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Chapter 447 - No, I Don’t Wanna Go Abroad…

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 447: No, I Don’t Wanna Go Abroad…

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    Ning Shuqian listened to her extremely depressing sobbing—although Ruya had always cried easily since she was young, she had never cried so haggardly and sadly. “Why are you so silly—innocence and reputation is of the same importance to a woman. So what if you prove your own innocence and ruin your reputation yourself—in the future, everyone will look at you through tinted glasses. Those scandals will blow over after a while—when I married your Uncle Wen previously, my scandals were as bad as yours, but am I not doing well now?”

    Xia Ruya only hung her head and sobbed non-stop. She could allow her reputation to be ruined, but wouldn’t tolerate any marks on her innocence. Reputation could always be white-washed by her innocence and future success, but if her innocence was tainted, it could never be recovered.

    For greater success, how could one only care about short-sighted interests—for innocence, she could sacrifice her reputation. From another angle, didn’t it precisely reflect her character and morals?

    Ning Shuqian was indeed living well now. However, up till now, from time to time, someone would dig out her news previously and flash it to the world for everyone to see the glamorous deed of how an ordinary Cinderella squeezed herself into a wealthy family. This mark destined that she would never become the rightful Madam Wen and would never be accepted by the Wen Family.

    And also because she was very clear on this, she would never be able to threaten her status. Thus, once she returned to the Wen Family, she had cozied up to Ning Shuqian and became good friends with Ning Yuya.

    Ning Shuqian heard her crying so sadly and couldn’t help but say, “With things progressing to such a stage, you’re making yourself miserable. You should have discussed it with me beforehand. If you really can’t stand it, why don’t I help you arrange to go abroad—after a year or two, everyone will completely forget about this matter.”

    Xia Ruya’s voice suddenly shot up a pitch. “No, I don’t wanna go abroad…”

    Yes! She would never allow herself to run away—she must get up where she fell, otherwise, she would never have the chance to get up again in her life. Thus, she forced herself to face it, even if it meant sacrificing her reputation.

    Ning Shuqian sighed helplessly. With things progressing to such a stage, all words would be for naught.

    “Aunt Ning, I’ve always followed the rules, conformed to conventions, and have never stepped beyond the line since young. I don’t know what exactly have I done wrong to deserve this suffering.” Xia Ruya’s eyes were red and swollen like walnuts from crying and her tiny face was all messed up. She had lost the look of a pear blossom bathed in water that she had always tried so hard to maintain, leaving behind only extreme haggardness.

    Ning Shuqian suddenly thought of Wen Xinya. If not for her harming Yuya and Ruya at Zhou Tianyu’s birthday party previously, the scandal this time wouldn’t have blown up to this magnitude. “It’s all because of Wen Xinya that little b*tch.”

    Once again, Xia Ruya sobbed hopelessly and said, “How exactly have I done her wrong for her to harm me like this—is it just because I’d once enjoyed the wealth that should have belonged to her? But… I’ve already returned everything to her—Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Wen, Aunt Ning, and Yuya… Why is she still not satisfied?”

    Xia Ruya became completely hysterical, and her sobbing voice had a tinge of hopeless sharpness as if she was completely heartbroken.

    She purposely revealed her hatred towards Wen Xinya because… she felt too handicapped to manipulate Ning Shuqian to tackle Wen Xinya. From now on, in front of Ning Shuqian, she would abandon her disguise and considerations and join forces with Ning Shuqian to tackle Wen Xinya—only by doing so would she be able to truly defeat Wen Xinya.

    Seeing the hatred and sadness in her eyes, Ning Shuqian’s heart ached badly. Suddenly, as if she thought of something, she hurriedly asked, “Is Wen Xinya behind your scandal this time?”

    This child had always been pure and kind. Wen Xinya must have done something that crossed her bottom line for her to harbor such resentment and hatred towards her.

    Xia Ruya’s hands suddenly clenched into fists so tightly that her arms stiffened and trembled. “It was her exactly—she told me personally that day at the conference hall during the press conference.”

    Recalling how Wen Xinya’s purple elegance contrasted her humiliation and haggardness, her gloating expression, scornful look, sarcastic smile, high and mighty poise mocking her and stepping her into the dirty mud, the hatred within her almost spewed out.

    Shocked, Ning Shuqian realized that vibrant beads of blood were flowing from the gaps between her fingers. She hurriedly reached out to pull her fingers. “Quick, let go—your hands are already bleeding.”

    Ning Shuqian pulled Xia Ruya’s fingers one by one from her stiffened body.

    “You’ve already injured your palms so badly and you can’t even feel the pain.” Ning Shuqian saw that the tender flesh on her palms had already been torn by her sharp nails, causing fresh blood to flow non-stop, and could imagine just how much strength she had used.

    Xia Ruya allowed Ning Shuqian to retrieve the first-aid box from the tea table and take care of the wounds on her hands and sobbed with a hoarse voice. “Aunt Ning, do you know why I’m unwilling to go abroad to seek shelter?”

    Being highly intelligent, of course Ning Shuqian knew her thoughts. Her expression darkened as she recalled that since Wen Xinya came back, she had been plagued with trouble and Yuya’s misfortune—Wen Xinya had played a role in every incident. Now, she actually wouldn’t even let Ruya off.

    Xia Ruya continued saying, “Because I can’t back down. Previously, because of Xu Zhenyu, Wen Xinya’s scandals were also all over the place. She didn’t run away and instead took it head-on and defended her own innocence and reputation using legal methods. Now that it has come to me—I’m the original eldest daughter of the Wen Family and everyone will compare me with Wen Xinya—if I were to really hide abroad, I’d never be able to raise my head in front of Wen Xinya. She’d think that I’m afraid of her, and then who knows what else she’d do to me.”

    “Since Wen Xinya returned to the Wen Family, she has been against and always finding fault with you. You have also been tolerant and secretly giving in to her. Yet, she continued to be overbearing towards you and even did such a thing to you. Aunt Ning knows that you feel unjust.” Ning Shuqian cleaned her wounds gently with disinfecting wipes. As the hydrogen peroxide touched her wound, she heard Xia Ruya’s cold wincing sounds, her suddenly hastened breathing, and her slightly trembling hands.”

    Xia Ruya hung her head and started sobbing.

    Ning Shuqian sneered and said, “I say Wen Xinya is obviously a cursed person. Otherwise, why would everyone who sees her become unlucky—we should really get a powerful priest to deal with her.”

    “Aunt Ning…” Xia Ruya suddenly buried herself in her chest, her sobbing voice filled with her dependence on her.

    “Ruya, don’t worry. Aunt Ning will help you tackle Wen Xinya together and avenge your humiliation today.” Ning Shuqian gently patted her back and consoled her.

    “Thank you, Aunt Ning!” Xia Ruya sobbed agitatedly. This was the effect that she wanted.