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Chapter 449 - Xia Ruya’s Fightback (Part 1)

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 449: Xia Ruya’s Fightback (Part 1)

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    At night, Zhou Tianyu asked her out for dinner. Considering that she was always the latecomer whenever she ate with them, Wen Xinya got Si Yiyan to send her to the Ninth-Heaven way ahead of time.

    Arriving at the reserved room, Zhou Tianyu and the rest were indeed not there yet. Wen Xinya ordered the food based on their preferences, as well as some of the Ninth-Heaven’s new dishes. Not long after, Zhou Tianyu and the rest came over.

    Upon seeing Wen Xinya, Zhou Tianyu couldn’t help but laugh. “Wow wow wow. We’re really honored today to actually let the great Miss Wen wait for us.”

    Gu Junling hurriedly chimed in and said, “It’s really a feat to let the great Miss Wen wait for us!”

    Ling Qingxuan couldn’t help but kick him and said, “Can you guys not target Xinya for once! Xinya is quite punctual okay.”

    Han Mofeng nodded and said, “We’re the ones who aren’t punctual, always swarming here before the prearranged time.”

    Wen Xinya couldn’t help but start laughing. “Have you guys heard that? You’re not allowed to target me in the future, otherwise, I’ll resist.”

    Everyone couldn’t help but laugh.

    Zhou Tianyu sat down beside Wen Xinya, whipped out her phone, swiped to a post on social media, and showed it to her. “Xinya, quick, look at this. I only just saw it when I was browsing social media on the way here.”

    Wen Xinya leaned in for a look. It was a photo of a girl helping a roughly eighty-odd-years-old granny up after she fell down on the ground.

    The photo was slightly blurry, but as it was taken from a close angle, the people in it could clearly be seen.

    In the photo, she wore a white jacket, was very low-key in her dressing, her face looked pathetic and pale, her moist, huge eyes became empty and dead, her tender lips were dry and flaky, her small, oval face became even thinner, and her skinny and weak frame seemed even slimmer than before, as if wind could blow her away.

    The person who had uploaded the photo claimed to be the boss of a supermarket who, seeing that this girl was kind, took this photo and posted it online.

    Once this photo was on the web, it had been shared by many people and swept across the web. After all, this was Xia Ruya’s first revelation since her exposure of her virginity report.

    It generated lots of discussions on the social media and the internet.

    “Everyone, please be kind and let this young lady off! She’s really pitiful. What else did she do exactly to make all of you make her life so difficult?”

    “Agree to the above. What wrong did she do exactly to make everyone do this to her?”

    “Agree to the above. It’s merely just exposing a hymen—don’t women’s hymens all look similar? A search on the internet will fetch you many photos of virgins’ hymens. What’s the big deal—if you’re so great, go tear this hymen. Shame on you all for making life difficult for a woman like this!”

    “Exactly. Here’s warning the media to not be too much—reporting her scandal previously, causing her to prove her innocence, never once apologizing, and even being overbearing. Has the media now become so devoid of morals?”

    “The media nowadays is becoming increasingly outrageous. Previously, the eldest daughter of the Wen Family’s scandal was also all the rage. Now, it’s Xia Ruya. I’m really worried about the media now—not sure how many other underage girls will suffer such criticizing persecution.”

    “I’d like to warn everyone to exercise some restraint in your words! Evil speeches will send you down to the hell of tongue extraction. I feel that this lady is quite good. The fact that she sacrificed her reputation to prove her innocence shows that she’s firm and unyielding. She’s also very kind to help a granny who fell—otherwise, why would she be recognized?”

    Seeing the circumstances online, Wen Xinya’s lips vaguely emitted a sneering glow. Xia Ruya had hidden so well that the reporters all couldn’t find her, how could a photo of her get snapped so easily—a photo of her doing a kind act, no less.

    “This is definitely a show put up by Xia Ruya. Her act merely strikes the metal while it’s hot—going with the flow of everyone’s discussions in her favor recently and thoroughly pulling everyone’s hearts to her side.”

    Zhou Tianyu sneered and said, “Firstly, she used her frail and haggard image to show her weakness and appeal for sympathy. Then, she used the fact that she’s underage to garner pity. Finally, she used her kindness to refresh her image. This seemingly inconspicuous photo actually contains such scheming thoughts—Xia Ruya is indeed brilliant.”

    Previously, upon the exposure of Xia Ruya’s news, she had still gloatingly called Xinya and discussed this incident with her. Based on their conclusion, Xia Ruya was really done for this time.

    Unexpectedly, Xia Ruya actually engaged the method of damaging her own reputation, cutting the ground beneath her own feet ruthlessly, totally not giving herself any way out. From that time, she had felt uneasy and vaguely guessed her intentions. However, with the increasingly wild reporting of the media, society’s discussions gradually tilted in her favor. Then, she had already understood that Xia Ruya had thoroughly made use of human nature.

    Gu Junling frowned slightly as he browsed the posts on the internet. “Now, there’s already many people standing up for her online. This woman’s methods are indeed too brilliant—forcing herself to a dead end, then, as a victim, appealing to everyone’s sympathy towards her, making use of those people’s sympathy to deal with the media. The main audience of the media is the masses. If the masses resist their reports, the media will naturally surrender and not dare to report news related to Xia Ruya.”

    “Such a method—to kill with a borrowed sword—is many times more brilliant than yours, Xinya, when you used legal weapons to defend your own reputation previously.” Han Mofeng didn’t look too good. Xu-er had called him a couple of times to watch over the matters concerning Xia Ruya. Previously, although he felt that Xia Ruya was scheming and somewhat evil, he didn’t expect her to actually have such brilliant methods.

    Ling Qingxuan also said, “Previously, Xinya’s hard approach had offended a number of media bodies. Until now, some media bodies are still reporting adverse news regarding you. And Xia Ruya actually made use of human nature flawlessly. It’s hard to believe that such a scheming girl is actually only fifteen-years-old.”

    Wen Xinya sighed slightly and said, “Yes, it’s really unbelievable.”

    Only at this moment did she know that it was justified that she had died in Xia Ruya’s hands in her previous lifetime. With her rebirth, her total age in her two lifetimes already added to twenty-six-years-old. Yet, comparing methods and schemes, she was totally not as mature as Xia Ruya.

    Worried, Zhou Tianyu said, “Xinya, a person who can be ruthless to herself is usually even more ruthless towards others. You’ll have to be extra careful in the future not to be in Xia Ruya’s way.”

    Gu Junling also said, “Tianyu is right. She can be ruthless to herself because she’s confident of getting back everything that she has suffered one day. Xia Ruya this woman is too eerie, you’ll have to deal with her really cautiously.”

    Han Mofeng sneered and said, “We’ll have our ways to deal with whatever she throws at us—no need to be scared of her. Just ask if you need anything, except to kill or set arson.”

    Ling Qingxuan also hurriedly added, “Han Mofeng is right. Just ask if you need anything.”

    Wen Xinya was deeply appreciative. “Thank you, guys.”