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Chapter 429 - What Do You Mean by Passing Through Heaven and Hell Rapidly?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 429: What Do You Mean by Passing Through Heaven and Hell Rapidly?

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    Wen Xinya had always been keeping close tabs on news regarding Xia Ruya. She was certain that Xia Ruya definitely gloated over her misfortune during her scandal with Xu Zhenyu. Now that the tables had turned, Wen Xinya wondered how Xia Ruya was feeling.

    Being intelligent and clearheaded, Xia Ruya knew that the news was merely fabricated and she was well aware that she ought to respect herself and be mindful of her behavior. In the previous lifetime, she also rarely patronized bars and entertainment joints. She made a conscious effort not to show any of her flaws to others.

    However, things had already been blown out of proportion, regardless of whether it was fabricated or not. There was no way to prove her innocence and hence, she had no choice but to sit back and wait for news.

    Xia Ruya’s reputation and image had been thrown out of the window.

    Wen Xinya was so engrossed in reading the magazines that she did not even realize that Si Yiyan was there.

    Instead of disturbing her, Si Yiyan picked up the remote and switched on the television. Although he was switching the channels rapidly, he constantly glanced at her every now and then.

    Wen Xinya continued flipping through the pages of the magazine, not distracted by his actions at all.

    Si Yiyan suddenly felt that the volume of the television was too low and hence, used the remote to increase the volume. He then sat down on the couch again and cocked his head towards the side to look at her.

    Wen Xinya frowned while reading the newspapers, seemingly deep in thought.

    Finding the couch to be a little stiff, Si Yiyan moved his body and formed an indent, causing Wen Xinya to sway from side to side.

    Wen Xinya snorted with laughter and looked at Si Yiyan. “Si Yiyan, can’t you just let me read the magazine in peace?”

    She was well aware that Si Yiyan was just trying to get her attention.

    “What are you thinking about?” asked Si Yiyan, who felt that she seemed rather distracted while reading the magazine.

    Wen Xinya remained silent, contemplating if she should tell him about Old Mr. Mo finding out about their relationship.

    Noticing that she seemed to be stuck in a dilemma, Si Yiyan recalled Old Mr. Mo calling her two days ago. He could vaguely guess the reason. “Does Old Mr. Mo know about our relationship? It’s no big deal. You don’t have to hide it from me.”

    It would have been strange if Old Mr. Mo had yet to find out about their relationship, considering how sensitive and intelligent he was.

    “How did you know?” Wen Xinya asked in astonishment.

    Si Yiyan tucked her hair behind her ear gently and said, “Old Mr. Mo had already suspected something during my stint at the Mo Family home. However, I made sure not to cross the line back then so that he couldn’t chide me. Hence, he kept his suspicions to himself.”

    After hearing his words, Wen Xinya said in dismay, “Grampy is really upset about us being together. I’ve never seen such an austere expression on his face. Although he didn’t stop us from being together, I know he doesn’t approve of our relationship.”

    It was not that Old Mr. Mo disliked Si Yiyan, but rather, he was not exactly pleased with the idea of how scheming Si Yiyan was and the mind games that he often resorted to. Wen Xinya was certain that Old Mr. Mo wanted her to be with a simpler man, for he could at least protect her if something happened.

    “How about you? What are your thoughts on our relationship?” Si Yiyan asked, staring at how vexed and frustrated she seemed. He had noticed each and every expression of hers and thus, was feeling panicky and anxious. He was paranoid, uneasy, nervous, terrified, and overwhelmed with a mix of emotions that seemed to drown him. He did not have the energy to curb his emotions at all.

    “Grampy wants me to consider carefully and decide if you’re the best option for me,” said Wen Xinya, who did not notice Si Yiyan’s expressions.

    Not long ago, she made him broth and took care of him meticulously. They shared the same bed and had a pillow talk. The mantra that she kept chanting was still ringing in his ears as he recalled the time that he felt as if he was the happiest man on earth. However, he suddenly felt as if he had plunged from Heaven to Hell…

    Wen Xinya sighed resignedly and said, “I know Grampy thinks that I’m young and too immature to handle relationships. That’s why he said those things to me. I only promised Grampy to think through things carefully because I didn’t want him to be worried about me. We have so much time. I’m sure Grampy will approve of our relationship one day.”

    Si Yiyan finally knew what it meant to be in Heaven one moment, and end up in Hell the next. He gazed at Wen Xinya affectionately and said, “Don’t worry about Old Mr. Mo, I’ll talk to him about it another day. I’m sure I’ll make him approve of our relationship.”

    He understood Old Mr. Mo very well and was sure that he would put Wen Xinya’s interests before anything else. He wouldn’t disapprove of their relationship vehemently and compromise Wen Xinya’s happiness. However, Si Yiyan was worried that Wen Xinya might give up their relationship simply because of Old Mr. Mo’s disapproval. He was sure that Old Mr. Mo would approve of them one day, so long as Wen Xinya persisted.

    Shaking her head, Wen Xinya protested. “Don’t do that. I understand Grampy’s temperament very well. He’s in the midst of being angry now. If you go and talk to him about it, he’d definitely give you a lashing. At least Grampy doesn’t openly object to our relationship now. Time will prove everything.”

    She knew that only by persisting on, would her grandfather approve of their relationship.

    Happiness seemed to bloom in Si Yiyan’s eyes like a vibrant color. He held her in his arms and kissed her sideburns gently. “Are you worried that Old Mr. Mo might give me a hard time?”

    Pursing her lips, Wen Xinya glowered at him and retorted. “Who’s worried about you? Grampy has heart conditions, I’m just afraid that you might agitate him!”

    Si Yiyan poked her lips and said, “You’re so stubborn, huh?”

    Wen Xinya glared at him and retorted. “You are!”

    Si Yiyan nodded and said, “Yes! We can make a pair.”

    Wen Xinya was at a loss for words for a rebuttal. She glared at Si Yiyan and said, “Grampy punished me by making me copy the Mo Family’s teachings twenty times, all because of you. Oh no, I don’t know when I can finish it.”

    Si Yiyan said coaxingly, “Don’t worry, I’ll help you with it.”

    Wen Xinya refuted. “Grampy will definitely hit the roof if he finds out that you helped me.”

    Si Yiyan said, “Think about it. We committed the mistake together. There’s no reason for Old Mr. Mo to make you copy it alone.”

    Wen Xinya was a little suspicious of his words. “Is that so?”

    Si Yiyan nodded firmly and said, “Trust me, it must be the case.”