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Chapter 418 - Si Yiyan, It’s Hard to Serve Me

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 418: Si Yiyan, It’s Hard to Serve Me

    Due to the fact that there was a mass replacement of leaders in Black Sunday, Jiayuan Club had temporarily ceased operations. The people in Jiayuan Club had yet to leave. Upon sight of Si Yiyan, everyone bowed and greeted. “Ninth Young Master!”

    Si Yiyan had no time to bother about them at all. He began sprinting towards the door.

    As soon as he exited Jiayuan Club, he felt a biting cold sensation on his skin and face which began to hurt slightly because of the chilliness. His ears turned stiff and hard. It was the first time that he had ever felt so cold, so much that it felt suffocating.

    The weather… is freezing.

    He shifted his gaze onto the thin and petite Wen Xinya and began wondering just how she had tolerated the cold.

    He picked up speed and strode towards her eagerly. His unbuttoned blue windbreaker seemed to float in the air together with his movements.

    Wen Xinya stopped jumping and straightened her back. Her beautiful shoulder blades formed a graceful curvature and her back muscles could be seen tensing up rapidly.

    Instead of turning around, she straightened her back slowly. However, she could hear the sounds of him walking towards her and his heavy footsteps.

    Gu Junling had locked her inside the room earlier on to stop her from going out. However, because of how concerned she was about Si Yiyan, she put the skills she had picked up during her hooligan days to climbed out of the window, which she had pried open. She then scaled the wall and left the Gu family home.

    Wen Xinya only dared to move around Black Sunday and Jiayuan Club freely because she knew that the police were involved. Unlike the Gu Family, she was not afraid of being implicated.

    She sought Gu Junling’s help because she thought that the Gu Family could help her get more news.

    She first went to Black Sunday, only to find that there were lots of people guarding outside the place. Staring at the sullen faces, she could sense that the outcome had already been decided and that Jiayuan Club was the victor. Black Sunday would become history, come tomorrow.

    It would be pointless for her to continue staying at Black Sunday. Hence, she decided to head to Jiayuan Club, in hopes of seeing Si Yiyan.

    Indeed, she had made the right guess.

    She believed in Si Yiyan’s ability to emerge victorious, even if he was in a knotty and complicated relationship with Black Sunday.

    However, she had no idea what really went on in Si Yiyan’s world. Due to the uncertainty, she found it extremely intimidating and terrifying. Hence, she was constantly anxious and worried, causing her to lose her composure and direction. She even resorted to a silly method!

    Waiting blindly!

    How amusing.

    However, she was willing to do that.

    Although it was a silly action, she was willing to do it because Si Yiyan was in a dangerous predicament, and it was as if her actions could give her a sense of comfort and get rid of her anxiety.

    At this moment, she heard the sounds of his shuffling footsteps. Joy filled her heart the instant she realized who it was.

    Si Yiyan walked over and stood behind her. He then removed his jacket and draped it across her shoulders, allowing her to be wrapped tightly in it.

    Due to how petite and thin she was, the jacket seemed a little too big for her. She was filled with a sense of relief, comfort, and bliss.

    “Are you still cold?” Si Yiyan asked, pulling her into his embrace and rubbing his face affectionately against her sideburns and ears. Her ears were red and cold to touch, the chilliness of it spreading through his body. He felt as if his blood was about to be frozen.

    “Not at all! I feel warm now,” she answered. Although her body temperature was still low, her heart was warm because of his sweet gesture.

    As soon as she finished speaking, her nose crinkled and she let out a sneeze.

    Si Yiyan turned her around to see that tears had welled up in her bloodshot eyes because of the sneeze, making her eyes appear as if they were beautiful red rubies, exuding a mesmerizing glow and radiance.

    Wen Xinya rubbed the tip of her nose before sniffing a little. “My nose is so itchy, it’s so uncomfortable!”

    All of a sudden, Si Yiyan picked Wen Xinya up in his arms and walked towards the door of the Jiayuan Club. While walking, he chided affectionately. “The weather is freezing. Why did you come out without putting on more clothes? What happens if you catch a cold?”

    Resting her head on his shoulder, Wen Xinya said softly, “I forgot to bring an extra jacket when I came out!”

    She was still dressed in the clothes that she wore to meet Zhou Tianyu and the rest. Due to how worried she was about Si Yiyan, she forgot to change into a fresh set of clothes when she returned to the Wen Family home. After heading to the Gu Family home, she forgot to take her beanie and scarf with her.

    Si Yiyan tightened his grip around her. However, she was still as light as ever, a stark contrast to how much she weighed in his heart. “I’ll be alright!” he said.

    “I know,” she answered. Indeed, she was well aware of how capable Si Yiyan was. After all, he was the most shrewd and scheming person she knew! Regardless of how tactful and formidable Black Sunday might be, he’d be able to defeat them.

    She only found out today that there was a blurred line between rationality and emotions. She constantly crossed the lines and let her heart rule her mind.

    “You know and yet you still…” He paused in his speech and let out a long sigh. He had belittled the woman he loved once again. Not only was she intelligent and determined, but she also was delicate and gentle. It was the first time that he felt that he had great taste in women.

    Wen Xinya rubbed her face against his chest tenderly before saying in a coquettish voice, “It’s all your fault for making me catch a cold. My nose feels terrible. You’re responsible for taking care of me.”

    “Sure!” Si Yiyan answered in a deep and raspy voice, which carried a tinge of affection.

    Wen Xinya continued, “I’m very hard to please. I don’t like getting injections, so you have to feed the medicine to me. I don’t like sleeping in warm temperatures, so the heater can’t be too warm. Instead, I prefer leaving the windows open. I have a habit of kicking the duvet off the bed, so you’d have to pull it over my body at night. Also, I like eating sweet porridge whenever I’m ill. You’re not allowed to get irritated.”

    “Alright, I’ll cook some porridge for you,” Si Yiyan said in a mellow and tender voice.

    Pouting her lips, Wen Xinya answered, “It’s not just a simple kind of sweet porridge. The type that I like has to be made using a combination of glutinous rice and barley. You have to ensure that the grains are well-cooked and sticky. It has to form a fragrant and thick consistency, after which you’d have to garnish it with some red bean paste. You also have to add some honey to make it sweeter.”

    That kind of sweet porridge required painstaking efforts to cook. Wen Xinya was merely making things difficult for Si Yiyan.

    She had long forgotten when the last time she had sweet porridge was. However, she would always remember its heavenly sweetness.