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Chapter 439 - Xia Ruya Is Holding a Press Conference

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 439: Xia Ruya Is Holding a Press Conference

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    When the police car arrived in the city center, Xia Ruya alighted from the car and hailed another taxi. She got inside the taxi and said to the driver, “Please head to the forensic hospital in the city.”

    The taxi driver recognized her instantly and stared at her in utter disdain. If it weren’t because of the no-rejection rule enforced by the taxi company, the taxi driver would have chased her out of the car, lest she dirty it.

    Xia Ruya whipped out her mobile phone and stared blankly at the screen. Ever since the news of her scandal broke out, she had been receiving lots of calls from newspapers and media agencies every single day. There were even some social escort companies who called and harassed her.

    Hence, she decided to switch it off.

    She never switched it on again.

    Xia Ruya’s finger levitated above her mobile phone screen and her pale face began to stiffen. She then pressed down on the “On” button. The simple action seemed to have drained her of all of her energy, causing her hands to become sweaty.

    Although it only took her a few seconds to switch on her mobile phone, it felt like years to her. It was as if her heart was being ground against stone.

    After switching on her mobile phone, Xia Ruya called the number of her friend’s Public Relations company. “Hello, I’m Xia Ruya. I’d like to hold a press conference at 3 o’clock this afternoon. Please help me organize and see to it.”

    Everyone from the Public Relations company got a great shock, after which they were overwhelmed with joy upon realizing that they had received a call from Xia Ruya, the main person of the latest scandal. After all, their company would definitely enjoy great publicity, for lots of media and broadcasting companies would be reporting about it.

    “Sure! We’ll settle it for you. Do you have any requests for the venue?” asked the staff member, who sounded rather perfunctory, though he was polite.

    Xia Ruya closed her eyes, feeling infuriated. Since she had already made the decision, there was no room for regret. She had to bear the consequences, regardless of how serious they may be. “I don’t have any special requests for the venue.”

    “Who would you like to invite apart from reports and the press?” the staff asked in disdain.

    “I don’t need to invite anyone else. Once everything is settled, send me the address and I’ll head straight there,” said Xia Ruya, who ended the call as soon as she finished saying everything she wanted to in a single breath. She could not bring herself to continue listening to the derogative tone that the staff member was speaking in.

    Xia Ruya leaned against the backseat and heaved a sigh. Soon, she received a text message.

    She took a deep breath before opening the text message which was sent by the Public Relations company, regarding the venue of the press conference and the relevant details.

    The press conference was to be held in an upscale convention hall in the city.

    She could not help but feel mocked and ashamed.

    Every man for himself.

    Humans have always been selfish.

    She had long seen through humanity.

    She then grabbed her mobile phone and logged into her Weibo account to see that there were hundreds of thousands of comments on her post, all of which were posted by angry netizens with malicious intent. Staring at the harsh criticism and castigations she had received, she barfed and began to get a major headache.

    Xia Ruya turned as pale as a sheet. She had initially already prepared herself for the worst. However, she actually couldn’t take it at all.

    All of a sudden, a new post popped up on her page. It was captioned: “I’m a taxi driver who picked up the girl who’s involved in the major scandal right after I began my shift this morning. She was surrounded by reporters outside the hospital at the time and, in order to get me to drive faster so that she could shrug off the reporters, she even offered to give her body to me in exchange. These photos of her are real!”

    There were several photos of Xia Ruya being touched by the taxi driver attached below the caption. She was photographed grabbing the taxi driver’s hand. Due to the blurry image, it seemed as if she had put his hand on her body…

    The taxi driver then claimed that he had a family and that he wouldn’t be unfaithful towards his wife. He even advised Xia Ruya to hold herself with more respect. The last sentence of his caption was: “I didn’t expect that she’d turn the tables and blame me instead!”

    He also posted a few photos that were taken when the police were questioning them.

    Xia Ruya refreshed the page twice to see that there were already hundreds of comments within less than a minute.

    “What the heck? She’s so shameless to the extent of seducing a married and middle-aged man. Well, beggars can’t be choosers!”

    “She probably couldn’t resist her urges after abstaining from sex for a few days in the hospital. Such a slut… come and get intimate with me! Come and do it with me… ”

    “Shameless slut, pretentious bitch!”

    “Dear, please don’t insult pretentious bitches. A shameless whore like her is worse.”

    “Slut, slut, slut… no amount of explanation can justify her actions!”

    Xia Ruya broke out into cold sweat. A maniacal and menacing look formed in her eyes at the instant that she read the comments which were popping on her screen rapidly.

    The driver of the taxi that she was in began keeping his guard up the moment he saw her expression in the rearview mirror.

    Xia Ruya took another deep breath and got a grip on her emotions, before publishing a post on her Weibo page. “I’ll be holding a press conference at the convention hall of the public plaza at three o’clock this afternoon!”

    She had already prepared herself to be surrounded by reporters and the public.

    Xia Ruya’s sudden post caused an uproar amongst netizens on Weibo who began venting their anger and posting much more malicious comments out of exasperation.

    Xia Ruya suddenly felt numb to those comments, for they were always about the same thing. Hence, she logged out of Weibo.

    At this moment, the driver said, “We’ve arrived at the forensic hospital.”

    Xia Ruya looked out of the window and a sudden chilliness filled her heart, causing her to shiver uncontrollably. Feelings of fear and anxiety began manifesting within her.

    “Seriously, are you going to get out of the car or not?” the taxi driver rebuked in annoyance.

    Xia Ruya trembled and paid the far before alighting.

    She stood outside the entrance of the hospital quietly, feeling extremely small compared to the majestic building.

    She was overwhelmed with a biting coldness. She looked down, only to realize that she was wearing nothing except an inner sweater. She had left the smelly sweater that she bought from the janitor inside the taxi.

    The cold air entered through the slits of her sweater. Xia Ruya stood rooted to the ground, unable to move at all. She could not help but lose her earlier determination.

    However, there was no turning back now!

    She took a deep breath and entered the hospital.