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Chapter 463 - All the Meticulous Plans Have Gone in Vain

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 463: All the Meticulous Plans Have Gone in Vain

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    Wen Xinya ignored Ning Shuqian, who scrambled out of her room frantically as if there was an intimidating monster chasing her.

    Wen Xinya sneered and thought to herself,

    Wen Xinya packed all her belongings and left the room with her luggage. To her surprise, she ran into Xia Ruya in the backyard. Xia Ruya was sitting below the rose pergola. It was wintertime and the stems of the roses were growing outwards and intertwining themselves around the pergola. It was still pretty and full of life, complementing Xia Ruya’s beauty.

    She had grown visibly thinner, perhaps because of the huge blow that she had suffered from the virginity test report. However, her slender figure was still as beautiful as before.

    “Xinya, where are you going with that luggage?” Xia Ruya asked with widened and watery eyes which seemed to glisten in the light.

    She previously ran into Ning Shuqian, who was disheveled and in the midst of running out of the Wen Family home. However, Ning Shuqian did not respond to any of her calls. Hence, she deduced that Wen Xinya definitely had something to do with her behavior and decided to wait outside for her to appear. To her surprise, Wen Xinya was leaving the Wen Family home with her luggage.

    Wen Xinya stared at her composedly and said, “I’m planning to go stay at my Grampy’s place during the time that you’re here. I’m not interested in living under the same roof as someone whom I detest.”

    Shock was written all over Xia Ruya’s face. She thought to herself,

    Xia Ruya stared at Wen Xinya, who had a calm yet derisive look on her face.

    Xia Ruya was trying to kill two birds with one stone. She thought to herself,

    That was the only way she could return to the Wen Family.

    Xia Ruya clenched her fists tightly, causing her sharp nails to sink into the flesh of her palms. Although she should be glad about Wen Xinya moving to stay with the Mo Family for a short while, she could not help but feel worried. After all, she was the rightful heiress of the Wen Family and Old Mr. Wen would definitely take her feelings into consideration. Now that she was blatantly expressing her displeasure about living under the same roof as Xia Ruya, Old Mr. Wen would definitely think twice before getting too close to her.

    Wen Xinya walked towards her and sneered. “What’s the matter? Are you very shocked? Shouldn’t you be happy about me leaving? Once I leave, you’d be able to resort to your scheming tricks and win Grandma and Grandpa over. You’d be able to achieve your goals without a worry.”

    Shaking her head anxiously, Xia Ruya said, “Xinya, I don’t know what you’re talking about. If I’m not welcome here, I can move out…”

    Wen Xinya answered calmly, “Don’t, don’t! I’m not chasing you out. I don’t have any objections if you don’t mind staying under someone else’s roof. After all… we have lots of guest rooms in the house. You may stay for as long as you like.”

    Xia Ruya stared at Wen Xinya with tears in her eyes. She suddenly realized that she was embarrassing herself by moving in with the Wen Family for a short stay. She initially thought that Wen Xinya would be concerned about her reputation and continue staying with the Wen Family even though she detested her. To Xia Ruya’s surprise, Wen Xinya actually expressed her opinion blatantly.

    Wen Xinya sneered. “No matter how long you’re staying here for and how formidable you may be, it’d be hard for you to achieve your goals. All your efforts would be in vain. If I were you… I’d be smarter and refrain from harboring designs on things I shouldn’t be thinking about.”

    Xia Ruya let go of her fists slowly and her lips curled into a smile, her face as pale as a sheet. She looked just like a tender and pretty flower. “Wen Xinya, you’re just jealous of me! That’s why you’re picking on me and insulting me!”

    “I’m jealous of you?” Wen Xinya scoffed as if she had just heard the greatest joke on earth. She had an alluring yet cool and indifferent smirk on her lips, unlike Xia Ruya.

    “Yes, you’re jealous of me,” Xia Ruya said smilingly, her lips rosy and red. She continued, “Wen Xinya, just admit that you’re jealous of me. You’re jealous that I’ve lived with the Wen Family for twelve years and share a close relationship with them. You’re jealous because you can’t replace me. Neither can you erase the fact that I’m close to them.

    “You’re jealous that I used to enjoy everything that belongs to you, including the kinship with your family members.

    “You’re jealous that I could gain the approval of the Wen Family because you haven’t been able to gain their approval despite all your efforts.

    “You’re jealous of me because you were living a wandering life and making ends meet via underhanded means while I was enjoying a life of luxury. You were subjected to the harshest living conditions.”

    Wen Xinya remained silent, for Xia Ruya was indeed right about some of the things that she had mentioned. In her previous lifetime, she was indeed extremely jealous of Xia Ruya, and her jealousy had compelled her into committing lots of mistakes. At last, she led herself onto a path of no return. However, in this lifetime… she would not commit anything foolish again.

    She remained silent and watched Xia Ruya’s smile widen like a vibrant bunch of flowers. Xia Ruya continued, “So, you’re only moving to the Mo Family for a short stay because you’re afraid of seeing me behaving affectionately with Grandpa and Grandma Wen… You’re just trying to avoid me…”

    A round of applause sounded as soon as Xia Ruya finished speaking. Wen Xinya smirked and said coldly, “Very interesting logic you’ve got. What a shame, none of it makes sense at all. You’re just an illegitimate daughter. What’s there for me to be jealous of? The final outcome isn’t out yet and we still don’t know which one of us has won. But of course… you and Grandpa are close, and I might never be that close to him. However, he’s been feeling guilty towards me because of the fact that I had to fend for myself for fifteen years. My shortcoming is actually also my advantage. Most importantly, Grandpa allowed me to move to the Mo Family temporarily, and he also said… that he’d send me to the Mo Family home personally!”

    Xia Ruya staggered backward like a withering flower. Now that Old Mr. Wen had given his approval, her plans would be foiled.