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Chapter 434 - Xia Ruya Is Labeled as a Shameless Bitch

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 434: Xia Ruya Is Labeled as a Shameless Bitch

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    A reporter’s job was the most respected one in the world, for they braved through all odds to pursue the truth. They looked out for chances to obtain information and picked on the flaws of others through clues before amplifying them and blowing them out of proportion.

    During Xia Ruya’s hospitalization, there were lots of reporters who sneaked into the hospital to snap photos of her. They even almost snapped photos of her when she was in the shower.

    The media had even reported about Xia Ruya pretending to be hospitalized in order to shun the reporters. They even took her silence as consent and everyone thought that she was simply staying quiet because she had a guilty conscience. Hence, her reputation was further tarnished.

    Her scandal had caused yet another uproar amongst netizens, who began circulating her videos everywhere and making posts about it on every social media platform. They spread rumors about Xia Ruya having threesomes with Ning Yuya, and claimed that she had a messy private life. They also falsely claimed that she frequented nightclubs and bars…

    Xia Ruya was slandered and her reputation was completely ruined.

    It would be difficult for women to restore their reputation once marred.

    Needless to say, the Xia Corporation was greatly implicated and sales for the chain supermarkets belonging to the Xia Corporation declined tremendously in the past few days. Lots of people begun boycotting their stores.

    After all, they could simply patronize the many other supermarkets in the city.

    Now that things had already been blown out of proportion, there was no way Xia Ruya could continue hiding in the hospital. However, there would no place for her in the Xia Family either, especially since her relentless family members could not tolerate her at all. She realized that she was at a complete loss for what to do.

    She had no choice but to get herself discharged from the hospital. She planned to stay in a villa in the suburbs for a few days until the news died down.

    After settling the administrative procedures and packing up, Xia Ruya put on a black cap and a pair of shades to conceal her features. She then used a navy blue scarf to cover the bottom half of her face. She was dressed in an ugly oversized sweater.

    It was a sweater that she had bought from the janitor for five hundred yuan. It reeked of an overbearingly pungent odor, which made her feel extremely nauseous.

    She left the hospital bright early in the morning before work started for the majority.

    She exited the hospital to see that it was extremely quiet outside, with no reporters around. She heaved a sigh of relief.

    Before she could even react, she was greeted with the sight of cameras flashing in her face and the loud sounds of the camera shutters. The reporters began swarming towards her like bees to honey.

    She turned pale and immediately turned around to flee, shocked out of her senses.

    However, as soon as she did, the reporter hurriedly chased after her to stop her from leaving.

    She was then stuck between a bunch of reporters.

    “Miss Xia, is that really you in those suggestive photos that are being circulated online?”

    The photos had already been analyzed countless times by photography experts, and it was verified that they hadn’t been digitally altered. The reporters were merely asking a rhetorical question.

    “Miss Xia, I heard that you once had a threesome with Ning Yuya, the adoptive daughter of the Wen Family, during Miss Zhou’s birthday party and someone walked into you two by accident. There are rumors claiming that you have been framed by the real heiress of the Wen Family, Miss Wen Xinya. Is that true?”

    She enjoyed a great reputation back when Wen Xinya first returned to the Wen Family and did not make a name for herself in the upper-class society yet. Hence, everyone believed that Xia Ruya was framed. However, now that she was embroiled in a scandal, it was as if her true colors had been exposed. She felt like all her clothes had been removed and her body was bare, extremely ashamed and humiliated.

    She was promiscuous and yet she still had the cheek to blame others for it.

    “Miss Xia, you used to be the heiress of the Wen Family and you had always been a goody-two-shoes who’s pure and innocent. Someone exposed you recently for being a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and everyone’s saying that you’re just pretending to be noble and elegant and that you’re actually a loose and bitchy girl. Do you have anything to say about this?”

    “Miss Xia, the scandal that you’re involved in has caused a major uproar and sparked a controversy. Yet, you’ve been hiding from the public by staying in the hospital under the excuse of being sick. Does that mean that you’re admitting to these rumors and claims about you?”

    Bombarded by endless questions from the reporters, Xia Ruya felt a strong urge to cover her ears and scream out loud.

    She did not expect to face such a situation right after she got discharged.

    The people in front of her continued to move closer as the cameras flashed continuously in her face, causing her eyes to feel dry and painful. The sounds of the commotion filled her ears and rang non-stop, giving her a major headache.

    Amidst the chaos, Xia Ruya’s cap and shades fell onto the ground, after which they were trampled on and smashed into pieces by the massive crowd. Even her scarf had fallen off her neck, thus exposing her face to the cameras and reporters. She felt just like prey waiting to be slaughtered, unable to stop the reporters from taking photos of her at all.

    In fact, she had no words for an explanation at all.

    It had never occurred to her that she would ever be in such a disheveled state.

    If the matter about Black Sunday was the only thing that was reported, she could at least prove her innocence using the law, just like what Wen Xinya had done. However, the incident that took place during Zhou Tianyu’s birthday party had been reported as well. After all, it was a matter of fact that she had been photographed.

    Could she still deny that she wasn’t the person in the photograph?


    Could she stand up for herself and tell everyone that she had been framed?


    When she framed Wen Xinya previously, Ning Shuqian threw a homecoming party for Wen Xinya and stood up for her in order to secure a footing in the Wen Family. As a result, Ning Shuqian clarified that everything that had happened in the Zhou Family home had nothing to do with Wen Xinya at all.

    Xia Ruya had no choice but to hide in the hospital.

    To her astonishment, her silence was regarded as a reaction to having a guilty conscience.

    She suddenly recalled the time when Wen Xinya was embroiled in a scandal and had remained calm and composed despite all the criticism she faced from the Wen Family members.

    Back then, Xia Ruya secretly mocked and gloated over her misfortune behind her back.

    Now that the tables had turned, she realized that she was far inferior to Wen Xinya. Well, at least she did not have the guts or tenacity to solve the problem. All she could do was hide in the hospital.

    Xia Ruya’s vision began to blur and she zoomed across the road to see that there was a luxurious, Holland-made customized car. Wen Xinya was standing there and leaning against the car quietly, clad in a cinch-waist white-colored dress which had purple wisterias printed on the fabric, paired with a fur cardigan. She appeared extremely mysterious, elegant and posh.

    She had always known that the color purple symbolized grace, poise, elegance, pride, and mysteriousness. Yet… they were now a stark contrast to the disheveled, lowly and pathetic state she was in!