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Chapter 416 - You’re the Real Mastermind

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 416: You’re the Real Mastermind

    The room had a classic European decor and the four walls were covered in mahogany, on which there were designs of gilded leaves that gave the room a posh and opulent interior.

    There were large rose-shaped chandeliers on the ceiling, which had exquisite leaves carved onto the branches. The roses were beautiful and they were bursting with vibrancy in every color.

    The mahogany walls were just used for decorative purposes. There was a shelf on the right side of the wall. There were also lots of books on the shelf on the right, and a plethora of antiques and jade ornaments on the shelf on the left, all of which were exquisite and valuable.

    Si Yiyan stood in front of the French window in the luxurious suite on the highest floor of Jiayuan Club, staring at the pitch dark sky and the traffic below. The long stretch of street lamps along the roads seemed to form a yellow ribbon.

    At this moment, one of the men dressed in the black suit entered the room with Huo Qiuzhen. “Ninth Young Master, Huo Qiuzhen is here.”

    “Okay!” Si Yiyan turned around slowly, his menacing gaze appearing much more aloof under the warm, yellow light. He looked extremely daunting.

    The man retreated and stood at the side. It was as if he had blended into the air and made his presence intangible.

    Si Yiyan and that man seemed to be the only ones left in the room. The room was quiet and cold, and a tension filled the air.

    Due to the immense blow he had suffered after his brother’s death, Huo Qiuzhen was still stuck in a state of agony, unable to snap out of his depression. At the instant that he saw Si Yiyan, he flew into a rage and hollered at the top of his lungs. “You… you were the one who killed my brother. Did you also wipe out all the leaders of Black Sunday?”

    “Yes!” Si Yiyan clipped nonchalantly, as if Huo Zhendong’s death and Black Sunday mattered nothing to him at all.

    Huo Qiuzhen’s eyes widened and the blood vessels on his eye spread widely like a spiderweb. Glaring at Si Yiyan maniacally, he hollered. “I’m going to kill you and seek revenge for my brother…”

    Si Yiyan raised his brows and kicked Huo Qiuzhen with a straight face, sending the latter flying and falling onto the ground. Staring at him from above, Si Yiyan quipped. “Are you trying to kill me? You don’t have the right to!”

    The excruciating pain caused him to sober up instantly. He quietly stared at Si Yiyan, who was standing in front of him dressed in a green shirt. His neat brows hung just above his long, narrow eyes, and his lips curled into a cold and sinister smirk.

    He exuded a prestigious, prideful and posh aura.

    Huo Qiuzhen lost all of his confidence and collapsed onto the ground like a deflated balloon. Completely dejected, he asked, “Just who are you?”

    Si Yiyan smiled and said, “I remember you called me two hours ago to seek my assistance.”

    Huo Qiuzhen’s eyes widened in shock and he stared at Si Yiyan in disbelief. “It’s… it’s you! You’re Rex… ”

    Si Yiyan remained silent.

    His silence was the best answer. Huo Qiuzhen’s body turned to jelly and he said, “Hahahaha, no wonder you wiped out all the leaders of Black Sunday. Turns out… you’re the real mastermind, Rex.”

    He was Wen Xinya’s backer.

    Si Yiyan walked towards him slowly, his shiny leather shoes giving off an intense glow. He managed to walk with a formidable aura, despite walking on the carpet.

    Huo Qiuzhen crawled on the ground and stared at Si Yiyan’s shoes. Every step of Si Yiyan’s seemed to be trampling on his pride and chest, causing him to be filled with overwhelming pain.

    Si Yiyan raised his foot and stomped it down onto Huo Qiuzhen’s chest, causing the latter’s ribs to break with a loud popping sound that was amplified in the quiet room. “Did you and Ning Shuqian collude together against Wen Xinya?”

    The pain caused Huo Qiuzhen to turn as pale as a sheet and sweat droplets formed on his forehead instantly. He had indeed made the right guess about Rex being Wen Xinya’s backer. _No wonder we couldn’t harm Wen Xinya at all. Turns out she had such a huge backer. _

    “Speak!” Si Yiyan yelled, stomping his foot further down, causing his ribs to break again.

    Fresh blood began flowing out of Huo Qiuzhen’s lips continuously. He clenched his jaw and allowed the blood to seep through the gaps in his teeth. “Wen Xinya that bitch…” he murmured. Huo Qiuzhen’s ribs were broken further and he grimaced in immense pain. He continued, “She made my brother become impotent. How could I take it lying down? If it weren’t because of Black Sunday, I would have gotten rid of her immediately.”

    Si Yiyan moved his foot onto Huo Qiuzhen’s neck and pressed it down further. “Apart from you, who else is involved in this? How is it related to Black Sunday? What feud do you have with the Wen Family?”

    He had previously guessed that there was more to Wen Xinya’s mother’s death and that Ning Shuqian had an ulterior motive for marrying Wen Haowen. He was not satisfied enough to know that Huo Qiuzhen was involved.

    “No… I did all of this alone,” said Huo Qiuzhen, who knew that he would definitely die. Hence, he decided to come clean, lest he suffer greater pain.

    “Do you know the consequences of lying to me?” Si Yiyan warned, pressing his foot down further.

    Huo Qiuzhen’s neck tensed up and he felt as if Si Yiyan’s foot had stopped him from breathing. Try as he might, he could not inhale any air at all. His face turned beet red and he instinctively tried to move the foot away with his hand but to no avail, despite having expended all his energy.

    The mere few words took up all his energy. Si Yiyan pressed his foot down and listened to Huo Qiuzhen’s nasal voice. He sounded like he was in extreme pain.

    Si Yiyan moved his foot away slowly. He had already guessed that Huo Qiuzhen had used Ning Shuqian to deal with Wen Xinya, and was also Ning Shuqian’s backer. However, there was no way to find out the extra details.

    He only decided to question Huo Qiuzhen directly because he did not want to miss any clues, especially since it concerned Wen Xinya.

    Si Yiyan said calmly, “Take him away and give him a quick death.”