlier, you wouldn’t have had to suffer so much humiliation at the Jiang Corporation office tower.”

    “That old fogy!” Wen Haowen screeched, greatly infuriated by the thought of what happened at the Jiang Corporation office tower. He kicked the couch angrily, appearing extremely menacing because of his bloodshot eyes.

    Staring at Wen Haowen, Ning Shuqian said, “Ever since Wen Xinya returned home, Father changed. He’s been so biased towards her. I really don’t see the good in her. Why does Father have to defend her all the time? He doesn’t even treat you like his son.”

    A sullen expression formed on Wen Haowen’s face and he clenched his fists tightly, the veins popping up on the back of his hand. He was clearly frustrated and furious.

    Ning Shuqian began sobbing and lamented. “Haowen, Father is too biased. All he cares about is Wen Xinya. He doesn’t see you as his son at all. The Wen Corporation is going to end up in Wen Xinya’s hands sooner or later. You’ve been working hard to run the huge Wen Corporation and yet, you have to give it to Wen Xinya. I feel so unjustified for you.”

    Ning Shuqian’s words sent Wen Haowen into a rage that consumed him whole. “The Wen Corporation belongs to me. I’m the successor of the Wen Corporation. That old man can forget about giving it to Wen Xinya! I won’t let his wishes come true.”