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Chapter 409 - Reshuffling of Power

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 409: Reshuffling of Power

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    Gu Junling’s heart skipped a beat the moment he heard her words. He then looked at Wen Xinya and said with a sullen expression, “Xinya, we’d better not provoke those greater powers like Black Sunday and Jiayuan Club. Otherwise, we might just sink deeper. So, you… ”

    Zhou Tianyu also found that Wen Xinya had overreacted and chimed in. “Junling is right. These issues have nothing to do with us, so we don’t have to care about them.”

    Han Mofeng and Ling Qingxuan continued, “That kind of world is too far away for small fries like us. We just have to know our place and live our own lives properly. Those power struggles and bloodbaths have nothing to do with us.”

    Wen Xinya nodded smilingly and said, “I was just being curious.”

    Gu Junling and Zhou Tianyu did not say much after hearing her words. After all, Wen Xinya had always been sensible and they were certain that she was aware of the pros and cons.

    Sensing that the atmosphere was a little tense, Han Mofeng grabbed his glass of liquor and said, “Well… I’ve been cooped up in military school for months. Now that I’m back during my vacation, shouldn’t you guys be toasting to me to celebrate my return?”

    Ling Qingxuan kicked him and said, “You’re so thick-skinned… ”

    The mood became casual and lively again.

    Seeing that everyone seemed to be in high spirits, Wen Xinya stood up smilingly and said, “You guys go ahead, I have to go to the Ladies’ room.”

    As soon as she arrived at the washroom, she hurriedly took out her other mobile phone and called Si Yiyan, only to hear that he had switched off his mobile phone.

    The robotic female voice rung in her ears continuously. Wen Xinya’s heart wrenched and an ominous feeling overwhelmed her.

    It was the special mobile phone that she used to contact Si Yiyan with. He would never switch it off. Yet…

    Could something have really happened? She wondered.

    Wen Xinya hurriedly tried to call him again a few more times, only to be disappointed. Hence, she decided to give up after numerous attempts.

    She wondered.

    After comforting herself, she returned to the private room in low spirits.

    Noticing that she seemed to be a little upset, Zhou Tianyu asked, “What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell? You look so ghastly.”

    Wen Xinya answered, “Perhaps I just caught a cold. My head hurts.”

    Gu Junling hurriedly said, “In that case, let’s all go home earlier. You should get some rest.”

    The others agreed in unison.

    After leaving Ninth-Heaven, Gu Junling, who had just gotten his driving license, drove all of them home. However, they got stuck in traffic when passing by a bar called “Super”.

    The commotion caught Wen Xinya’s attention. She rolled down the windows slowly and looked outside to see that there were more than twenty men and women scurrying out of the bar with terror written all over their faces. She had even caught sight of some men dressed uniformly in black suits, with tasers and weapons in hand. They were smashing everything in sight while another batch of uniformed men rushed forwards in a bid to stop them. The two opposing parties then broke out into an intense brawl.

    Having noticed what was going on, Gu Junling said, “You see that!?! Super Bar is one of the most renowned bars in the city, and I heard that they’re closely associated with Black Sunday. There has been a reshuffling of power. I reckon it won’t last until tomorrow.”

    Wen Xinya asked in disbelief, “These people are acting so outrageously. Aren’t the police going to intervene and stop them?”

    Gu Junling shot Wen Xinya a glance to hint her to stare at the junction, after which he said, “Did you see that? The police are there, waiting to reap the benefits! They’re just staying out of it for now because those gangsters didn’t harm the innocent.”

    Greatly appalled, Wen Xinya asked, “You mean they’re in cahoots…”

    She could not bring herself to finish the rest of her sentence, for she had always had an impeccable impression of policemen.

    Gu Junling smirked and said, “Don’t put it that way. Well, it’s just a temporary transaction and exchange of benefits. The bar may seem like an ordinary one, but it has a very complicated background and all policemen are dying for a chance to raid the place. However, there’s nothing much they can do since they’d need sufficient evidence. Besides, those people are running a legal business. Lots of policemen have decided to go undercover and delve into the mafia in order to investigate those illegal transactions and criminals. However, only a few out of many have succeeded. The majority of undercover spies have lost their lives in an attempt to serve the nation.”

    Wen Xinya nodded and said, “You’re right. There are unspoken rules in every industry. So long as you don’t cross the boundaries and stay true to your morals, there’s nothing wrong with pulling some tricks and resorting to underhanded means.”

    She was filled with uncertainty because she guessed that Si Yiyan was greatly involved with Jiayuan.

    Wen Xinya alighted from the car using the excuse of buying her grandfather’s favorite porridge. After watching Gu Junling’s car leave, she flagged down a taxi and said, “Go to Lishan Mansion!”

    Staring at her in puzzlement, the taxi driver remarked, “Little girl, that area is very remote and it’s rather dangerous for a girl like you to go there alone at night.”

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Thank you, Uncle. My friend lives there, so I’ll be alright.”

    The driver did not probe further and began driving towards Lishan.

    Along the way, Wen Xinya tried to call Gu Yuehan, only to discover that she could not reach him either. Hence, she guessed that something must have happened to him.

    She could not help but recall the menacing tone in Si Yiyan’s voice when she spoke to him over the phone. Her heart began to sink.

    When the taxi pulled over in front of Lishan Mansion, Wen Xinya hurriedly paid for the fare before alighting and scurrying towards the mansion.

    She searched the garden, living room, bedroom, study, and courtyard, only to discover that Si Yiyan and Gu Yuehan were nowhere to be found.

    Wen Xinya was filled with an ominous feeling.

    At this moment, the elderly guard walked towards her slowly and said, “Miss Wen, are you here at such a late hour to look for Ninth Young Master? He’s gone out with Yuehan.”

    Wen Xinya hurriedly asked, “When did they go out? Do you know where they have gone?”

    After a long while of pondering, the elderly man answered, “They left in a hurry at nine o’clock in the evening. It seemed like they had something important to handle. However, I don’t know where they went.”

    Wen Xinya’s heart dropped and she was overwhelmed with a complicated mix of emotions. “Ninth Young Master’s mobile phone is switched off. Do you know how else I can contact him?”

    Shaking his head, the elderly man answered, “I’m afraid I don’t!”

    Wen Xinya then took out her other mobile phone to try and call Si Yiyan again, but to no avail.