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Chapter 380 - Old Mr. Wen Faints

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 380: Old Mr. Wen Faints

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    “Stop it!” Old Mr. Wen barked angrily, storming into the room in a huff. He then glared at the two of them, anger written all over his face.

    “Grandpa!” Wen Xinya called, hanging her head low.

    Old Mr. Wen stared at her and said, “Xinya, go back to your room first. I have something to talk to your father about.”

    Wen Xinya looked up at her grandfather’s austere expression before turning around to leave the living room.

    Old Mr. Wen and Wen Haowen were left alone in the living room.

    Old Mr. Wen berated. “If you’re going to cause a stir every single time you come home, you’d better not come home at all, lest you cause such a ruckus.”

    Wen Haowen was initially feeling a little guilty. However, the moment he heard those words, he lost his temper and yelled, “Father, what are you saying? What do you mean by cause a stir? Shuqian is in the hospital now. Why don’t you ask her what happened? I know you can’t stand the sight of me and wish I won’t come home ever again. Your granddaughter matters the most to you now.”

    Not expecting him to say something like that at all, Old Mr. Wen questioned coldly, “You were the one who wanted to move out of the Wen Family mansion back then. No one chased you away. What has Ning Shuqian’s hospitalization have anything to do with us?”

    Wen Haowen was infuriated, for he had clearly been chased away back then. “Father, I know you want to defend Wen Xinya and you care a lot about her. But don’t forget that Wen Xinya is my daughter, too. Can’t I educate her and teach her right from wrong? Father… aren’t you poking your nose too far into my business by hindering me from disciplining my daughter?”

    Old Mr. Wen guffawed and kept his eyes fixed on her. “Do you actually remember that you’re Xinya’s father? Do you even see her as your daughter? I do see her as the flesh and blood of the Wen Family. If I didn’t defend and protect her all the time, she would long have been ripped into shreds by your people.”

    He had long given up on Wen Haowen, for he felt that Wen Haowen was too vicious and cruel to his own daughter. In fact, he was worse than a beast.

    That was also the reason why he wanted to develop Wen Xinya’s potential. He hoped that she could take over the Wen Corporation. As long as they had the family business, Wen Haowen wouldn’t end up in too sorry of a state in the future. After all, Wen Haowen was still his son and he would still be concerned about him regardless of how disappointed he was.

    Wen Haowen laughed sarcastically and said, “You’re making yourself out to be so high-sounding. You’ve long stopped treating me like your son, and all you do is defend Wen Xinya. You just enjoy berating me. Don’t you just want to leave the Wen Corporation behind for her?”

    At this point, Wen Haowen did not mind falling out with Old Mr. Wen anymore, for the Wen Corporation would not become his, anyway.

    Old Mr. Wen glared at him coldly and asked, “Is this the reason why you’re so cold and heartless towards Xinya?”

    He thought that Wen Haowen was simply intolerant towards his daughter because Ning Shuqian had been sowing discord between them. Yet, he did not expect the reason to be because of the inheritance. The root cause was simply Wen Haowen’s greed.

    Old Mr. Wen glared daggers at Wen Haowen, who was consumed by anger. He was so infuriated that his eyeballs bulged, almost falling out of his eyes. “Father, I’m your son. The Wen Corporation belongs to me in the first place. I should be the successor of the Wen Corporation. I’ve been managing Wen Corporation and running it well throughout all these years. Don’t tell me that I put in so much effort just so I could give all my hard work to Wen Xinya?”

    Old Mr. Wen stared at Wen Haowen in utter disappointment. He had broken out into cold sweat and felt shivers down his spine. He barked. “Turns out these are your heartfelt thoughts! I’ve always thought too well of you.”

    The demon within Wen Haowen began to show itself brazenly. Wen Haowen’s eyes widened in shock and he hollered at Old Mr. Wen. “Was I wrong!?!”

    Old Mr. Wen’s legs turned to jelly and he felt as if all of his energy had been sucked out of him. “Touch your heart and ask yourself if I’ve given you any chances. It’s been fifteen years… fifteen whole years. What have you even contributed to the Wen Corporation?”

    Old Mr. Wen stared at him in disappointment. “When Yunyao was still alive, you still achieved some results and did some constructive things. Look what you’ve become after Yunyao passed on. The Wen Family has dropped to third place amongst the four major families and we’ve stooped to the same level as the Jiang Family. If you’re really that capable, why would I go through painstaking means to search for Xinya and bring her home?”

    Wen Haowen could not register his words in his head at all. His eyes were extremely bloodshot and his anger knew no bounds. “Quit making yourself out to be so high-sounding. You were clearly the one who let me down first. When the Xiao Corporation was acquiring Ai Shang Group, you and Xinya had clearly begun accumulating the Ai Shang Group stocks in preparation to attack the Xiao Corporation. Yet, you two hid it from me and made me act like an idiot at the Jiang Corporation office tower. I made a fool out of myself and became the laughing stock in the circle.”

    Old Mr. Wen took a step back, feeling extremely giddy and lethargic. “I didn’t intervene at all. Xinya was the one who managed everything. She even hid it from me.”

    Wen Haowen did not believe it at all. Refusing to concede, he snapped. “Are you still trying to lie to me? She’s just an underage teenager. How could she possibly know so much about business? Besides, where would she get so much money and funds?”

    Cold sweat droplets trickled down Old Mr. Wen’s forehead and he said, “There’s no need for me to lie to you.”

    Wen Haowen kicked the coffee table beside Old Mr. Wen and said sternly, “Listen up, the Wen Corporation is mine, and I’m the rightful successor of the Wen Corporation. Forget about letting Wen Xinya inherit the company. I won’t let you have it your way.”

    Old Mr. Wen blacked out and collapsed onto the ground.

    Wen Haowen lost control of his emotions and turned as pale as a sheet. He frantically exclaimed, “Are you alright? Father!”