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Chapter 391 - His Arm Almost Became Crippled

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 391: His Arm Almost Became Crippled

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    Wen Xinya was filled with resentment at the thought of Shen Mengting harming Si Yiyan. A cold and menacing look formed on her face and she yelled austerely, “Let the doctors deal with her! Your injury is way more important than her. Let’s go get your wound cleaned first.”

    Si Yiyan smiled and said, “Sure! It’s your call.”

    The person lying on the ground was the one who tried to take her life; she should be thinking about how to deal with her first. Yet, she was more concerned about his wound. Clearly, he meant a lot to her.

    Wen Xinya brought Si Yiyan to the doctor’s office to get his wounds cleaned.

    Staring at Si Yiyan’s blood-drenched sleeve with a frown, the doctor said, “You took so long to get your wound treated and you’ve already lost so much blood. Do you know how detrimental that is to your health?”

    “Doctor, please help him stop the bleeding as soon as you can.” Upon hearing the doctor’s words, she knew that Si Yiyan had suffered a serious injury. She berated and blamed herself for being too careless and flustered to realize that he had been wounded.

    The doctor looked at Wen Xinya and said, “That goes without saying.”

    It was only his duty as a doctor!

    Wen Xinya looked away, not daring to make a single sound.

    Si Yiyan smiled faintly, slightly amused to see how flustered Wen Xinya had gotten, a stark contrast from her usual composed self. Even when the doctor rolled his eyes at her, she did not sound as domineering as she usually would. She was merely afraid that the doctor would not treat Si Yiyan’s wounds if she were to offend him.

    he thought.

    The doctor began exhibiting his professionalism. He picked up a pair of sanitized scissors and rapidly began cutting the left sleeve of Si Yiyan’s shirt open. The moment his wound was exposed, the strong, metallic odor of blood filled the air.

    Wen Xinyae finally saw the wound on his arm. It was at least ten centimeters long and it was so deep that his bone could be seen. He was still bleeding profusely and the blood was streaming all the way down to his joint.

    She covered her mouth in fear. All of a sudden, she felt giddy and turned as pale as a sheet. Her breathing began to quicken as well.

    His wound turned out to be extremely severe!

    Yet, he actually cared about her emotions more than his own injury and even told her smilingly that he was alright and that she need not worry.

    Tears flowed out of her eyes while blood flowed out of his wound.

    She was filled with anger all of a sudden and was upset that Si Yiyan failed to protect himself. However, her anger was not at all domineering.

    “Don’t worry, it’s just a minor injury. I’m alright!” Si Yiyan exclaimed, grabbing her hands which had turned cold and clammy.

    The doctor interjected. “Your wound is about three inches long and your bone can be seen. You were so close to getting your ligaments ruptured. Kid… your hand almost became crippled! How dare you lie to your girlfriend and tell her that it’s a minor injury?”

    “Shut up!” Si Yiyan hollered at the doctor, noticing that Wen Xinya had turned extremely pale.

    “You shut up!” Wen Xinya yelled at Si Yiyan with tears in her eyes. Wen Xinya felt an urge to slap him. How could he still say that he was alright?

    The doctor’s words gave her a sense of trauma and her heart beat rapidly. Just a little bit… a little bit deeper and his arm would have become paralyzed. It would be as good as taking away his life.

    Si Yiyan remained silent with a tinge of uneasiness on his face.

    The doctor glanced at Si Yiyan in a gloating fashion and continued to clean the wound.

    “Does it hurt?” Wen Xinya asked, the stench of antiseptic solution wafting up to her nose. Tears streamed down her face continuously like a broken faucet. He quivered involuntarily in pain the moment the antiseptic solution came into contact with his wound.

    Si Yiyan wanted to comfort her and tell her that it did not hurt. However, he could not bring himself to say those words when he saw her teary eyes.

    “You’re going to say that it’s just a minor injury and that it doesn’t hurt, aren’t you?” Wen Xinya questioned while a lump formed in her throat, feeling extremely upset to see Si Yiyan in agony.

    “No, I just wanted to say that it only hurts a little!” said Si Yiyan, who saw the most vulnerable side of Wen Xinya for the very first time.

    Wen Xinya chided. “Si Yiyan, you’re such a dimwit.”

    The doctor interrupted their lovey-dovey exchange again. “Your wound is severe, so I need to give you some stitches. Would you like to opt for partial anesthesia or full-body anesthesia?”

    Si Yiyan answered, “I don’t need anesthesia!”

    The doctor was greatly taken aback by his words. Having been in practice for years, he had encountered all kinds of wounds. However, he had never met a patient who could remain so calm and unfazed despite being severely wounded, so much that he did not even need anesthesia.

    “Si Yiyan…” Wen Xinya recalled the time when Wen Haowen had hit her, after which she received some stitches on her head without any anesthesia. The pain was extremely unbearable, and she required only a few stitches because her wound was small. How could Si Yiyan take the pain, especially since his wound was three inches long?

    The doctor calmed himself down and said, “I suggest you opt for anesthesia. Your wound is going to need at least fifteen stitches and fifteen minutes to complete. Are you sure you can take the pain?”

    Si Yiyan answered, “Let’s begin!”

    Wen Xinya frowned and turned pale, trying to catch her breath.

    “The process is going to hurt. Bear with it.” The doctor then grabbed the needle and began sewing Si Yiyan up while disinfecting his wound and stopping the bleeding.

    Si Yiyan was as pale as a ghost, having broken out with cold sweat. His brows furrowed into a frown and he pursed his lips, trying his best to bear with the pain.

    “Doctor, he seems to be in a lot of pain. Please be more gentle, please… ” Wen Xinya requested, grabbing his uninjured hand. If it weren’t because of how stiff his arm was, she wouldn’t have known how much pain he was in.

    She recalled what her schoolmates said about him being a strong and resolute man that day in the student union.

    His determination was strong and could not be moved at all. He was tough as nails.

    That, was Si Yiyan.