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Chapter 372 - : Tit for Tat!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 372: Tit for Tat!

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    Once they arrived in the hospital, Shen Mengting’s mother was wheeled to the emergency rescue room. Wen Xinya did not wish to be involved with Shen Mengting. However, she could not help but hesitate at the sight of Shen Mengting’s pitiful and helpless expression.

    Although Shen Mengting was detestable, her mother was innocent. She was inevitably touched by Shen Mengting’s mother’s determination to save the bangle for her dowry.

    By the time Wen Xinya snapped back to reality, she realized that she had already stayed in the hospital for an hour, during which Shen Mengting stared into space and grew flustered. She continuously made calls on her mobile phone with hope and panic written all over her face.

    However, her hopes were soon dashed and she looked completely dejected when no one answered her calls.

    At this moment, Ning Shuqian happened to be undergoing a checkup that had to be done prior to artificial insemination. Noticing that she had received a call, she hurriedly dismissed it and chucked her mobile phone inside her bag. “Mengxue, how’s my health? Is my body suitable for artificial insemination? Are there any chances of me conceiving?”

    Lin Mengxue was her classmate from secondary school, whom she had not contacted since she dropped out of school in Year Three. She was incredibly vexed and afraid that her poor health condition would be exposed. However, she found out later that Lin Mengxue was a gynecologist. Hence, she decided to use her connections to get Lin Mengxue to be transferred to the hospital she frequented. Since Lin Mengxue was extremely grateful to her, she wouldn’t expose her health condition.

    Holding the test report in her hand, Lin Mengxue said with a frown, “Honestly, your body is not suitable for conceiving.”

    Although she had long expected that to be the outcome, Ning Shuqian was still upset about it. She knew that it was impossible for her to conceive.

    Lin Mengxue muttered, “Shuqian… did you… get a few abortions…”

    Staring at Lin Mengxue with shock written all over her face, Ning Shuqian said, “I…”

    Due to her ravishing good looks, she was extremely popular with men. Hence, she lost her virginity when she was fifteen years old and had already had three abortions before she gave birth to Wen Yuya. When she was pregnant with Wen Yuya, she almost had a miscarriage. Fortunately, Wen Haowen had taken very good care of her back then and she managed to keep Wen Yuya, whom she gave birth to before marrying into the Wen Family.

    Lin Mengxue sighed and said, “You were only in your teens back then. Abortions are very detrimental to health and can affect your reproductive organs adversely. Besides, your health was already ruined because you didn’t take care of your body after the surgery. On top of that, you’ve been going for vaginal care treatments in recent years. It’s very difficult for you to conceive.”

    Seemingly having been struck with a huge blow, Ning Shuqian knelt down before Lin Mengxue and buried her head in her knees like a weak and helpless child. She then began crying and weeping.

    Lin Mengxue quickly tried to comfort her. “Shuqian, don’t be upset. It’s not entirely impossible for you to conceive. As long as you undergo artificial insemination and keep up with the ovulation jabs, there’s a chance of you conceiving.”

    Ning Shuqian had completely given up hope. There were no signs of pregnancy at all throughout the fifteen years that she had been married to Wen Haowen. How could there be a chance of her conceiving?

    Lin Mengxue continued, “Shuqian, I know of an experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. You may consult him and try taking some Traditional Chinese Medicine. Once combined with ovulation jabs and artificial insemination treatments, there’s still a chance of you conceiving.”

    “You’re right. As long as there’s hope, I can’t give up.” Now that Old Mrs. Wen was keeping close tabs on her every single day, she had no choice but to go along with her idea of continuing with the ovulation jabs. She had also made Wen Haowen collect his sperms for freezing.

    At this moment, Ning Shuqian’s mobile phone began to ring again and the loud, crisp sounds of her ringtone filled the air in the quiet office.

    Seeing that she was refusing to answer the phone, Lin Mengxue asked, “Shuqian, your mobile phone keeps ringing. Why aren’t you answering it? Perhaps it’s something important?”

    Ning Shuqian took a look at the caller display before saying nonchalantly, “It’s Shen Mengting. I only decided to help her and her mother back then because I took pity on them. Shen Mengting’s mother is ill and I used to know her, too. Hence, I decided to help them. Yet, that Shen Mengting was so greedy, asking me for money almost every other day. She even used my money to buy drugs. I ended up looking bad. I bet she’s calling me to ask me for money again.”

    “Turns out this was what happened! It doesn’t pay to be kind nowadays,” said Lin Mengxue, who had read all the news reports about Ning Shuqian and Shen Mengting. She thought to herself that Shen Mengting must be a drug addict and hence, decided to believe Ning Shuqian’s words.

    Ning Shuqian sighed and said, “Exactly. I didn’t expect Shen Mengting to be such a person. I’ve really done the best I could for the two of them. I won’t take pity on them again if she keeps pestering me.”

    Lin Mengxue nodded and remarked. “She’s already become a drug addict despite being so young. People like her don’t deserve your help.”

    Ning Shuqian said, “I really take pity on her mother, Zhang Zhen, who was diagnosed with such a terrible disease. Who knows how much longer she has left to live? It makes me so upset to think about her condition.”

    Ning Shuqian’s mobile phone continued to ring endlessly. Just as she was about to block Shen Mengting’s number, the latter sent her a message which read: “Ning Shuqian, my mother is going through an emergency rescue in the hospital now. If you don’t help me save her, I’ll expose the matter about you instigating me to make Wen Xinya become a drug addict to the media. Tit for Tat!”

    Ning Shuqian grimaced but soon got a grip on her emotions. “Mengxue, I have something important to attend to now. Call me if anything happens.”

    After leaving the office, Ning Shuqian’s face grew sullen. Ever since Shen Mengting failed at assassinating Wen Xinya, she vanished out of sight. To Ning Shuqian’s surprise, she actually popped up again.

    Who knew what Shen Mengting might do?

    A menacing gaze formed in Ning Shuqian’s eyes. Shen Mengting did not pose a threat to her at all. She thought,