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Chapter 450 - Xia Ruya’s Fightback (Part 2)

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 450: Xia Ruya’s Fightback (Part 2)

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    As Xia Ruya had exposed herself while helping a granny up after she fell down when she went to the supermarket to buy things, her hiding place was very quickly located by the reporters. Following which the reports surrounded the villa that she was hiding in.

    She hurriedly called Ning Shuqian.

    At this point, Xia Ruya was holding a baseball bat, hiding in a closet in the room, trembling, her pale little face filled with fearful emotions, her pitch-black eyes glowing with panic, and her shaking hand almost couldn’t hold the baseball bat.

    Suddenly, a scuffling noise came from the windows, followed by the sound of chafing metal. Xia Ruya looked weak from fear as she instinctively curled herself up a little tighter.

    “Ring ring ring ring—”

    Just then, a hurried knocking sound came from outside. She bit down on her lips tightly. Hiding in the claustrophobic space, her body was extremely stiff, her trembling body not daring to move the least bit.

    “Ring ring ring ring—”

    The doorbell started ringing relentlessly. The sharp, piercing sound made Xia Ruya’s heart jump with fright. Then, she covered her ears tightly with her hands, hoping to fend off the piercing bell from outside.

    Although everything went according to her plan and was within her predictions, when really facing it, she still felt that it was unbearable. Every time she thought about her most personal and secretive place as if she had spread her legs, took a magnifying glass, allowing everyone to view and explore, she would feel a sense of haggard humiliation, to the point of feeling dirty. Now that she still had to face so many media reporters, it was like she was stripped naked and had her last fig leaf removed. This feeling was like rubbing salt onto an already rotting wound—heart-piercingly painful, painful to the bones, heart-wrenching, and soul-shattering.

    A piercing sound of a melodic bell instantly shook her awake from her hazy emotions. She tightened her grip on the phone in her hands in fear before realizing, after a while, that the melodic bell sound came from her phone.

    Xia Ruya suddenly heaved a sigh of relief, her stiffened body instantly softening like a relaxed string. She hurriedly looked down, checked her phone, and only realized then that the person who called her was actually Ning Shuqian.

    Ning Shuqian actually came over so quickly.

    Xia Ruya hurriedly picked up the phone. Ning Shuqian’s voice came through. “Ruya, I’m already here. Quick, open the door for me!”

    Xia Ruya said anxiously, “Aunt Ning, are there still many reporters camping outside? Would opening the door just like this be…”

    She knew the reporters’ insanity more than anyone else. She wasn’t afraid of being surrounded by the reporters but was unsure of what horrible things some emotionally unstable reporters could do to her.

    Ning Shuqian understood what she meant and said hurriedly, “Many reporters are still camping outside. Just now, I was surrounded by reporters once I arrived. Luckily, I’ve previously engaged a few strong bodyguards. Those pen-holding reporters are all frail, so it’s still rather safe.”

    Xia Ruya couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. Ning Shuqian’s scheming methods were indeed extraordinary.

    After hanging up, Xia Ruya hurriedly came out of the closet that she was hiding in. Just then, a loud thud came from the windows outside, and then the windows were actually forced open from the outside.

    “Ah—” Xia Ruya let out a shrill, dropping the baseball bat in her hand suddenly, giving off a crisp “clang” as it landed on the ground. Then, she ran out of the room like a madwoman.

    Xia Ruya ran to the living room and saw a gray shadow on the thin glass windows of the living room—a reporter had actually climbed on the windowsill.

    With a slight tremble of her lips, she hurriedly ran to the door, released the safety lock, and opened the door with just enough space for one person to enter.

    Ning Shuqian squeezed through the door. “Ruya, quick, pack your things and leave with me. You can’t stay here anymore. Just now, I saw many reporters camping outside. There were even reporters climbing up the water pipes to the windowsill, planning to break in through the windows.”

    Xia Ruya said, “I have nothing to pack. Let’s leave immediately.”

    Ning Shuqian nodded, took her hand, and went out the door.

    Once they were out of the door, a group of reporters rushed up like bees. Flashlights blinked repeatedly, shutter sounds rang continuously, and the noise of the clamor was deafening.

    “Hurry, hurry, Xia Ruya is out, out…”

    Seeing the circumstance, a couple of bodyguards surrounded them from the front and back with electric batons in their hands and paved a road for them to leave with a strong stance.

    The reporters daren’t go head-on with the bodyguards, knowing that they could only count themselves unlucky if they were to be injured under this circumstance. However, their perseverance for news made them relentless as they gushed forward one after another.

    “Miss Xia, can you share your thoughts regarding your exposure of the virginity test report?”

    “Miss Xia, in order to prove your innocence, you’ve exposed your virginity report to the media and society. Such an earth-shattering act is indeed unheard of, the first of its kind, and almost astonished the whole country and the world. Aren’t you afraid of everyone’s tainted gazes regarding such an action?”

    “Miss Xia, you’ve asked for a press conference and exposed your virginity test report in public. Such an act unquestionably ruined your own reputation to prove your innocence—is this really worth it?”

    The reporters’ questions were increasingly sharp, harsh, and humiliating. Sandwiched by the bodyguards, as Xia Ruya listened to these questions, she felt like she was being drowned by feelings of going crazy from humiliation, haggardness, and ugliness.

    She wished that she could rush up and snatch away the cameras, microphones, and recording pens from their hands…

    She suddenly stopped in her stride. “I’d only exposed my own virginity test report to prevent people from their malicious speculations, spreading untrue news, and damaging my reputation. Compared to letting others taint my innocence and reputation, I’d rather stand forward and speak up for myself. I hope that everyone will save me my last bit of dignity and stop harassing me about this matter.”

    Xia Ruya spoke with a sobbing voice. A pair of eyes swollen to the size of walnuts could be seen on her pale and frail little face. The clear trails of tears on her face were like rivers with never-ending sadness filled with boundless sorrow. Her dried-up lips were like those of a thirsty fish, parting weakly, spewing what seemed like foam that could possibly create a lifeline for herself. Her skinny body was like that of a flower blossoming in the cold of winter—shaking and trembling, as if not able to withstand any storms.

    Ning Shuqian shielded Xia Ruya as she shot a look towards the reporters surrounding them. “Ruya is just an underage girl who has never done anything wrong. Why do you all have to be so overbearing?”

    Xia Ruya and Ning Shuqian’s words totally didn’t appeal to the reporters’ emotions the least bit. Ning Shuqian had no choice but to bring Xia Ruya, escorted by bodyguards, and fled haggardly.