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Chapter 422 - Keep Talking and I’ll Scratch Your Face

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 422: Keep Talking and I’ll Scratch Your Face

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    Xia Ruya was squatting in a corner of Black Sunday, surrounded by numerous men who appeared extremely menacing, clad in black suits. They appeared extremely daunting and she dared not act recklessly at all.

    Xia Ruya suddenly felt an overwhelming chilliness, as if the heater had been switched off. The freezing air penetrated through her skin, causing her body to stiffen. She could no longer feel her legs.

    She plastered her back against the cold and hard wall, feeling as if her blood was about to freeze.

    She felt a strong, stinging pain in her face.

    Xia Ruya rubbed her red and swollen face gently. She could not help but be reminded of the scarface man who pinned her onto the wall forcefully and gave her a few tight slaps.

    She shrieked in terror and astonishment. The scar on the man’s face seemed like a wriggling centipede. She almost thought that she was going to die.

    Jiang Ruoyin and the others screamed in horror. However, they did not say anything to help her at all, a stark contrast from their usual behavior. They would often defend her and stand up for her, as if they valued her greatly as a friend. Yet, they decided to save themselves during the critical juncture. They could not be bothered to rescue her at all.

    She was willing to accept the humiliation in silence because she wanted to call the police to save her and them. Yet, they were so cold-blooded and heartless towards her, so much that they were not concerned about her life at all.

    Humans were all selfish.

    Fortunately, she had long understood that it was every man for himself.

    Deep in thought, Xia Ruya felt as if her body had gone numb and she was plagued with a splitting headache. She began to lose bits of her consciousness.

    She subconsciously rubbed her forehead, and the warmness of her hand reminded her that she had caught a cold and was now running a fever. However, her throat was so dry that she could not say a single word at all.

    “Ruya, what’s wrong with you? Your face is so flushed. Are you running a fever?” Xia Ruxue asked worriedly.

    Having heard her words, Xia Ruya smiled and thought to herself,

    “Her fever seems to be very severe. God knows if she can take it.”

    Upon hearing that remark, Xia Ruya’s determination to stay alive grew stronger and she suddenly tugged on the trousers of the man beside her. Her rosy cheeks made her appear sultry and enchanting. “Brother… I…”

    As soon as she spoke, she was overwhelmed with an excruciating pain in her throat. She struggled to move her tongue and swallow some saliva, but to no avail.

    That man did not take pity on Xia Ruya just because she was a girl. He kicked her away and hollered. “Keep your hands to yourself!”

    He was simply adhering to the instructions given by the higher-ups. He was told to take good care of them. Hence, he dared not defy the orders at all.

    Xia Ruya murmured, “I… I’m running a fever… ”

    She thought to herself,

    However, the man completely ignored her.

    Refusing to give up, Xia Ruya pleaded in agony. “Brother… I’m running a very high fever. Could you let me off…”

    However, she had forgotten that her voice had become hoarse and raspy, and her efforts to speak in a high-pitched and cute voice only made her it sound like nails on a chalkboard.

    The man did not bother looking at her at all. He scowled and rebuked. “You’d better stay here obediently. We’ll let you off once daybreak arrives. Otherwise…” He paused and glowered at her dauntingly, then continued, “I’ll make sure you don’t see the light of day tomorrow.”

    Xia Ruya’s heart sank to rock bottom and her pupils constantly constricted and dilated. Her eyes were glassed over and full of fear.

    All of her energy had been drained out of her and she collapsed onto the cold, hard ground, unable to move at all. The freezing temperature of the ground gave her burning body a huge relief. At the same time, she began to lose her consciousness too.

    She raised her head and continued to plead miserably. “Then… could you give me some fever medicine?”

    Xia Ruya conjectured that the men would definitely release them once the outcome was finalized. That was also the reason why she dared to make such a bold request. Besides, she was certain that places like Black Sunday definitely had first aid and medicine kits, which would surely contain medicine for colds and fever.

    The man glared at her coldly and said, “You’d better stay here obediently and quit getting up to any tricks. Otherwise, I’ll teach you a lesson.”

    Xia Ruya’s hopes were dashed. She licked her dry and cracked lips before turning to look at the glass of plain water on the table. “Could you… give me a glass of water then?”

    She stared at the man who was grimacing at her and tried to talk to him nicely and curry his favor.

    Extremely irritated by her, the man pulled out a knife from his waist and pressed a button, after which the blade popped out of the sheath. Under the dim, yellow light, the knife looked extremely sharp and shiny.

    Xia Ruya stared at the knife in utter horror. It was not a simple fruit knife, but rather it was a sharp dagger that could easily cut one’s skin.

    “Say another word and I’ll disfigure you.” The man threatened, squatting in front of her and swinging the knife in front of her face.

    Xia Ruya began panting heavily in horror and turned as pale as a sheet. She instinctively moved her stiff and numb body and struggled to curl into a ball.

    The man swung the knife and darted towards Xia Ruya menacingly. She stared wide-eyed at him, yearning to shriek and shun but to no avail. She could not make a single sound at all. All she could do was watch the knife being shoved towards her.

    The knife then stabbed the fabric of her skirt and the man walked towards her to grab the knife. Revealing his pearly whites, he quipped. “It was just a slip of the hand!”

    After the man left, Xia Ruya sat on the ground and panted heavily, paralyzed by fear.

    Xia Ruxue rushed forward to help her up. “Ruya, are you alright!?!”

    Xia Ruya turned around, almost on the verge of losing her rationality.

    A long while later, Xia Ruya felt her body being shaken violently while she was in a daze. She then heard the sounds of messy footsteps. However, she soon slipped back into a trance because of her immense headache, which made her feel sluggish and lethargic.