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Chapter 410 - The Kingpin

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 410: The Kingpin

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    At this moment, the members of Black Friday were in a luxurious room in the third basement, which had brown and burgundy as its theme colors. It boasted of a classic, elegant vibe, a perfect match with the black couch which exhibited its opulence and extravagance. And there was a lavish European-style chandelier on the ceiling to top it all off.

    A middle-aged man who appeared to be in his forties was sitting on the couch with a cigarette between his fingers which he would take a puff out of every now and then. The thick fumes of smoke that streamed out of his mouth and nostrils made him appear extremely mysterious.

    The man was none other than the Huo Qiuzhen, the kingpin of Black Sunday.

    The quick shuffling of footsteps filled the air and broke the silence. "Boss, an unknown gang has begun smashing the things in Super Bar and the police are also conducting a raid. They've seized all one billion yuan worth of drugs that we hid in the bar and arrested all the employees. They're going to go into a thorough investigation."

    Huo Qiuzhen's hand trembled, causing the ash of the cigarette to drop onto the ground. After flicking the ash off, Huo Qiuzhen said, "Did you find out who the person behind the attack is?"

    For three consecutive days, all the big leaders of Black Sunday had been wiped out in the city by an unknown authority that was highly mysterious. Huo Qiuzhen had yet to receive any news or clues after sending his subordinates to find out the identity of the culprit.

    The subordinate who was dressed in black answered with a sullen expression, "We've only managed to find out who the boss of Jiayuan club is. There's nothing else apart from that."

    There were deep-rooted and complex issues with the power management of Black Sunday, and there were several ongoing power struggles. Even the overseas quarters were involved. However, no one in the city dared to provoke Huo Qiuzhen because he was termed as the king of mafia and triads. He could not figure out just who the person who was bent on going against Black Sunday cruelly was.

    Remaining silent, Huo Qiuzhen discarded his cigarette into the ashtray and said solemnly, "I've always known that the boss of Jiayuan Club is very mysterious. However, I've never expected that he would be this powerful. It took him less than three days to control half of our leaders, after warning us that he'd annihilate Black Sunday. Even the police are involved now. We can't act rashly."

    The man asked with an awful expression, "Master Huo, what do we do now?"

    Given how powerful their opponent was, there was no way for them to go toe-to-toe against him. Not to mention, the police were involved as well. Hence, there was little they could do.

    Huo Qiuzhen's youthful-looking face turned pale and he said, "I'll call Rex now and get him to step in. I doubt they'd dare to provoke Rex."

    He had made the hard decision to give Rex a 30% share of the profits, simply because of today.

    It was also the very reason why Black Sunday had yet to receive any consequential threats. Although he was feeling anxious, he was not exactly worried.

    Huo Qiuzhen dialed the number that he had memorized and the call went through quickly. "Turns out it's you, Master Huo. Rex is aware of your intentions and he'd like me to tell you that the owner of Jiayuan Club has agreed to give Rex a 60% share of the profits. He's also agreed to protect you on the account that you've been serving him for years."

    Huo Qiuzhen's eyes widened in shock and he said, "That's impossible. Rex has always been a man of his word. He mentioned before that he would step in if Black Sunday needed assistance."

    "Of course Rex is a man of his word. That's why he wanted me to tell you that he has already settled the issues with the drugs."

    Huo Qiuzhen was momentarily speechless. Rex had once said that he would do any kind of business, except drugs. Now that he had agreed to help him one last time despite Black Sunday having crossed the boundaries, it simply meant that he would be washing his hands off their matters from now onwards.

    The beeping sounds of the phone being hung up rang in his ear. Huo Qiuzhen sat on the couch, frozen and dumbfounded.

    He did not own Black Sunday and in fact, he had no idea who the real boss was either. He was just the leader in name and was running the business on someone else's behalf. Hence, he was at a complete loss for what to do now that Black Sunday was getting attacked and ruined.

    Feeling flustered and lost, Huo Qiuzhen looked over to see two of his subordinates carrying a corpse into the room. When they placed the corpse in front of him, he froze in shock, as if his blood had coagulated.

    "Who… who did this!?!" he hollered, glaring wide-eyed at the corpse on the ground. His shaky voice was high-pitched and full of resentment.

    "Master Huo, those people have come to smash and ruin Super Bar, and Brother Dong was extremely infuriated by their actions. He'd brought his people over to retaliate against them. They then got into an intense scuffle, but we didn't realize who it was…" The subordinate paused in his speech, staring at the corpse and hanging his head low, not daring to continue.

    Huo Qiuzhen flew into a rage and darted forwards to hold his brother's bloodied corpse in his arms. He barked. "Why didn't you guys stop him!?!"

    "Master Huo, we tried, but we couldn't stop him at all."

    It was as if all of Huo Qiuzhen's energy and vigor were sucked out of him. Huo Zhendong was his only kin left in this world whom he swore to take care of and protect in front of his parents' graves. He promised to never let his brother get hurt. Yet… his brother was made impotent right in front of him and had now lost his life.

    How was he supposed to face his late parents in the netherworld?

    Huo Qiuzhen turned as pale as a sheet and a menacing gaze formed in his bloodshot eyes, making him look horribly daunting.

    "Although those people have caused a scene at the bar and injured lots of people, they didn't kill anyone except Brother Dong… Master Huo, did Brother Dong offend anyone? Is that why there have been so many issues with Black Sunday?"

    Quivering uncontrollably from head to toe, Huo Qiuzhen questioned, "Are… are you sure that the only person who was killed…"

    He suddenly recalled all consecutive attacks that Black Sunday had received lately. Although many had been injured, there were indeed no other casualties.

    It was apparent that the opposing party was after him and Huo Zhendong.

    Unless… He suddenly thought of Wen Xinya.

    Huo Qiuzhen's mind went blank.

    He realized that he had fallen into the trap. Ning Shuqian had been calling him every single day to pester him to send some people to protect her after she was almost assassinated several times. In the end, she even threatened to cease cooperation with him if he didn't kill Shen Mengting.

    He understood how vicious Ning Shuqian was, and that she was relentless enough to kill anyone out of despair, including himself. Once she lost her patience and got overly anxious, she would resort to every means to protect her own life. Besides, he was afraid that Shen Mengting might leak and expose some secrets about him, even though they had already given up on her. After much consideration, he finally decided to give in to Ning Shuqian's request.

    However… in hindsight, he suddenly realized that it was all just a trap laid in order to lure them.