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Chapter 438 - Si Yiyan Recites a Romantic Poem

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 438: Si Yiyan Recites a Romantic Poem

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    Wen Xinya was in the midst of browsing a magazine that was reporting about Xia Ruya’s scandal. Bored out of her wits, she proceeded to look for Si Yiyan.

    Si Yiyan was in the midst of a phone call, during which he spoke in Russian.

    She could not help but find Russian to be an extremely refined and exquisite language, especially the way the words were mouthed and pronounced. She felt that Si Yiyan appeared much more classy and formidable whenever he spoke in Russian. He was stunning and suave.

    He spoke each and every word with an inexplicable sexiness that never failed to tempt and allure her.

    She could not help but recall “ЯтакжеотделаYanженщина,” the Russian phrase that Si Yiyan had thought her. She murmured, “ЯтакжеотделаYanженщина.”

    She had secretly practiced and recited the phrase repeatedly. However, regardless of how hard she tried, she could never speak it in a manner that was as refined as Si Yiyan did. She still sounded stiff, awkward and shy like a beginner.

    She still remembered the day that she learned Russian from Si Yiyan and the numerous times that she repeated the phrase. She had even turned parched and thirsty. At last, she finally realized that the phrase meant “I’m Si Yiyan’s woman!”

    She was infuriated.

    At this moment, Si Yiyan ended the call and gazed at her intently. “I thought you had already forgotten about the Russian phrase that I taught you. Turns out you still remember how it goes. You’ve gotten much better at pronunciation. Seems like you’ve been practicing in your free time.”

    Blushing red with shyness, Wen Xinya glared at Si Yiyan and said, “I’m naturally smart and intelligent. I’m a fast learner too. Do I even need to practice in secret? You’ve belittled me.”

    Si Yiyan leaned closer towards her and said flirtatiously, “Recite it again! Will you?”

    In fact, he was not asking a question at all. It seemed there was no way she could reject him. Pouting her lips, Wen Xinya said, “Sing to me in Russian and I’ll recite the phrase again.”

    Staring at the glow in her eyes which resembled the stars in the sky, Si Yiyan said, “I can’t sing in Russian, but… I do know a few romantic Russian poems. Would you like to hear me recite them?”

    Wen Xinya’s eyes lit up and she retorted teasingly. “I don’t want to listen to them. Who knows which lover of yours has heard it before?”

    Finding her to be extremely adorable, Si Yiyan asked, “You really don’t want to hear it?”

    “No, I don’t.” Wen Xinya insisted bitterly.

    Si Yiyan said, “You may not want to hear it, but I want to recite it!”

    Despite trying her best to press her lips together, Wen Xinya could not resist the urge to smile joyously.

    Si Yiyan began reciting a romantic poem in a clear and refined voice.

    You’re the person I’m looking for,

    I only understand now,

    That you’re what I want to pursue,

    God gave me life, just so I could meet you and fall in love with you,

    You’ve woven yourself into my soul,

    You’ve allowed me to transcend worldliness and put an end to my karma,

    Regardless of whether I’m awake or dreaming,

    I want to be with you.

    I want to hold your shoulder gently

    and whisper into your ear.

    I belong to you and you’re my one and only. You’re irreplaceable.

    The exquisiteness of the Russian language made the romantic poem sound exceptionally beautiful and mesmerizing. Si Yiyan’s voice sounded just like the alluring sounds of an ancient poem, clear and rhythmic, yet calm and irresistible. His voice was as clear as water.

    “I said I didn’t want to hear it and yet you still recited it,” Wen Xinya said deliberately. Although she did not understand what the poem meant, she could not help but blush shyly. Having lived through two lives, it was the first time that someone had ever read a romantic poem to her. It was a really effective courting trick. It was little wonder that young girls love showing off the love letters that they received.

    Si Yiyan chuckled and teased. “Who said I was reading it to you? I read it for myself.”

    Wen Xinya glared at him in disgruntlement.

    Si Yiyane said softly, “The title of this poem is ‘You’re The One I’m Searching For’. It’s a very popular romantic poem in Russia.”

    He had chanced upon the romantic poem when he was reading a Russian book and hence, decided to memorize it because he felt like he could relate to it.

    Wen Xinya hurriedly whipped out her mobile phone and searched about the poem on the internet, in a bid to find out the meaning and significance behind the poem. Staring at the Mandarin translation of the poem, she began to turn as red as a tomato.

    Si Yiyan asked softly, “Could you recite that Russian phrase that I had taught you previously?”

    Blushing tremendously, Wen Xinya had no choice but to recite the phrase since Si Yiyan had already recited a few stanzas of the poem. She murmured, “ЯтакжеотделаYanженщина.”

    Si Yiyan gazed at her tenderly.

    Wen Xinya hurriedly tried to change the subject. “Si Yiyan, Xia Ruya has never been one to sit back and do nothing. What do you think she’ll do about the matter this time?”

    Xia Ruya was an extremely intelligent person who could get herself out of trouble and shrug all responsibility regardless of what happened. She would not be defeated by anything. She would never resign to fate and she could often find herself again quickly. A small spark was enough to rekindle the fire within her.

    Si Yiyan smiled even wider. She had always left him out of her affairs. However, she had now begun discussing with him and seeking his opinion. “She’ll struggle until she dies!” he answered.

    “Well, she’s still going to die at the end of the day,” Wen Xinya remarked nonchalantly.

    Wen Xinya had had lots of scuffles with Xia Ruya, none of which she ever succeeded in harming the other. Hence, she was certain that Xia Ruya wouldn’t be easily defeated.

    To Xia Ruya, Wen Xinya was a tough nut to crack and almost impossible to defeat. Likewise, Wen Xinya also found it difficult to deal with Xia Ruya.

    Si Yiyan chuckled and said, “Well, there is a difference. Those who struggle are those who choose to die willingly, whereas those who don’t are often revered by many pious religious followers. They’re incredibly respected.”

    Wen Xinya said in enlightenment, “Well, they’re just choosing to die with pride.”

    Xia Ruya had always valued her reputation more than anything else and struggling was the only option she had. However, Wen Xinya was uncertain about what Xia Ruya would pick.

    Si Yiyan chuckled and said, “You’re right, but no one would be willing to die in a horrendous manner. Keep your eyes peeled for the interesting show that’s about to come on.”

    Wen Xinya nodded.