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Chapter 451 - Xia Ruya’s Fightback (Part 3)

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 451: Xia Ruya’s Fightback (Part 3)

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    The determined and stubborn words that Xia Ruya said to the reporters while sobbing were very quickly reported by the media. Attached was a photo of Xia Ruya at that moment that clearly captured Xia Ruya’s fragile and haggard looks.

    Her determination while showing her weakness, coupled with the image of her helping a granny up previously, caused this piece of news to result in an uproar. The upper-class society had too much rotten news, and the reporters held onto the headlines—underage.

    However, with it came hot discussions on the internet. Everyone criticized the media, focusing on the words that Ning Shuqian said to the reporters, feeling that the media had crossed the line.

    Drilling to the roots of the issue, Xia Ruya had indeed done nothing wrong. What were the harassing, unrelenting, and overbearing acts of the media for?

    Linking to the scandal of Wen Xinya previously—these two incidents were all scandals reporting on underage teenagers, causing severe influence on society and disgust of the masses at the same time.

    Although the masses were very interested in the lives of those in the upper-class society and wealthy families, such scandals had caused negative impact. Many parents were even worried that such styles of the media would cause adverse impact on society and cause all sorts of influence on some underage teenage girls and boys.

    Finally, this incident triggered the aversion of many notable people in society. In fact, it had implicated the harsh criticism of a few senior officials. From then, it gradually disappeared without a trace.

    Xia Ruya’s method of killing with a borrowed knife was employed extremely brilliantly.

    Without tainting her hands with blood, she had suppressed an earth-shattering major incident that had astonished the whole country and the world.

    Such scheming was unquestionably clever.

    More cleverly, after the media storm had calmed down, many experts took the opportunity to examine this matter on the pretext of questioning the present society’s education of its teenagers. Basically, the discussions leaned towards Xia Ruya’s side. Such a topic had indeed attracted the reaction and attention of the masses, especially the families with children.

    Wen Xinya said with a sigh, “I’d initially thought that this matter had already been concluded when Xia Ruya exposed her virginity report. Unexpectedly, Xia Ruya has actually plotted a fightback.”

    Xia Ruya’s astonishing schemes and methods were always out of your expectations and beyond anyone’s conjecture.

    Si Yiyan said plainly, “Naturally, only by plotting a fightback like this can she more vastly receive the attention of the notable people in all fields, making it easier for her to show her face in the big circle of society. Of course… she can also make use of such notable people to suppress the continuation of the media reporting on this incident, minimizing this incident’s after-effects on herself.”

    Xinya and Xia Ruya’s ways of handling things were clearly different. Xinya liked to clearly identify the root of the problem, act decisively, and destroy the source in a domineering and effective manner so as to exterminate the effects of a matter.

    And Xia Ruya was better at making use of human nature, plotting against anyone silently so as to eliminate the effects of a matter, all the while looking like an innocent victim.

    The two of them had intrinsically different styles of handling things and were on par with each other. However, when it came to temperament, Xia Ruya was on the losing end. These underhanded means indeed caught people by surprise, but they were also prone to backfiring.

    Wen Xinya took in a deep breath and calmed the torrents of emotions within her. “The current citizens of Country Z hold the words of those experts in high regard. So many experts have examined the matter concerning Xia Ruya and leaned in her favor. I guess most of the masses will be affected by the words of those so-called experts and abandon their biases and negative thoughts towards Xia Ruya.”

    Si Yiyan nodded. “To make use of the experts’ discussions to clear her name—although it can’t totally exterminate this incident’s effects on Xia Ruya, after some time, coupled with society’s views, it’s just a matter of time for Xia Ruya to clear her name.”

    Wen Xinya sighed and said, “Xia Ruya seems to always plan so carefully with every conceivable possibility taken into account. From the start to the end of every incident, controlling every situation and every step within her grasp, and leading everyone by their noses. Such profound scheming of every step—if I were not enemies with Xia Ruya, I’d definitely admire her!”

    She meant what she said.

    “The effects of Xia Ruya’s exposure of her virginity test report were too profound and attracted the attention of society. Many experts wished to use this opportunity to show their faces and gain status in society, while Xia Ruya wanted to make use of the experts to exterminate the after-effects of this incident—such win-win collaboration can easily secretly take place without the knowledge of the masses.” Si Yiyan’s eyes looked cool and distant, his pair of gorgeous brows seemed to be tainted with blurry haze, making it hard to tell his current emotions.

    There were countless experts in the world. The masses couldn’t have known all of them—in their eyes, experts that could appear on television must be rather reputable. This method of Xia Ruya was too brilliant.

    Wen Xinya suddenly reacted. Oh yes… those experts who were truly knowledgeable actually rarely appeared on television shows, and almost didn’t appear in such a collective manner. Just like what Si Yiyan said, it was very probable that Xia Ruya was controlling these matters.

    She frowned slightly and looked at Si Yiyan.

    Si Yiyan hung his head and said, “I’ve checked the information of these experts.”

    Without further explanation from Si Yiyan, Wen Xinya understood his meaning. “I think we’re not the only ones interested in the information of these experts—the reporters who were hit badly by Xia Ruya’s incident would probably be even more interested. Xia Ruya has always been cautious, although it’s a win-win collaboration, I’m afraid it’s still difficult to make an issue of those experts—otherwise, the media would have reported it long ago.”

    “It’s a good guess. However… if we employ some methods, it may be possible to open up Xia Ruya’s mouth. It’s just that…”

    “Just that recently, there were many negative news regarding Xia Ruya and many people suspect that there’s someone who’s purposely framing Xia Ruya. If the experts’ issue were to be exposed now, it’ll instead give Xia Ruya an opportunity to fight back—she can always proclaim innocence, confirming that someone is trying to frame her, and continue using the chance to direct the blame at me. After all… in order to prove her innocence, she has damaged her own reputation by actually exposing her virginity test report. Such resolution is instead more convincing.”

    Si Yiyan nodded. “You’re right.”

    Wen Xinya watched the television in front of her. It was showing a rather reputable education channel. An expert was solemnly analyzing Xia Ruya’s incident, using the opportunity to extend the discussion to the problem of educating teenagers. Although in Wen Xinya’s ears, those words were filled with self-righteousness, she had to admit that he spoke well and was convincing.

    Her gaze suddenly turned sharp and harsh. “Right now, Xia Ruya is holding a knife by her chest. If someone wishes to attack her, she will stop at nothing to stab the knife into that person’s body—such desperation and fearlessness is the scariest. Thus… it’s not wise for me to tackle her at this point.”

    She didn’t feel that it was a pity as she had all along known that the scandal could only deal a huge blow to Xia Ruya and that it wasn’t the best time to tackle her. There was only one way to deal with Xia Ruya—eliminate all of her ambitions, destroy her will, and defeat this person—otherwise, she would always rise from the ashes.

    Si Yiyan pulled her in and said to her in a low voice, “You’ve already achieved your goal of dealing a huge blow to Xia Ruya using the scandal. Xia Ruya’s acting has nothing to do with you. At least… after this incident, Xia Ruya won’t dare to tackle you for a long period of time.”

    In the future, it would depend on whose methods were more brilliant.

    Wen Xinya nodded. “You’re right!”