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Chapter 404 - The Official Opening of Lanxin Cosmetics Store

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 404: The Official Opening of Lanxin Cosmetics Store

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    It was finally the day of the opening of the Lanxin Cosmetics shop front. Wen Xinya and Li Mengjie had made all the necessary preparations, while Gu Junling published some ads for Lanxin Cosmetics on the Floral Lingo Pavilion beauty magazines.

    At ten o’clock in the morning, the tightly shut door of the Lanxin Cosmetics store was opened, and the golden rays of the sun shone into the store. Twenty-four beautiful store assistants dressed in ancient palace maid costumes made their way down the stairs gracefully with baskets of flowers in hand. They then scattered the vibrant petals along the way, looking ravishing and beautiful.

    Lots of guests crowded around the stone stage in the middle of the store, all of whom were wealthy ladies and heiresses who were attracted to the store because of the advertisements launched by Floral Lingo Pavilion. There were lots of celebrities as well.

    The advertising videos for Lanxin Cosmetics were playing on the screens beside the palace-like doors of the store. There were also informative boards and brochures regarding the product information.

    Each and every scene was breathtaking, especially the products, which were packaged beautifully in exquisite boxes. They exuded a rustic yet elegant charm and were unique enough to impress the guests.

    It had managed to pique their curiosity as well.

    Everyone broke into gossip and discussion the moment they saw such a fresh concept.

    “I heard that Teacher Zhou Huiyan will be here today too. I reckon all of the reporters are here for her. I’m sure you guys are aware that Teacher Zhou has been refraining from showing up to opening ceremonies such as this one ever since she quit the entertainment industry. She only attends charity events once in a while. I’m guessing that the owner of this store must be someone extraordinary.”

    “Oh my god! Teacher Zhou is coming too? No wonder there are so many people here today.”

    At this moment, Li Mengjie led Zhou Huiyan and several other socialites up the stone stairs while the reporters chased after them frantically and began snapping photos of them. Two of the gorgeous sales assistants stood by the side and continued scattering the petals.

    Li Mengjie was dressed in a red-colored palace costume which was opulent and accentuated her elegance. She walked towards the microphone slowly and said, “Today marks the official opening of Lanxin Cosmetics. I would like to thank everyone for taking the time out of your busy schedules to show us your support today. I’d like to give you my warmest welcome on behalf of Lanxin Cosmetics.”

    Everyone began applauding.

    Extremely excited and agitated, Li Mengjie said, “Lanxin Cosmetics specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare techniques which have been recognized by lots of Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. There are also lots of heavyweight investors who have heavily invested our business. We hope to achieve great results in this industry. Several Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare products have also been launched on the market in recent years. However, they did not manage to gain recognition from the public because of all the persisting problems.”

    Li Mengjie smiled and continued, “Lanxin Cosmetic possesses the most potent Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare techniques and formulas, as well as a decorated roster of experienced and renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. I believe everyone here is familiar with the glorious Du Shinan who’s a powerhouse in the Traditional Chinese Medicine field!”

    Li Mengjie decided to keep the guests in suspense.

    However, everyone had already broken out into fanfare, because Du Shinan had already become a household name amongst the upper-class society. They began to wonder if Lanxin cosmetics had something to do with the Traditional Chinese Medicine expert, Old Mr. Du.

    Seeing that she had managed to pique everyone’s curiosity, Li Mengjie chuckled and continued, “The Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in charge of researching and developing new medicinal formulas for Lanxin Cosmetics, is none other than Old Mr. Du’s granddaughter, Miss Du Ruo! She’s one of the founders of Lanxin Cosmetics. Miss Du has been very interested in developing new skincare and beauty techniques using Traditional Chinese Medicine ever since she was young. This is no secret within the circle, I believe. What I’m trying to say is, all of our formulas have all been recognized by Old Mr. Du.”

    Li Mengjie’s words caused an uproar amongst the guests, and the doubts they had about Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare techniques vanished. Instead, they began looking forward to what products Lanxin Cosmetics had to offer.

    Although Du Ruo was not a household name, everyone knew that Old Mr. Du’s granddaughter was extremely bright and talented in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She was known for developing skincare techniques.

    Hence… Li Mengjie was telling the truth.

    Li Mengjie heaved a sigh of relief and continued, “We’ve already obtained the GMP license for our products and we’ve also been awarded the highest standard of hygiene and quality from the World Hygiene Association and Drug Administration Authority.”

    One of the store assistants was standing beside Li Mengjie with the GMP license.

    Li Mengjie continued, “Besides, our products have been assessed by professional beauty therapists from Floral Lingo Pavilion. The results have proven that our products are all natural with no artificial additives. They’ve been formulated to cater to Asian skin.”

    Li Mengjie then pressed her mobile phone gently, after which the product data and statistics of the assessment reports written by beauty therapists 00, 05, 08 and 09 were displayed on the large screens beside the doors. There were also reviews of the products.

    Everyone knew that beauty therapists 00, 05, 08 and 09 were the best ones from Floral Lingo Pavilion. The fact that the products had gained recognition from them simply meant that they were really potent and of high quality.

    Li Mengjie then looked at Zhou Huiyan and said, “We’re very honored to have the graceful Teacher Zhou Huiyan with us today at this grand opening. May we now invite Teacher Zhou onto the stage.”

    Zhou Huiyan was dressed in a purple cardigan and pearl jewelry which accentuated her elegance and grace. She walked forward slowly while the reporters continuously snapped photos of her.

    Li Mengjie held Zhou Huiyan’s hand. Zhou Huiyan stood in front of the microphone and said smilingly, “Lanxin Cosmetics was founded by a junior of mine, so I’m very glad to be able to attend the grand opening of Lanxin Cosmetics. I also hope that everyone will show their support for this new brand.”

    As soon as she finished speaking, two of the store assistants tugged at the ribbon to untie it while Zhou Huiyan and Li Mengjie cut one end of the ribbon each with a pair of scissors.

    The crowd began to applaud enthusiastically.

    Li Mengjie bowed and said with a smile, “Sorry to have made everyone wait.” She then instructed the assistants. “Scatter the petals and welcome the guests!”

    The petals then began fluttering in the air like fairies.

    All of the prestigious guests including the socialites, celebrities, and wealthy heiresses began making their way up the stone staircase smilingly.

    The grand opening ceremony came to a perfect close.

    Li Mengjie felt much less nervous and afraid.

    The decor of the store was opulent and boasted a classic elegance. Everyone felt as if they had been transported back in time to the ancient dynasty. The gorgeous sales assistants dressed in exquisite palace costumes stood amongst the guests and served up some fragrant wine and decadent food. The appetizing aroma wafted up to their noses.

    The entire ambiance was mesmerizing and made the guests feel as if they were living in a painting.

    The sales assistants then began chatting with the guests and sharing some beauty tips and techniques, which was to the joy of the socialites and heiresses, who were very interested in the professional information they gave.