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Chapter 435 - Adding Fuel to the Fire

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 435: Adding Fuel to the Fire

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    Ever since the news of Xia Ruya’s scandal was publicized, Wen Xinya sent her men to keep a close eye on Xia Ruya and monitor each and every one of her actions. She had something to do with the reporters almost snapping photos of Xia Ruya in the shower at the hospital.

    Hence, Wen Xinya knew long ago that Xia Ruya was getting discharged and had informed the reporters about it. Just like she had expected… the reporters began camping at the hospital the night before Xia Ruya’s discharge.

    Staring at the reporters surrounding Xia Ruya, Wen Xinya recalled the time when her video was circulated online in her previous lifetime, after which the reporters surrounded her as well. They snapped photos of her continuously and the cameras flashed in her face non-stop while the reporters bombarded her with questions. She felt humiliated, disheveled, and on the verge of despair, as if the whole world had come crashing down on her.

    To her surprise, the tables turned in this lifetime and the same thing happened to Xia Ruya instead.

    Feeling extremely gratified, Wen Xinya stared at Xia Ruya and said, “Everything happens for a reason. Like Buddha said, Karma is real and humans… ought to harbor kinder thoughts and do more kind deeds.”

    If one were to sin, they’d definitely face the due punishment. If Xia Ruya did not plot against her during Zhou Tianyu’s birthday party and ended up shooting herself in the foot, none of this would have happened today.

    Being sensitive and sharp, Si Yiyan could sense the change in her emotions. He said with a frown, “Let’s go, there’s nothing left to see here.”

    “Why would there be nothing to see? I’ve been dreaming about seeing this day and dying to see Xia Ruya in such a pathetic state.” In her previous lifetime, Wen Xinya had suffered a great number of attacks by the media, all because of Xia Ruya and her friends. In this lifetime, Xia Ruya was the one to suffer instead. It was time she had a taste of her own medicine.

    “Even if you don’t watch her being humiliated, you can already guess how pathetic her life is now, can’t you?” Si Yiyan said calmly. Things wouldn’t have become so serious if Wen Xinya had not added fuel to the fire.

    Upon hearing his words, Wen Xinya said in shock, “I thought I was secretive enough. Turns out you actually found out!”

    In her previous lifetime, Xia Ruya made use of the media to drive her into a corner where she could not even save herself. She was no Saint and would definitely not miss the opportunity to harm Xia Ruya even more when she was already down and out. The worse of a state Xia Ruya was in, the more thrilled she would be.

    Si Yiyan smirked and said, “Harming one’s enemy when they’re already at their worst is only human nature. Given how much you detest Xia Ruya, you’d definitely seize the opportunity.”

    Wen Xinya stared at Si Yiyan with pouting lips. He had seen through every scheme and thought of hers.

    She had hired lots of netizens to spread the news about Xia Ruya’s scandal around the Internet. She was also the one who posted about all the boys whom Xia Ruya had been in contact with. Having understood how the gossip mongers felt, she was well aware of what she had to do to teach Xia Ruya a hard lesson.

    Just like she had guessed, the post sparked a major discussion amongst netizens and experts who began advocating the importance of sexual education amongst teenagers. The private lives of teenagers from the upper-class society had always been a major problem that was frowned upon by many. There had been lots of scandals involving these teenagers.

    Wen Xinya pursed her lips and said in disgruntlement, “Xia Ruya is the one who tried to harm me time and time again. I was just paying her back in her own coin. How could I possibly commit such a despicable act for no rhyme or reason?”

    She refused to admit that she had taken advantage of the situation and harmed Xia Ruya when the latter was already at her worst, although she had indeed done so. However, she didn’t want her beloved man to have a bad impression of her!

    Seeing how much she was blushing, Si Yiyan stared at her and burst into laughter. “Fine, I was wrong about you. I’ll give you a facial in order to make up for it.”

    All of a sudden, he leaned towards her and planted a kiss on her lips with a burning passion.

    Wen Xinya froze and her mind went blank.

    He only let go of her reluctantly when she was about to suffocate.

    Panting heavily, Wen Xinya glowered at him and chastised. “What has kissing got to do with a facial? You’re obviously just trying to take advantage of me!”

    Si Yiyan gazed at her and said delightfully, “Don’t you know that kissing activates a total of 38 muscles in your face, mouth, and neck? Hence, kissing aids in muscle relaxation and prevents the formation of wrinkles. Hence, kissing could be considered a beauty treatment as well.”

    Wen Xinya chided. “You’re such a lecherous hooligan! I really wonder where you get all your twisted logics from.”

    Si Yiyan grabbed her hand and said, “That’s not a twisted logic. I just have great knowledge. Knowledge is required in love and relationships too, not just technique.”

    Wen Xinya could not deny that Si Yiyan was indeed very knowledgeable. He had always been intelligent and resourceful. He was sometimes funny and humorous, sometimes overly intellectual. He was also sometimes flirtatious and randy, sometimes ravishingly stunning. She would never get bored when she was with him.

    Noticing that she was a little peeved, Si Yiyan decided not to tease her any further. Instead, he looked down and kissed her head gently. “However, you’ve successfully tampered with humanity and exploited human nature to your advantage this time.”

    Wen Xinya asked intentionally, “Don’t you find me to be shameless and despicable by resorting to such ruthless means?”

    Instead of answering her question, Si Yiyan asked, “Everyone else thinks that I’m cold-blooded, cruel, domineering and overbearing. Do you think the same too?”

    Although he did not care about what others thought about him, Wen Xinya’s opinion mattered greatly to him.

    “I do!” Wen Xinya answered with a nod. It was true that Si Yiyan was cruel, ruthless, menacing and tyrannical, especially when he was handling the matter about Black Sunday.

    Si Yiyan frowned and sunk deep into thought, wondering if the rumors were really going to harm him. The various mishaps that had happened to him and Wen Xinya made him understand and realize that he was not powerful and formidable enough yet to protect himself and defend the person whom he loved dearly. That day… he called Wen Xinya and got her to read a mantra to him, after which he cruelly increased his power over Xiasi Group.

    Wen Xinya burst into laughter and said, “I don’t care what others think about you. I’d rather be the only one who gets to enjoy your tender care and the only one who gets to see your gentle and affectionate side.”

    The frown on Si Yiyan’s forehead vanished. Although Wen Xinya claimed to be a novice at relationships, she always had a unique way of whispering sweet nothings to him. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her gently. “Yes, you’re the only one who gets to enjoy it.”