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Chapter 452 - Why Did Xia Ruya Show up at the Wen Family Home?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 452: Why Did Xia Ruya Show up at the Wen Family Home?

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    Wen Xinya returned to the Wen Family home to see that there were a few reporters from smaller media companies crowding around the door and looking around stealthily. She frowned and thought to herself,

    Wen Xinya could not help but take a few more glances at them before returning inside.

    As soon she reached the door, she heard the sounds of Xia Ruya sobbing aggrievedly while Old Mrs. Wen comforted her.

    She thought.

    Although the news about Xia Ruya had already died down, there were still some reporters who continued reporting about her. However, no one really cared.

    An ominous feeling filled Wen Xinya’s heart and her right eyelid kept twitching.

    Wen Xinya rubbed her twitching eyelid and listened to the conversation.

    “Grandpa, Grandma, I’ve let you two down despite all the guidance you’ve given me all these years. I’ve brought you shame because of my scandal,” Xia Ruya said in an incredibly hoarse voice, making her sound extremely vulnerable and pitiful.

    Old Mrs. Wen held her hand and comforted her. “Silly child, why are you saying these? I know clearly what kind of person you are. We’ve lived together for more than a decade. I’m sure that someone had framed you and caused you to be in such a plight. You’re not to be blamed at all. Besides, you’ve even done that to prove your innocence… ”

    Old Mrs. Wen could not bring herself to spell out what Xia Ruya had done to clear her name. Although the matter had already blown over, she could not help but take pity on her at the thought of her ruined reputation.

    When she accompanied Ning Shuqian to the hospital for ovulation jabs previously, she accidentally overheard Ning Shuqian speaking to Xia Ruya over the phone in the washroom. It seemed that Wen Xinya was the culprit behind it all.

    At the thought of it, she gritted her silver dentures in anger.

    Old Mr. Wen sighed and said, “The media has always enjoyed making mountains out of molehills and blowing things up. Everyone in the circle has fallen victim to their attacks before. You don’t have to let these bother you. Everything will be fine after a while. Why did you…”

    Although outsiders felt that Xia Ruya’s actions and determination to prove her innocence were rather commendable, Old Mr. Wen, who had lived with her for twelve years, found her actions to be unacceptable.

    Xia Ruya clenched her jaw and said, “I remember the lines from the first poem that Grandpa taught me when I was five. It was about clearing one’s name and fighting for one’s innocence regardless of what it takes. I’ve been keeping that in mind because Grandpa was the one who taught me that poem. I dare not forget it at all.”

    Old Mr. Wen pressed his lips together, no longer able to say what he wanted to. He was surprised to hear that she remembered such a trivial matter which he, too, had forgotten long ago.

    At this moment, he looked at Xia Ruya with a complicated mix of emotions.

    Despite the fact that she was not his biological granddaughter, he did treat her like his own. It was something that he could not deny.

    The feelings he had nurtured for her for twelve years could not be falsified at all.

    Wen Xinya could not help but feel threatened. She walked into the living room slowly to see that Xia Ruya was wiping her tears away with her head hung low. Meanwhile, Old Mrs. Wen was patting her back. Even Old Mr. Wen, who had his doubts about Xia Ruya, was looking at her sympathetically.

    After a long while, Old Mr. Wen finally noticed Wen Xinya. “Xinya, you’re home.”

    Wen Xinya nodded and sat down beside him on the couch. “Grandpa, it’s time for you to take your medicine. I brought them to you.”

    Although Old Mr. Wen was in a better state of health, the doctor had prescribed him with some medicine that would nourish his blood. He had to take them daily at regular timings.

    Old Mr. Wen waved his hands and refuted. “It’s alright, Ruya has already fed them to me just now.”

    Slightly taken aback, Wen Xinya immediately glanced at Xia Ruya, who was rubbing her tears away gently.

    “Grandpa doesn’t like taking medicine, I used to…” Xia Ruya paused in her speech and continued forlornly, “I had gotten used to feeding Grandpa his medicine and I’m well aware of his medication timings, as well as his preferred water temperature. I also know what snacks he likes, so… I didn’t give it much thought and just fed Grandpa with the medicine that was sitting on the table.”

    Xia Ruya looked up, her tears flowing freely from her eyes, making them look extremely pretty and bright. Her eyes seemed to be glistening from the tears which concealed her true emotions. Hence, she managed to keep them hidden. The tinge of awkwardness in her tone made her sound uncomfortable.

    Her gentle tone invoked a sense of nostalgia within them.

    Upon sight of Xia Ruya’s expression, Old Mr. Wen instinctively recalled the past where Xia Ruya would rush to serve him and feed him his medicine whenever his ailments acted up. She would only be relieved after watching him finish his medicine.

    Old Mrs. Wen patted her hand and said, “You’re a filial child.”

    Wen Xinya began to feel a sense of danger. She almost forgot that Xia Ruya had lived with them for twelve years and was much closer to them than she was, even though she was the rightful Miss Wen, not Xia Ruya. It wouldn’t be easy to just sever ties with Xia Ruya.

    In her previous lifetime, the Wen Family had given up on her, their only heir, all because of the feelings they had for Xia Ruya.

    Although Old Mr. Wen had already begun suspecting Xia Ruya and keeping his guard up around her, Old Mrs. Wen still doted on her greatly. Hence, he’d definitely take Old Mrs. Wen’s feelings into consideration. Being extremely close and chummy with Xia Ruya, Old Mrs. Wen would definitely bring up the past and the memories that they had with Xia Ruya.

    As a result, she’d lose her place in the family, despite being the rightful heiress.

    It wouldn’t be impossible for Xia Ruya to win Old Mr. Wen’s sympathy again by continuing to play the victim in the scandal.

    Besides, the Wen Family wouldn’t leave their adoptive daughter whom they had raised for twelve years in the lurch during a difficult period!

    Otherwise, it’d be a rather immoral thing to do, and would greatly affect the Wen Family’s reputation. They’d be branded as a cold and heartless family. Wen Xinya was certain that Old Mr. Wen would weigh the pros and cons.

    What a smart move from Xia Ruya.