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Chapter 414 - The Outcome Will Be Finalized Come Tomorrow

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 414: The Outcome Will Be Finalized Come Tomorrow

    Old Tao sent Wen Xinya to the Gu family home, after which Gu Junling exited from the house. A sullen expression formed on Gu Junling’s face the moment he saw Wen Xinya. After all, it was only normal for one to be in a foul mood when woken up from their peaceful sleep in the middle of the night.

    Wen Xinya frantically opened the door and alighted from the car and exclaimed, “Grandpa Tao, you may go back first! Tell Grandpa that I won’t be going home tonight.”

    What does that mean? Is Missy going to stay over in the Gu Family home for the night? Old Tao wondered.

    Old Tao broke out into cold sweat and immediately called Old Mr. Wen to relay Wen Xinya’s message.

    “The Gu family are nice people and I can trust their youngest son too. Besides, Xinya is close friends with him. Just let her go!” said Old Mr. Wen. However, he wondered to himself, Xinya is so worried about the youngest son of the Gu Family. Could it be that she’s interested in him?

    He suddenly realized that it was very likely for that to be the case. After all, Wen Xinya did not have many friends of the opposite gender, and Gu Junling happened to be one of the very few. Moreover, they attended the same school and hence, would have more time to interact with each other.

    He found that Wen Xinya and Gu Junling were rather compatible with each other in terms of family background and status, especially since both families were in the business industry. Besides, it was common for childhood sweethearts to get married to each other, especially in wealthy families. Hence, he did not oppose to the idea. After all, the Gu Family could help them deal with the Xiao Family too.

    Wen Xinya had no idea that her actions would give her grandfather the wrong idea.

    At this moment, Gu Junling was glowering at Wen Xinya and saying, “Miss Wen, it’s not like you to commit such an evil act as to wake someone up in the middle of the night. Just what are you here for at such a late hour?”

    Staring at Gu Junling apologetically, Wen Xinya requested, “Junling, could you take me to Black Sunday and Jiayuan club? I have something to attend to.”

    Gu Junling sobered up at the instant that he heard her words. Unable to believe his ears, Gu Junling rubbed his ears and exclaimed, “What did you say? I beg your pardon!”

    Although she knew that her request was a little too outrageous, she had no other option than to seek help from Gu Junling. “I’d like to go to Black Sunday and Jiayuan club, so… ”

    She believed that Si Yiyan would definitely know about her arrival if she were to go to those two places.

    Noticing that she was hanging her head low awkwardly, he said in astonishment, “Xinya, did you forget what I said to you guys? My family has already ceased all cooperations with Black Sunday, and my grandfather has also warned me not to be embroiled in their matters. It’s a sensitive period now. I won’t be able to help you!”

    “I… I understand,” said Wen Xinya, who had shown up to the Gu family home despite knowing that he would react that way. She did not wish to take advantage of her friendship with Gu Junling and compel him against his wishes. She was also well aware of the consequences and risks involved. The Gu Family had gone through painstaking means to stay out of it. If they were to get embroiled again, the results would be dire. Needless to say, she would not put her friend’s family in danger for the sake of her own selfish reasons.

    Noticing the look of dejection on her face, Gu Junling said hesitantly, “Xinya, do you know that Black Sunday is facing an attack from an unknown organization? The situation is very dangerous now.”

    Wen Xinya’s eyes widened in shock and she grabbed Gu Junling’s hand. “Is this true?”

    Gu Junling nodded and answered, “Of course it is. Superintendent Zhang has already deployed lots of manpower in the city and they’re all gathering around Black Sunday. All three forces, land, sea, and air have been activated and have already begun running strict checks and screenings at the immigration customs.”

    Gu Junling kept his eyes fixed on Wen Xinya, scrutinizing her each and every facial expression.

    “In that case, could you take me to Jiayuan Club? Didn’t you say that the Gu Family and Jiayuan Club have established cooperation previously?” asked Wen Xinya, who could imagine the dire consequences that the loser shall face. In the previous lifetime… history was made in the city while the people of Black Sunday were sleeping.

    She again recalled the scene of her bumping into Si Yiyan at Jiayuan Club on the eve of her death in the previous lifetime. Back then, Si Yiyan was in a complicated relationship with Black Sunday and Jiayuan Club. She was ill at ease.

    The greater Si Yiyan’s involvement with those organizations, the more worried she was.

    The less she knew, the greater she feared.

    After making up his mind, Gu Junling said with a sullen expression, “Everyone is terrified of these two places and are shunning it like the plague. Why are you so insistent on going there? I’ve always felt that you were overly concerned with Black Sunday and Jiayuan Club. Tell me honestly, are you related to those places?”

    Gu Junling could not help but be reminded of Wen Xinya’s past as a hooligan. Is she concerned because she used to be involved with their matters?

    A cold shiver was sent down his spine and he broke out into cold sweat. His heart pounded vigorously against his chest.

    “Junling, I don’t know how I should explain this to you, but it’s definitely not like what you think!” Wen Xinya exclaimed, unable to explain why she was so concerned about Black Sunday and Jiayuan Club.

    Gu Junling began compelling her for an answer. “If it’s not like what I think, what is it like then? Wen Xinya… I’m telling you now that I won’t help you out this time. You’d better stay here while I call Old Mr. Mo.”

    Having led a wandering life for fifteen years in the past, Old Mr. Wen would definitely think that Wen Xinya was still in contact with those hooligans and triads. She had gone through painstaking means to get to where she was today. He did not wish to harm her and hence, he decided to call Old Mr. Mo instead.

    Wen Xinya grabbed his arm and said, “Junling, could you keep this from Grampy? I promise I’m not related to Black Sunday or Jiayuan Club.”

    Gu Junling did not believe her at all. “Xinya, you’ve always been sensible, and I also trust your words. I won’t tell your grandfather, but you must stay here tonight. You’re not to go anywhere at all.”

    Gu Junling’s words rendered Wen Xinya speechless and she felt completely helpless.