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Chapter 411 - What If They Really Kill Us?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 411: What If They Really Kill Us?

    Xia Ruya was dressed in a navy blue floral dress, a gray fox fur cardigan and a pair of dark gray knee-length boots. She suddenly looked much more fashionable and domineering than she usually would.

    All eyes were on her the moment she stepped into Black Sunday’s territory, and some bold men even started whistling at her and catcalling.

    “Ruya, I’m here!” Jiang Yuqian exclaimed, waving at Xia Ruya whom she had noticed from afar.

    Xia Ruya walked towards Jiang Yuqian, not looking at the other men around her at all.

    Upon sight of Xia Ruya’s immaculate outfit, Xia Ruxue complimented. “Ruya, you’re always dressed demurely. I didn’t expect that you’d look so good in such a fashionable outfit.”

    Jiang Ruoyin smiled and said, “She’s pretty, so she’d look good in anything.”

    Blushing shyly, Xia Ruya said, “Stop teasing me, you guys. I’m not as fashionable as all of you are.”

    Noticing that she was red with embarrassment, Jiang Yuqian hurriedly tried to give her an out by saying, “I heard that your Aunt Ning has been hospitalized. Are her injuries serious? How is she now?”

    Xia Ruya and Ning Shuqian were very close to each other and hence, Jiang Yuqian decided to ask about her out of courtesy.

    The moment she was reminded of Ning Shuqian, Xia Ruya’s face grew sullen and she said, “She was already recovering well previously. However, her wounds opened up again all of a sudden. She didn’t get any better after being transferred to another hospital. She’s still hospitalized now, but she’s been in a bad mood, perhaps because of the complications that keep happening to her wound.”

    With a look of sympathy in her eyes, Xia Ruxue asked, “I didn’t expect that she would suffer such a serious injury. How did that happen?”

    Xia Ruya looked away, avoiding eye contact with her. Seemingly a little tongue-tied, she said, “I’m not too sure about that either. I heard from Aunt Ning that it has something to do with Wen Xinya. Uncle Wen has even taught Wen Xinya a lesson because of that and Grandpa Wen had also slipped into unconsciousness and ended up getting hospitalized. Fortunately, there are no major issues with his health and he’s already been discharged. He’s currently resting at home now.”

    After hearing her words, her friends looked at each other in dismay and Jiang Ruoyin said indignantly with a sullen expression on her face, “That little bitch Wen Xinya is indeed very vicious. How could she do this to her own stepmother? Isn’t she worried that she’d die a horrible death as a result of her retribution?”

    Jiang Yuqian sneered. “Wen Xinya has been causing so much chaos ever since she moved back to the Wen family home. First, she caused Wen Yuya to be chased out of the family and sent abroad. Then, she made your Aunt Ning and Uncle Wen move out of the Wen Family mansion. Now, she even made your Aunt Ning and Grandpa Wen hospitalized. What a jinx!”

    Xia Ruxue chimed in. “That little bitch Wen Xinya is very evil. I bet she’s just the devil reincarnated. We should get someone to get rid of her, lest she continues harming others.”

    Xia Ruya bit her lips, at a complete loss for words.

    At this moment, chaos broke out outside and sounds of screaming and shrieking could be heard. It was as if the bar was a pressure cooker that exploded.

    Jiang Yuqian craned her neck and looked outside. With a frown, she asked, “What happened? Why is there such a ruckus?”

    Xia Ruya waved her hand and said, “It must be some patrons trying to cause a stir. Don’t worry, it won’t go on for long. Black Sunday’s security guards are very efficient. Everything will blow over soon enough.”

    Jiang Ruoyin agreed. “Black Sunday has a great backer and they’re the Kings of the mafia. No one would dare to provoke them or incur their wrath. Even the police have failed in their attempts to raid the place. Rest assured, nothing will happen.”

    Feeling ill at ease, Xia Ruya looked outside and said, “The situation seems very serious and chaotic. We’d better leave as soon as we can!”

    Jiang Yuqian agreed. “Ruya is right. It’s definitely going to make the headlines tomorrow. If we accidentally get snapped by the paparazzi, I wonder what they might write about us.”

    Jiang Ruoyin and Xia Ruxue, too, found Xia Ruya’s and Jiang Yuqian’s words to have made sense. Hence, they grabbed their belongings and left.

    At this moment, a large bunch of men dressed in black suits swarmed into Black Sunday and began smashing everything in sight. They appeared terrifying and menacing. Even the security guards were scared soulless and their legs turned into jelly. They quickly fled and found a spot to hide in. All the patrons were screaming in horror and hiding in an obscure corner, as pale as ghosts.

    Xia Ruya did not expect the situation to take such an unexpected turn. Completely horrified, she hurriedly ducked, not daring to move at all.

    Turning pale and quaking uncontrollably, Xia Ruya said, “Seems like… we won’t be able to run this time.”

    She could not help but feel panicky and frustrated. In order to upkeep her image of being posh and elegant, she had always refrained from patronizing bars or night entertainment joints. She had merely agreed to show up today because of the vehement persuasion from Jiang Yuqian and the rest of her friends. Had she known earlier that this would happen, she wouldn’t have accepted their invitation.

    “What’s going on? Who’d dare to cause a stir in Black Sunday? Look at the chaos. These people seem to be from an authoritative power. Will they kill us?” Jiang Yuqian said, not daring to be haughty at all. She huddled up beside Xia Ruxue, quivering from head to toe.

    Jiang Ruoyin held Xia Ruya’s arm tightly, causing her nails to sink deep into her flesh. “I heard that these people don’t even bat an eyelid when they kill. They’re completely inhumane. What do we do now?”

    Xia Ruxue hurriedly ducked, fear written all over her face. “Ruya, I saw him slashing someone. There’s so much blood… do you think they’ll kill us?”

    Xia Ruya turned to look at the direction that Xia Ruxue was staring at, only to see that there was a man lying in a pool of blood. He looked extremely terrifying and grotesque. Xia Ruya’s heart pounded rapidly and she quivered uncontrollably. “I… I saw them… It seems like they’re still unharmed. I don’t think they’ll kill us… ”

    She could not bring herself to continue her sentence.

    Her mind was sent into a state of frenzy. What do we do… if they really kill us?

    “Oh right… call… call the police!” Xia Ruya said anxiously. She hurriedly grabbed her mobile phone, her fine and delicate hands trembling uncontrollably.

    Xia Ruya’s words gave her friends some hope. “Yes… let’s call the police! These triads are the most afraid of police.”

    Xia Ruya took out her mobile phone. However, before she could even react, her mobile phone was snatched away…

    Feeling as if black walls were closing in on her, she was filled with a sudden sense of uneasiness. She looked up slowly and turned pale at the instant she saw the man in front of her. She was just like a withered flower…