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Chapter 378 - I Prefer a Kiss

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 378: I Prefer a Kiss

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    Wen Xinya stood before the French windows in the living room of the mansion on Mount Li, talking on the phone. Her casual expression turned solemn and cold after the person on the line said something.

    Si Yiyan sat on the sofa with documents in his hands. However, his gaze kept landing on the person standing by the French windows. She seemed totally absorbed in her own thoughts, as though already forgotten that he was also in the living room.

    Si Yiyan placed the documents in his hands on the tea table before him, walked up slowly to her, held her waist from her back, rubbed his lips on her ear, and said, “Who called? Did something happen?”

    Wen Xinya turned her head, gently kissed Si Yiyan’s cheek, and said, “It’s a call from Zhou Tianyu. Shen Mengting was verified by the hospital to be suffering from a severe mental illness. Thus, Ning Shuqian couldn’t proceed with a criminal prosecution against her. Wen Haowen pulled some strings and sent Shen Mengting to a mental hospital in a very bad condition.”

    Mental illnesses were commonly inherited. Meeting Shen Mengting a few times previously, she noticed that there were issues with Shen Mengting’s mental condition and vaguely guessed it. However, she didn’t expect her condition to actually be this serious.

    Si Yiyan’s neat brows were tainted with a tinge of frost. “Shen Mengting’s matters have nothing to do with you. She deserves to end up like this. You don’t have to keep thinking about it.”

    Recalling Wen Xinya’s unusual mood last night, Si Yiyan vaguely knew that the incident regarding Shen Mengting had affected Xinya greatly. He was unsure if it was positive or negative, only that she was being affected by some kind of emotion.

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “I’m not thinking about this incident. Shen Mengting has nothing to do with me. I’m thinking about the opening of the Lanxin Cosmetics storefront.”

    Only then did Si Yiyan stop worrying. Kissing her hair, he asked, “Are there issues with its opening?”

    Wen Xinya nodded and confided in him. “Although Lanxin Cosmetics isn’t advertising through television media, I still hope to produce a few promotional clips. This can also allow consumers to understand more about the products and ignite their purchasing desire.”

    Si Yiyan listened intently, nodded, and said, “It’s a good idea. People will always be visual creatures. Although there’s Floral Lingo Pavilion to promote Lanxin Cosmetics, you guys have to do your best.”

    Wen Xinya’s fine brows furrowed slightly, her elegant face looking troubled. “The problem is that Lanxin Cosmetics’ storefront will be opened in less than ten days’ time from now. There’s totally insufficient time to shoot the clips now. If we were to do it, naturally, we’ll have to give it our best shot—I don’t wish to do it just for the sake of it.”

    Si Yiyan said, “It’s not too late to shoot now. The problem lies in the creativity of the clips.”

    Wen Xinya nodded. “This is what I’m agonizing over now. I only have myself to blame for neglecting this when I was preoccupied with my examinations previously.”

    Si Yiyan looked at the way she was racking her brains and asked, “Do you have any creative ideas in your mind?”

    “Yup, I do have a few. Actually, I’ve thought about it. Lanxin Cosmetics is already gimmicky on its own—firstly, it’s the renovations of the storefront, then there’s the packaging of the products, as well as all the Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs within the products. By taking advantage of and refining all these things, it will already be perfect. After all, if we really want to do promotional clips, time doesn’t allow us to get professionals to shoot them, either.”

    Si Yiyan agreed with her thoughts. “We’re thinking along the same lines. Lanxin Cosmetics is doing very well whether in terms of gimmicks or publicity. The promotional clips only serve to allow everyone to have a deeper understanding of the products, so there’s no need to shoot some attention-seeking promotional clips to stand out.”

    Wen Xinya’s brows relaxed, her tender little face looking all gorgeous and elegant. “If we’re really going to do it, it’ll save us the process of shooting the videos, and we should be able to make it in terms of timing.”

    Si Yiyan saw that her gorgeous brows looked like a rose spreading and branching out into brilliance suddenly. “Pass me the related information. I guarantee to produce a perfect promotional clip before the opening of Lanxin’s storefront.”

    Wen Xinya’s eyes lit up. She was still fretting over who to approach to help produce the promotional clip and didn’t expect Si Yiyan to take the initiative to take up this job. “That’s awesome. I’ll get Li Mengjie to prepare the related information right away.”

    Saying which, she retrieved her phone and called Li Mengjie.

    Seeing her joy, Si Yiyan’s face relaxed as well. He hugged her to the sofa, sat her down, got her a cup of water, switched on the computer, and typed away incessantly.

    Very quickly, Wen Xinya hung up the phone. “Li Mengjie said that the related information will be ready tomorrow. Si Yiyan, you’re so nice!”

    Saying which, Wen Xinya gave a peck on Si Yiyan’s face.

    However, just as she was preparing to leave, Si Yiyan pressed her onto his chest and kissed her soft, tender lips, feeling the sweetness of her fragrant and intoxicating lips.

    This kiss didn’t last very long. As their lips parted slightly, Si Yiyan couldn’t bear to end it and ground her lips with his. “Compared to a peck, I prefer a kiss.”

    Wen Xinya pushed his body lightly, glared at him, and said, “Unappreciative thug!”

    Si Yiyan kissed her lips ruthlessly once again and said with a low and hoarse voice, “Scold me more!”

    The numbing feeling on her lips traveled to her spine like a mild electric shock. “Si Yiyan, thug, lecher…”

    Her voice was adorable to the core with a tinge of soul-crushing seductiveness. Every time her lips began to curse, the fine lines on her lips became even more exquisite, making him want her more. “Continue scolding!”

    “Jerk, huge turtle, rascal, beast…” She continued scolding, yet her tone was tinged with a smile.

    The more she scolded, the more indulgent and ravenous he became.

    “I’m thirsty…” Wen Xinya’s tongue and mouth were dry from being kissed. She finally found her voice back and, instead of fighting back stubbornly just now, she immediately conceded defeat.

    “Want some water!” Si Yiyan was kissing aggressively and couldn’t stop.

    “Yup! Want!” Wen Xinya’s throat was almost billowing smoke. To be able to kiss so aggressively like him was really…

    “I’m a thug, a lecher! Hmm?” Si Yiyan’s tongue licked her messy, swollen lips which were tainted with a charming color and was delicately moist, like a fragile flower wrecked by a thunderstorm.

    “You’re magnificent, distinguished, and admirable!” Wen Xinya blinked her enchanting eyes, tainted with a rouge-like red, with a tinge of captivating beauty.

    “I’m a jerk, huge turtle, rascal, beast…” Si Yiyan’s tone had a tinge of a smile.

    “That’s what I like about you.” Better to bend than to break. Wen Xinya’s stance was weaker by so much that she was almost sucking up to him. However, by flattering and pleasing him like this, she was actually not much better off than sucking up to him.

    Only then was Si Yiyan happy to casually retrieve the cup of water on the sofa, lean back and pour it into his mouth, and then look down, kiss Wen Xinya, and slowly release the water in his mouth into hers.