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Chapter 469 - The Auction on the Cruise Ship

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 469: The Auction on the Cruise Ship

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    Si Yiyan grabbed the wooden comb and used it to help her tidy her hair. He brushed his nimble fingers through her hair and soon tied her hair back into an elegant hairdo.

    He then opened an accessory box on the dressing table which contained a plethora of accessories. There seemed to be about four or five sets. Si Yiyan picked out a piece of bright, emerald jade that was shaped like a flower. It glowed under the light and looked extremely fine and exquisite. The color was particularly bright and clear, and the two stalks of flowers on the accessory were wrapped tightly around the petals.

    He gently placed the jewelry piece behind her head and stuck it into her hair. It complemented her and added to her gracefulness.

    It was extraordinarily beautiful.

    Si Yiyan lowered his head and kissed the strands of hair on her head and picked out a matching pair of earrings for her. The earrings were shaped like flower buds which looked extremely classy and mesmerizing.

    After picking out the accessories, Si Yiyan used an expensive brow brush to help her draw her brows.

    Staring at herself in the mirror, Wen Xinya felt that the makeup she had on now was much more exquisite than usual. Her rosy cheeks were enough to give her a beautiful and radiant glow. Hence, she did not even need to use any blush.

    At about half-past six, Si Yiyan took her to a private harbor near the beach of Nantong, after which they boarded a mini yacht. Half an hour later, they caught sight of a large cruise ship on the surface of the sea which seemed majestic and breathtaking beneath the shining lights. They admired it from afar and it seemed just like a building on sea.

    “Will the auction be held on the sea?” asked Wen Xinya who had never seen such a large and luxurious cruise ship before, despite having lived through two lifetimes. Si Yiyan’s world never failed to surprise her.

    Si Yiyan kissed her sideburn gently and answered softly, “There’ll be lots of prohibited activities taking place during the auction, so it won’t be convenient to hold it on land.”

    Wen Xinya acknowledged with a nod. The nobilities standing on the very top of the pyramid stuck closely to the rules of survival. The more powerful and prestigious they were, the more precious their lives would be. Hence, they would never allow others to have evidence against them, lest they get attacked because of it.

    The yacht pulled over beside an unknown island. Si Yiyan carried her onto the island and stepped over the wooden plank to board the cruise ship. There were two rows of men who were dressed in black, standing by both sides of the cruise.

    The men on the ship had eyes that were sharp like daggers and were standing with their backs as straight as rulers. It was as if nothing could bend them at all. They exuded a formidable aura.

    Wen Xinya could tell at one glance that they were retired military personnel from the special forces. Wen Xinya was initially rather composed and nonchalant. However, she could not help but become a little more solemn after seeing how intimidating they were. “What auction is this? Why is there such a big shot?”

    Si Yiyan explained, “The organizer of this auction is the Xu Family. You should know that Xu Family is in close contact with the Z Nation National Security Department. They’ve already risen to an extraordinary position in the upper-class society.”

    “Turns out it’s the Xu Family. Seems like this won’t be a simple auction,” said a shocked Wen Xinya, though she knew quite a lot about the Xu Family because of her friendship with Xu Tongxuan.

    Si Yiyan nodded and said, “The Xu Family holds the right to develop several regions, and I’m here this time because of Hainan Island which is currently handled by the Xu Family. This group of islands was found three years ago, and the National Security Department has been holding the authority over them. The Xu Family is secretly the spokespeople for the National Security Department.”

    Wen Xinya said in astonishment, “I’ve always thought that the Xu Family was merely in close contact with the National Security Department. However, I never knew that Old Mr. Xu used to be the former Head of the National Security Department. I didn’t expect that the Xu Family are related to the National Security Department in such a way.”

    Si Yiyan answered, “The structure of leadership in the National Security Department is very complex and it involves lots of other nations. I can’t tell you much, but you’ll understand slowly once you start coming into contact with this.”

    Wen Xinya understood that she had yet to reach that level and that it might not be a good thing for her to know too much about it. She asked curiously, “What kind of islands are those? You’re so tempted by them.”

    As humans dove deeper and explored the labyrinths of the oceans, more and more ocean regions and islands were discovered. Most of the islands were dilapidated and of no constructive use.

    Si Yiyan explained with a smile, “There are a total of twenty smaller islands which make up this archipelago. The largest one is only slightly smaller than Harbor City. It has a fertile land that is suitable for the agriculture of yellow rosewood as well as other precious woods. What’s special is that there’s an underwater ancient city that is perfectly preserved and spectacular.”

    Wen Xinya took a deep breath. Due to urbanization and the advancement of technology, the air had become heavily polluted and unsuitable for the growth of lots of rare wood. Hence, woods like rosewood and ebony wood had become extremely rare. Aged and high-quality ones had almost become non-existent.

    However, whenever these woods became available on the market, tycoons from all over the world would vie with each other for a piece of the precious woods which were worth more than 100 million apiece. Yellow rosewood was the most expensive, for they took a long period of time to grow. Wen Xinya knew that optimal conditions would catalyze the growth of rosewood. Hence, it was truly a huge temptation. Not to mention, there was even an underwater ancient city.

    Noticing the look of astonishment in her eyes, Si Yiyan said, “Although the conditions on the islands are optimal for the growth of precious woods, it would take at least ten years before they can be harvested. The amount of manpower, money, and resources put into the process is unimaginable.”

    However, the benefits to be reaped would be greater than the effort put in. Wen Xinya got a grip on her emotions before asking, “So you have other plans in mind?”

    Si Yiyan smiled and explained, “Xiasi Group has found a way to develop a simulated environment that has living conditions that are suitable for the growth of precious woods. However, it’s not perfect or well equipped enough yet. Besides… Xiasi Group is currently in the midst of research for a type of genetic modification agent that will accelerate the growth of plants while still keeping the quality unaffected. The temperature and soil on the islands are going to aid Xiasi Group greatly.”

    Wen Xinya was flabbergasted after hearing his words, for they were probably the core secrets of Xiasi Group. “That’s not all, is it?”

    “Indeed, I can’t hide anything from you. Actually, I’m also planning to build a casino on the island that’s bigger and better than that of Macau’s. It’ll become a city on the sea which is perfect for tourism, shopping, and delicacies. ”

    Wen Xinya was beyond astounded. Indeed, Si Yiyan was one to seize benefits and opportunities when he saw them. The casino industry was a lucrative one and he’d definitely reap profits. The economy of Las Vegas stood 20% of the nation’s economy.

    The next thing she knew, Si Yiyan had already led her into the banquet hall.