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Chapter 408 - The Bloodbaths Hidden in the Dark

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 408: The Bloodbaths Hidden in the Dark

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    As the end of the year was coming right up, the storefront of Lanxin Cosmetics had extremely good business, and the storefront’s operations were also gradually getting on track, Wen Xinya was idling away happily, really treating herself as a sleeping partner, going for shopping, meals, and gatherings with Zhou Tianyu and the rest.

    Han Mofeng’s school had also officially gone on break. After a few months of not gathering, Gu Junling arranged to meet them at the Ninth-Heaven, and Wen Xinya naturally went.

    Han Mofeng had gotten darker and thinner, yet became more energetic. He sized Wen Xinya up and said, “Oh, who’s this—we only haven’t met for a few months and you’ve turned from a mini beauty to a full-fledged beauty.”

    His voice, neither female nor male, made everyone erupt in laughter. Wen Xinya copied his ambiguous tone and said, “Oh, we only haven’t met for a few months and you’ve turned from a foppish playboy to a hunky soldier.”

    “Psst.” Zhou Tianyu buried her head into Gu Junling’s shoulder, pointed at Han Mofeng, and said, “You’re so funny, spoiling our imaginations once you open your mouth, really not doing justice to the green color on you.”

    Han Mofeng looked down at his military uniform and started removing his buttons without further explanation.

    Gu Junling took a macadamia nut and threw it towards Han Mofeng. “Han Mofeng, why are you removing your clothes? Behaving like a hooligan! Let me tell you… there are female friends around. Put your clothes back on.”

    Han Mofeng removed his military jacket roughly and threw it on the sofa. “One becomes a soldier upon wearing the military uniform and becomes a thug upon removing it—spoiling imaginations or not is irrelevant.”

    Ling Qingxuan started laughing. “Psst—you’re still a thug even after wearing the military uniform!”

    Everyone joked around. Wen Xinya hesitated before asking, “Did Xu-er contact you recently—how’s he doing? I heard that he went into the Special Ops army training camp where the training is very tough. He’s been pampered since young, not sure if he can hold out or not.”

    From time to time, she would sound Gu Junling and the rest out regarding Xu-er. However, she had only gotten the impression that the messages that Xu-er exchanged with them were not detailed at all.

    Upon mentioning Xu-er, the way Han Mofeng looked at Wen Xinya became obviously complicated. “Xu-er is doing very well. Although training is tough, he’s still holding out at the moment.”

    He did not tell Wen Xinya that when Xu-er just went into the military camp, he actually couldn’t even run two kilometers. Training with a few thousand other people, he frequently couldn’t complete the training requirements and was singled out by the instructor in front of everyone, punished to stand in a corner, punished to run, and punished to carry heavy loads…

    Xu-er was very prideful. Due to these reasons, he didn’t even have the courage to contact Wen Xinya. The lofty aspirations before entering the military camp worn away without a trace within the few short months, leaving behind only desperate training so as not to lag behind others.

    Wen Xinya hesitated and said, “Then why did he keep… he has contacted all of you, that’s why I…”

    She didn’t know the best way to ask.

    Han Mofeng knew what she meant, thought it over, and said, “Xu-er didn’t contact me much either. What I know is what my father gathered from Grandpa Xu. As you know, Xu-er has been pampered since young, how can he take the hardship in the military camp. He’s also prideful and definitely wouldn’t let everyone know about his haggardness before having reasonable achievements.”

    Wen Xinya nodded—this was also what she had guessed. Thus, she didn’t continue asking.

    Ling Qingxuan hurriedly changed the topic and said, “Come on! Drink up.”

    Gu Junling frowned and said, “We’d better not drink too much and return home to our respective families earlier later instead of hanging around outside. Recently, the capital city isn’t peaceful with huge changes in its scene. I heard that a few powers have been eliminated through forceful means, many armed policemen have participated in the operations, and even the Black Sunday has been affected. I predict that the Black Sunday will very quickly disappear from the capital city.”

    “What’s happening—I heard that the Black Sunday has a very strong backing and nobody from the capital city dares to provoke them.” Wen Xinya was shocked. From her knowledge, the Black Sunday was an unshakable giant in the capital city—no one knew the background of the Black Sunday, only that the power behind it was mysterious, unpredictable, and extremely massive.

    Most importantly, previously, she had made use of the Black Sunday to plot against Yang Chongguang and when Si Yiyan mentioned the Black Sunday, he also seemed secretive, as if he was somehow linked to the Black Sunday.

    Would the Black Sunday’s unrest affect him?

    Gu Junling shook his head and said, “I’m not sure what’s happening exactly either. I only know that the Gu Family has already secretly ended the cooperation with the Black Sunday and switched to working with the Jiayuan Club instead. My father even warned me not to have anything to do with the Black Sunday in the future and that the Gu Family would depend on Jiayuan’s protection moving forward. I’ll remind you guys not to go to the Black Sunday anymore. During this period, it’s best to be good, stay at home, and not loiter around outside.”

    The changes in the scene always had far and wide implications. His father was also secretive regarding this.

    Everyone in the room didn’t look too good. The solemnness of Gu Junling’s words meant that in the darkness beyond their knowledge, bloodbaths had already commenced.

    Han Mofeng held up a wineglass and swirled it. “This is good too. A place like the Black Sunday has already caused harm to many people and would be a deadly tumor if it were to remain in the capital city.”

    Zhou Tianyu added, “I’ve heard my father mention before that the Black Sunday has been a thorn in Superintendent Zhang’s flesh. So what if it disappears—it’s good riddance for the entire capital city.”

    Ling Qingxuan sighed and said, “I only hope that it doesn’t implicate too many people.”

    Under the warm lighting of the room, Wen Xinya’s gorgeous and elegant face appeared slightly mysterious and unfathomable. “The Gu Family has reached an agreement with the Jiayuan Club. Do you know the background of the Jiayuan Club then?”

    Wen Xinya felt slightly restless. What exactly was Si Yiyan’s relationship with the Black Sunday? Based on the way Gu Junling said it, this matter seemed very secretive—not sure if Si Yiyan knew about it.

    Gu Junling looked at Wen Xinya oddly—she seemed overly concerned about the matters concerning the Black Sunday and the Jiayuan Club. However, he still replied, “I’m not too sure about this. Not only did my father refused to tell me, he even acted secretively about this. However, my father is optimistic about this. Thus… Jiayuan’s waters are much deeper than the Black Sunday’s.”

    “Not sure if the Black Sunday’s matters have anything to do with Jiayuan?” Wen Xinya felt distracted and restless. She wanted to call Si Yiyan and tell him about this.

    Based on her knowledge, in her previous lifetime, the Black Sunday had suffered a deadly blow and disappeared without a trace in the capital city from then on. She had vaguely heard that it was the doing of the main boss behind the Jiayuan Club. It was also only then that she knew that Jiayuan was actually the underground king of the capital city from the start.