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Chapter 459 - She’s the Incarnate of Your Rival in the Previous Lifetime

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 459: She’s the Incarnate of Your Rival in the Previous Lifetime

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    Ning Shuqian arrived at a well-hidden mansion which was not exactly spacious. There were all sorts of yellow amulets plastered all across the wall, giving the place an eerie vibe. A sudden, chilly breeze blew in her direction and the amulets ruffled loudly. Although it was not her first time there, she could not help but be spooked by the decoration. A sudden chilliness filled her heart.

    Filled with fear, Ning Shuqian followed a robe-clad man into the house and stared at the three stone sculptures of Taoist gods, below which there were three plates of fruits as well as some joss sticks. The smoke coming from the joss sticks were green and reeked of an overwhelming stench that filled the air.

    There were three yellow-colored praying mats placed on the ground beneath the altar. Due to major wear and tear, the praying mats had already become tattered and torn. An elderly man who was in his sixties was sitting on one of the mats. He had a head full of white hear and a full, snowy beard that draped down across his chest. He was slim and gave off the vibe of a deity.

    The house was filled with a smell of incense so overwhelming that it was choke-inducing. The thick, green fumes caused her to tear up. However, the elderly man remained seated on the praying mat with his eyes tightly shut and he seemed to be chanting a prayer.

    Upon sight of him, Ning Shuqian got a great shock, for she did not expect him to be so deity-like. Seems like he’s got the chops!

    Her heart began pounding rapidly and she suddenly felt much more hopeful.

    Regardless of how capable Wen Xinya may be, she’s no match for this powerful medium.

    The medium continued to keep his eyes closed and said in a gentle and calm voice, “Long time no see!”

    His gentle voice managed to calm her down, and she was much more convinced by his abilities. “Master, you told me previously that I’d be meeting with a calamity that involved bloodshed. What you predicted turned out to be true. Hence, I’m here today to seek help from you.”

    The medium answered, “You’ve made the right decision, Madam. When you were here previously, you exuded a sinister aura and I was certain that there had been demons near you. Madam, have you encountered any strange incidents or people lately?”

    “To be honest, someone appeared in my family in recent months, and ever since she did, I’ve been down and out of luck. Nothing goes my way at all. I wonder if she could be the cause of it,” said the jittery Ning Shuqian, who felt that Wen Xinya had brought her bad luck. No matter how she tried to deal with her, she was never able to harm Wen Xinya, who managed to escape unscathed every time. Even the mysterious man had ceased cooperations with her. Wen Xinya must be the demon!

    “She should be the one who caused the change in your life. Madam, do you have her birth characters? I’ll help you read them and see what kind of a demon she is!”

    Ning Shuqian hurriedly read Wen Xinya’s birth characters aloud.

    The medium closed his eyes and rubbed his fingers together.

    Staring at the profound medium, Ning Shuqian’s hopes grew and she was so nervous that she held her breath and stopped breathing. She broke out into cold sweat that drenched her clothing, slowly beginning to find that the smell of joss sticks was not that overbearing.

    The medium paused and opened his eyes all of a sudden. His pupils dilated and he said in shock, “This person is your rival from your previous lifetime, and she’s here to seek revenge from you. Madam, you’re being pestered by a demon. That’s why nothing has been going well for you. If you don’t get rid of her, you’ll never get to live in peace.”

    “Master, what do I do then? How do I get rid of this demon?” Ning Shuqian asked and thought to herself,

    “Don’t get too eager, Madam. I’ll help you read it again,” said the medium, who then started reading the birth characters again while his body jerked violently. All of a sudden, the yellow amulets began to move, the ruffling sounds loud and crisp.

    Ning Shuqian clenched her fists tightly, eager, nervous and shocked to see the bizarre scene taking place in front of her. She pinned all her hopes on the medium.

    The elderly medium then stopped quivering and clutched his chest tightly before vomiting some blood. He then collapsed onto the praying mat. Strangely, the amulets stopped moving too and instead fell onto the ground. They were then set afire by an unknown flame and turned into ash.

    Ning Shuqian let out a shriek of terror and hurriedly placed a hand over her mouth, for fear that she’d affect the ritual.

    The medium seemed to have aged ten years all of a sudden, and it seemed like all his energy had been drained out of him. He said in a weak and feeble voice, “Madam, the demon’s powers are too formidable…”

    It seemed he did not have the energy to continue the rest of his sentence as fresh blood flowed out of his mouth continuously.

    Ning Shuqian recalled the times when she tried every possible means to deal with Wen Xinya. However, the latter managed to escape unscathed every single time. Hence, she could not help but feel flustered, for it seemed like she was indeed highly powerful, just like what the medium said. “Master, what must I do to make you help me? Oh right… I have to offer you some money. Mrs. Li said that I have to…”

    The medium opened his mouth, at a loss for words.

    Ning Shuqian frantically whipped out a wad of checks from her bag and hurriedly scribbled some words onto it. Handing the medium a check of 500,000 yuan, she said, “Master, please just take this check as a token of appreciation from me to the Taoist God. Please help me! I’m very sincere and earnest. I was stabbed by a demon previously and ended up being hospitalized for half a month. Master…”

    The medium grabbed the check with shaky hands and said reassuringly, “Madam, don’t worry. I’m not saying that I won’t help you. Although I’m not that powerful, I can still help you deal with this demon. Did you bring that doll that I had given you previously?”

    Ning Shuqian hurriedly whipped out the doll and said, “Yes, yes, but this doll doesn’t seem to have any effects!”

    The medium answered, “That’s because you didn’t believe in it sincerely. Besides, I haven’t performed a ritual on it yet. Hence, it doesn’t seem to be effective. Madam, you must find a way to get hold of that demon’s hair and clothing. We’ll use them as a medium to deal with that demon.”

    Although Ning Shuqian was a little apprehensive, she was thrilled at the thought of Xia Ruya moving into the Wen Family home today. “Master, rest assured, I’ll find a way to get her hair.”