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Chapter 453 - Wen Xinya’s Menacing Retaliation

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 453: Wen Xinya’s Menacing Retaliation

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    Wen Xinya asked Old Mr. Wen, “Have you had the blood-nourishing tonic soup that Mrs. Wang made for you? You must take them consistently in order to achieve the best results.”

    She had to distract Old Mr. Wen’s attention away from Xia Ruya.

    Old Mr. Wen gazed at Wen Xinya tenderly. It was as if he was a recalcitrant child whom Wen Xinya had to supervise at all times to make sure he took his medicine.

    “Ruya said that she had consulted experts who specialize in both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and she was told that it’s better not to mix Western medicine with Traditional Chinese medicine. Otherwise, the effects are going to be detrimental. Wen Xinya, you’re so concerned about your Grandpa’s health. Just what are your intentions?” asked Old Mrs. Wen.

    Wen Haowen told her previously that Old Mr. Wen had consulted Lawyer Luo and altered his will the day after he was hospitalized. He also informed her that the new terms of the will might be disadvantageous to him and the most advantageous to Wen Xinya.

    Greatly despising Wen Xinya who had led a wandering life for fifteen years, Wen Haowen knew that she was not close to the Wen Family and hence, warned his mother to be wary of her and stop her from getting too close to Old Mr. Wen.

    Wen Xinya glanced at Xia Ruya.

    Appearing a little awkward, Xia Ruya lowered her head and said, “Xinya, don’t be mistaken. I don’t mean anything else. I was just worried about Grandpa’s health. I don’t mean to go against you.”

    Wen Xinya glared daggers at her before saying to Old Mrs. Wen, “Grandma, you probably don’t know that the recipes I’ve been brewing for Grandpa were all handwritten by Du Shinan, the most renowned physician in the Traditional Chinese Medicine industry. The tonic soups have to be combined with the medicine that Grandpa is taking now in order to achieve excellent results.”

    She was simply exaggerating things because the recipes were written by Du Ruo and not Old. Mr. Du, though he had overseen them. Old Mr. Du made some amendments to the recipes to cater to the needs of Old Mr. Wen’s health.

    Wen Xinya had already made plans to guard against Wen Haowen, who would definitely stop Old Mr. Wen from taking the medicine.

    Old Mrs. Wen did not believe Wen Xinya’s words at all. She rebuked with a sullen expression, “Why should I believe you!?!”

    Wen Xinya stared at Old Mrs. Wen, who looked just like Wen Haowen. “Grandma, what do you mean? Why would I harm Grandpa? He’s my grandfather, why would I harm him? I can take it, regardless of how much you try to make my life difficult, but I can’t stand it when you doubt my filial piety.”

    Xia Ruya’s heart dropped. She dared not look Wen Xinya in the eye at all. How could Old Mrs. Wen possibly take how haughty Wen Xinya was?

    Just like what Xia Ruya had expected, Wen Xinya’s words had angered Old Mrs. Wen. “What do you mean ‘make your life difficult’? Since when have I ever done that? Don’t you dare think that you can accuse me just because your grandfather has your back. I’m telling you, I’m your grandmother. You’ve led a wandering life for fifteen years and you have lots of bad habits. I only decided to give you some guidance because you’re a member of the Wen Family. Yet, you still accuse me of making things hard for you. Wen Xinya, do you really think I don’t know what your intentions are? Now that you’re the only successor, you’re hoping that your grandfather and I will die sooner so that you can inherit everything that belongs to our family.”

    Xia Ruya felt as if she was being suffocated and incapable of speech.

    Wen Xinya hung her head low and stared at her hands which she rested on her lap. She clenched her fists tightly, causing her veins to bulge from the back of her hand.

    Old Mr. Wen glowered at Old Mrs. Wen angrily. He then grabbed his walking stick which was made out of mahogany and knocked it against the coffee table with a loud and terrifying thud. He chastised. “You’re getting out of hand. I’ve been turning a blind eye to all the nasty things you say and do to Xinya. Yet, you actually have the cheek to say something like that. It’s little wonder that Haowen is your son. If you can’t stand the sight of Xinya, just move in with your son and live a loving life with him. Stop stirring trouble. I’m not blind or senile yet. I can make my own judgments, you don’t have to sow discord between me and Xinya.”

    Old Madam Wen rose from her seat in exasperation. “Old man, what do you mean? Are you trying to chase me away? Since when have I stirred trouble? Touch your heart and ask yourself if there’s been a day of peace ever since Wen Xinya returned to the family.”

    Although Old Mr. Wen knew that he was a little too stern, he could not bring himself to swallow his pride. “You keep blaming Xinya for everything, but just what wrong did she do? Why are you so intolerant towards her?”

    Old Mrs. Wen sneered. “Ruya wouldn’t have been embroiled in such a scandal if it weren’t because of Wen… ”

    Xia Ruya’s heart skipped a beat and she hurriedly grabbed Old Mrs. Wen’s hand. “Grandma, don’t get upset with Grandpa. He just got discharged and needs to recuperate…”

    Old Mrs. Wen suddenly recalled the doctor instructing Old Mr. Wen not to get too agitated after his discharge. Hence, she swallowed her words and teared up.

    Old Mr. Wen felt a little guilty the moment he say how aggrieved she seemed. Old Mrs. Wen had taken care of him meticulously when he was hospitalized and had even skipped her usual mahjong sessions.

    Wen Xinya glared at Xia Ruya coldly and said, “Miss Xia, I don’t know which doctor you have consulted, but could you refer me to him? I’d like to ask him if Grandpa’s tonic soups are going to clash with the Western medicine that he’s taking.”

    She had the confidence to ask that question because she knew all the renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners in the industry.

    Xia Ruya’s heart pounded rapidly and she finally realized what Wen Xinya was planning to do. Xia Ruya had intentionally mentioned about the clashing of medication in a bid to make Old Mrs. Wen chide Wen Xinya and indirectly cause Old Mr. Wen and Old Mrs. Wen to have a tiff.

    Now that Wen Xinya had mentioned about questioning the doctor, she had managed to direct Old Mr. Wen’s attention to the root cause of the argument. Since Old Mr. Wen had been doubtful of Xia Ruya, he’d definitely think that she was sowing discord. After all, it was a well-known fact that she was close to Old Mrs. Wen.

    She hung her head low and clenched her fists. She had gone through painstaking means to gain the sympathy of Old Mr. and Mrs. Wen while Wen Xinya was not around. Yet, Wen Xinya had foiled her plan once again.