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Chapter 398 - Zhong Rufeng, Who Leads a Resplendent yet Simple Life

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 398: Zhong Rufeng, Who Leads a Resplendent yet Simple Life

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    Xia Ruya immediately glanced at the direction that Wen Xinya was looking in, only to see the dashing and handsome man walking towards them slowly. His eyes glistened like polished gemstones and he exuded a confident composure.

    It was Zhong Rufeng!

    Shocked out of her senses, Xia Ruya subconsciously compared Zhong Rufeng to Chu Jingnan and realized that the latter paled greatly in comparison, in terms of looks, talent, character, family background and wealth.

    Zhong Rufeng stood beside Wen Xinya and glanced at her apologetically. “I’m sorry for being late. Something cropped up at the last minute.”

    Wen Xinya took a look at the time on her Patek Philippe watch and said with a smile, “You’re not late at all. There are still two seconds to go before the time that we agreed to meet at. I just arrived not too long ago as well.”

    However, it was indeed not gentlemanly to make a lady wait.

    Zhong Rufeng glanced at Xia Ruya and Chu Jingnan calmly.

    “What a coincidence, Senior Zhong!” Chu Jingnan exclaimed, trying his best to contain his mixed emotions while greeting Zhong Rufeng smilingly.

    “Not really. I’m here for a meal with Xinya.” Although Chu Jingnan had concealed his emotions well, the sharp and sensitive Zhong Rufeng could tell the passion in Chu Jingnan’s eyes when he was gazing at Wen Xinya.

    Chu Jingnan could hear the animosity in Zhong Rufeng’s tone. After noticing the way that Zhong Rufeng was looking at Wen Xinya, Chu Jingnan figured out that he fancied Wen Xinya too.

    A sudden tension filled the air.

    It was not the first time that Xia Ruya had met Zhong Rufeng. Although she used to only find him to be outstanding in the past, she suddenly felt that he looked extremely captivating and opulent. She could not help but feel attracted to him…

    Seemingly having sensed that she was staring at him, Zhong Rufeng glanced at her casually, displeased to see that she was clad in a dress that was similar to the one Wen Xinya was wearing.

    After the brief exchange, Chu Jingnan and Xia Ruya left together.

    Wen Xinya led Zhong Rufeng to one of the four private dining rooms in the restaurant. She had specifically chosen one that was beside the window.

    “What would you like to eat? It’s my treat today,” Wen Xinya said smilingly while sliding him the menu.

    “The chili fish pot looks good. Would you like to give it a try?” Zhong Rufeng suggested, holding the menu in his hands.

    “Do you take spicy foods?” Wen Xinya asked in shock.

    Zhong Rufeng smile and said, “My grandfather enjoys spicy foods, so I’ve acquired a taste for spicy foods too, after following his eating habits. My grandfather told me that you like eating spicy foods as well.”

    In actual fact, he did not really enjoy spicy foods and was merely trying to please her because he heard from his grandfather that Wen Xinya enjoyed spicy foods. Hence, he decided to give them a try and get himself used to it.

    Beaming with joy as if she had found a kindred spirit, she hurriedly ordered a few spicy dishes.

    After she was done ordering, Zhong Rufeng asked, “Are you very close to Chu Jingnan?”

    He sounded extremely normal and nonchalant, as if it did not bother him at all. However, he could not deny that Chu Jingnan definitely had some attractive qualities.

    Shaking her head, Wen Xinya answered coldly, “Not at all! I just stopped to say hi because I ran into him.”

    Zhong Rufeng’s eyes glistened and he said, “After having worked with Chu Jingnan for two years, I realized that he gives off a mysterious and suspicious vibe. It feels like he isn’t as gentle and mild-mannered as he seems on the surface. Since you’re not close to him, avoid hanging out with him too often.”

    Wen Xinya agreed with a nod. “Okay! I know what to do!”

    Zhong Rufeng smiled widely and tried to change the subject. “Oh and, I forgot to congratulate you for coming in fifth place for the end-of-semester examinations.”

    Throughout the past few months, she would occasionally seek help from him for the problems she faced during revision. Due to her incredible intelligence, she could understand all his explanations easily. Hence, he was not surprised that she would achieve stellar results.

    “It’s all thanks to the foundation you’ve helped me built by giving me all your study tips and revision tips,” she said. After all, she had managed to pass her exams with flying colors because of the effective notes that Zhong Rufeng had compiled and given her. Most of the questions that he had marked out had also come out during her exams.

    Zhong Rufeng gazed at Wen Xinya and said, “It’s because of your hard work and intelligence.”

    Wen Xinya pursed her lips, unable to stand the non-stop mutual complimenting.

    Sensing that she was slighly peeved, Zhong Rufeng smiled and said, “The curriculum for the next semester is going to be much tougher but fret not, I’ll collate another set of notes for you that you can use for revision before the semester begins. It’d be much easier for you to catch up in class too.”

    Knowing that Wen Xinya had always had a strong passion and thirst for learning, he decided to use that to make her stop feeling irritated.

    Just like he had expected, Wen Xinya’s eyes lit up at the mention of academics and she poured him a glass of tea delightfully. Beaming with joy, she said, “I was just feeling worried and vexed about the upcoming semester and here you are, giving me aid. Thank you so much.”

    She was currently still taking chess, music and calligraphy lessons, and was also studying the information about jewelry design that her mother had left behind for her. On top of that, she even had to manage two companies. There was not enough time for her at all. Hence, she was extremely grateful to have Zhong Rufeng’s notes which would save her a ton of time.

    Zhong Rufeng said gleefully, “It’s just a simple favor, you don’t have to thank me!”

    Feeling a little shy, Wen Xinya blushed and said, “But I’d have to trouble you again…”

    Zhong Rufeng could not stand hearing how formal she was and suddenly interrupted her. “What plans do you have for winter break?”

    Not sensing anything unusual, Wen Xinya answered, “I was planning to go for a vacation to Hainan with Zhou Tianyu and the rest. However, something cropped up all of a sudden and hence, I can’t make it anymore. I don’t have any other plans for now.”

    Si Yiyan had been mentioning about taking her out for some fun. However, he hadn’t had the time to do so because he was extremely busy with discussing the oil mining contract with the government.

    “Hainan is the best location for a vacation at this time of the year. What a shame!” said Zhong Rufeng, who wanted to ask her out, though he found it a little too abrupt and awkward since they were not exactly close yet. Hence, he felt that it would be better for him to blend into her social circle before asking her out.

    “Zhou Tianyu sent me a photo of the beach in Hainan yesterday. It’s really sunny over there now. The sun is warm and bright, just like springtime,” said Wen Xinya, who envied Zhou Tianyu because she felt extremely chilly back in M Nation.

    Noticing the look of envy in her eyes, Zhong Rufeng suggested. “Let’s go there together sometime!”

    Wen Xinya gladly agreed. “Sure!”