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Chapter 457 - The Battle Between Rationality and Emotion

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 457: The Battle Between Rationality and Emotion

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    The prideful Chu Jingnan would probably leave her alone from now on, especially since she had already made things so clear. However, Wen Xinya could not help but feel disgusted at the thought of having to live under the same roof as Xia Ruya.

    “Xia Ruya has only moved in with the Wen Family for a short stay and you’re already feeling threatened?” Si Yiyan asked, gazing at her. Noticing the sullen look on her face, he knew that she was feeling troubled and ill at ease.

    Wen Xinya frowned slightly and said, “Xia Ruya is not an ordinary person, and she knows how to grasp every glimmer of hope and chance she gets. She’s a despicable person who’d resort to every means to achieve her goal. Now that she’s planning to return to the Wen Family, I must be on my guard at all times. Otherwise, she’d succeed in her scheme.”

    Ever since Xia Ruya released the report of her virginity test, Wen Xinya began becoming more and more wary about her. She dared not let her guard down at all.

    Si Yiyan’s said in a clear and crisp voice, “You may be cautious about Xia Ruya, but you’re not as wary of her as you are towards the Wen Family.”

    Although he knew that Wen Xinya was a confident and prideful person, he could see the apprehension and uncertainty in her eyes. She was the rightful heiress of the Wen Family and yet, she could not be dauntless and was still rather worried about the Wen Family. Could it be that they had hurt her too much?

    Wen Xinya looked up at Si Yiyan, her beautiful and sparkling eyes turning dark like pools of ink. She often bared her innermost thoughts and feelings in front of him and he could always seem to read her mind effortlessly.

    “Xia Ruya had lived with my grandparents for twelve years, I can’t replace her place in their hearts despite the fact that I’m their biological granddaughter. Although she’s only staying for a few days, she’d definitely seize every opportunity to spend more time with them. The little things in life are the elements that would invoke nostalgia within them. Not to mention, she has my grandma as her ally. It’s a piece of cake for her to achieve her goals.”

    She had lost to Xia Ruya in her previous lifetime, simply because the latter was closer to Old Mr. and Mrs. Wen.

    Although that was a major problem, it was not the root of all the other issues. Si Yiyan looked at Wen Xinya who seemed to have transmigrated back to her previous lifetime. However, all her emotions of anxiety and worry vanished without a trace the moment he held her gaze.

    “So what if she had lived with them for twelve years? You’re the biological descendant of the Wen Family. That’s a fact that can’t be changed even though you had led a wandering life for fifteen years. Why are you so worried about how the Wen Family will feel about Xia Ruya?”

    The Wen Family was not going to be so silly as to hand over their family business to an outsider instead of Wen Xinya, their flesh and blood. Just what was she worried about?

    “Si Yiyan, emotion always overrules rationality. Most of the time, emotions will rule one’s head and compel one to make decisions without thinking rationally. It’s a battle between rationality and emotion.”

    Everything that took place in her previous lifetime was still fresh in her memory. She didn’t return to the Wen Family, all resigned and lost for hope. She had tried her best to gain recognition from them too. However, they never gave her a chance. Her past would always be a stain in her life, which she could never erase. In the eyes of the Wen Family, her past was an unforgivable mistake and she would be blamed regardless of what she did. She was forever labeled as a gangster who had led a wandering life for fifteen years.

    After her rebirth, she did everything she could to plot a scheme and get into the good books of her grandfather. If she didn’t suggest a temporary stay at Old Mr. Mo’s house, she wouldn’t have led a better life than she did in her previous lifetime.

    She smirked coldly. Back then, she was probably in a worse state than the previous lifetime.

    Leaving meant that she would have no chance of returning.

    In this lifetime, the greatest advantage was being favored by her maternal grandfather who gave her his guidance and taught her by himself. That was how she managed to impress Old Mr. Wen and get another chance at a comeback.

    Si Yiyan felt like she sounded way more profound and experienced than she should be, despite being only fifteen years old. She sounded rather melancholic and filled with a mix of emotions. He could not help but feel a little nervous. “What are you planning to do now then?”

    Perhaps, the Wen Family had really hurt Xinya a lot because of Xia Ruya.

    Wen Xinya rubbed her head and said, “At this point, what else can I do?”

    There was nothing she could do since Old Mr. Wen had agreed to let Xia Ruya move in with them temporarily. Even though she spoke to Xia Ruya sarcastically and mocked her to show her authority, she only did it for the thrill of it. In reality, there was nothing much she could do about Xia Ruya.

    There was no way she could let go of her pride as the heiress of the Wen Family and stoop so low as to vie with an illegitimate daughter. Moreover, doing so would only give Xia Ruya the chance to frame her further. She had already committed enough of such foolish acts in her previous lifetime and knew better than to do them again in this one. She did not manage to defeat Xia Ruya in her previous lifetime when it came to bootlicking. However, she was not confident that she could defeat her in this lifetime.

    Si Yiyan frowned slightly and said, “Are you really going to sit back and do nothing?”

    A menacing gaze formed in Wen Xinya’s eyes and she smiled slowly with an exquisite beautifulness. “Sit back and do nothing? I, Wen Xinya, am not one to do that. Even though I feel threatened about Xia Ruya staying over at the Wen Family for a short period of time, I still have to act like the heiress of the Wen Family, which I am, and show Grandpa my stand.”

    She had to make Xia Ruya know her place too.

    Si Yiyan nodded and said, “Although you’re not as close to them as Xia Ruya is, you’re at a greater advantage. You can use your identity as the heiress of the Wen Family to your own benefits and deal with Xia Ruya. All she can do is rely on the close relationship she shares with the Wen Family. As long as you’re outstanding enough, no one can replace you.”

    Wen Xinya agreed with a nod and a sullen expression on her face.