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Chapter 473 - The Seductive Si Yiyan

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 473: The Seductive Si Yiyan

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    Noticing how miserly Wen Xinya was behaving, the banker stared at her in disdain. She thought to herself,

    “Miss, can you open up now?” Wen Xinya questioned, staring at the banker with a sullen expression.

    “Mister, four, five, six, big!” the banker said coquettishly in a sexy voice while bending forward and pushing the chips towards Si Yiyan. While she did so, her fair breasts almost fell out of her dress. She was gazing at Si Yiyan sultrily in an alluring and flirtatious manner.

    However, Si Yiyan completely disregarded her presence and pushed the chips towards Wen Xinya affectionately.

    Wen Xinya suddenly lost the mood to gamble after seeing the banker brazenly seduce her man. She threw a fit and pushed the chips away in a moment of pique before hollering. “I don’t want to play anymore! I don’t want to play!”

    “What’s wrong? Have you gotten sick of this game? I’ll take you to play something else,” said Si Yiyan, who wondered,

    “It’s so stuffy in here. I wonder where that smell of perfume is coming from. It’s so tacky and overwhelming. It’s so revolting I feel like vomiting.” Wen Xinya threw her arms around Si Yiyan’s neck and spoke to him coquettishly while lamenting and staring at the banker.

    A sullen expression formed on the banker’s face the moment she heard her words. She thought to herself,

    Si Yiyan took a whiff of the air which smelled like alcohol and Wen Xinya’s unique scent. There wasn’t any revolting odor like she had described. However, Si Yiyan was thrilled to see how adorable she was acting. “I’ll take you elsewhere.”

    Wen Xinya finally broke into a smile and stared at the banker. She gracefully picked up a yellow chip and stuffed it into the banker’s cleavage. “You’ve served us well. Here’s a tip for you.”

    She then held her head high and strutted away in her ten-inch stilettos.

    Si Yiyan finally realized that she had gotten jealous.

    He frantically scurried towards her and pulled her into his embrace. he looked down at her and held her intense gaze. “Are you jealous?”

    Wen Xinya answered with pouted lips, “That woman was staring at you so intently. It was as if she was wishing to strip you naked and bed you. She’s so coquettish and slutty it’s annoying. Most importantly, she’s a 34D.”

    Si Yiyan did not expect that she would be so adorable when she was jealous. He asked in surprise, “34D? She probably got a boob job! She has a petite stature. She’s at most a 34A naturally.”

    Wen Xinya snorted with laughter and instantly felt much better.

    The banker, who had turned pale, took out the chip from her cleavage to see that it was the cheapest chip of all, which was only worth a thousand yuan.

    Wen Xinya lamented. “It’s such a pity that I wasted a thousand yuan on her. She tried to seduce my man and yet I still gave her a tip. How silly of me. I should have given her a tight slap and called her shameless.”

    Upon hearing her derisive remark, Si Yiyan grinned widely and said, “Don’t get angry. I’ll win more chips for you later.”

    Wen Xinya’s eyes lit up and she asked, “Really?”

    Si Yiyan said, “Of course. Since when have I ever lied to you?”

    Wen Xinya shifted her gaze to the charming, sexy and sultry banker. She pouted her lips and said, “Forget it! I don’t want you to attract any more women, lest I have to handle the trouble for you. I’ll just take it that I used a thousand yuan to solve the problem.”

    Si Yiyan burst into laughter and said, “Don’t you know that you can request for a specific service staff?”

    Wen Xinya’s eyes widened and she glared at Si Yiyan. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You must have enjoyed every bit of that woman’s advances and seductive moves. You must have been greatly enticed by her well-endowed bosom!”

    “Did that woman seduce me?” asked Si Yiyan, who feigned ignorance and pretended to be innocent. He did not even get to take a close look at the banker’s face. Staring at Wen Xinya who was smiling foolishly at the pile of chips in front of her, he began thinking about how he should earn more chips to make her smile.

    Wen Xinya instantly smiled and pretended to be angry. “You’re not allowed to attract other women anymore.”

    “Goddamn it. No wonder those tycoons scurry here whenever they can. Even the waitresses here are from wealthy families. Did you see that banker just now? She’s the heiress of the Zhao Corporation, the real estate magnate.”

    Wen Xinya swallowed her words of anger and looked at Si Yiyan. “Is what they said real?”

    The Zhao Corporation was a real estate giant in the nation and was not inferior to the Wen Corporation. Wen Xinya was surprised that the heiress would become a banker at the yacht.

    Staring at how adorable she was, Si Yiyan burst into laughter and said, “Although this is a private auction, the National Security Department is keeping close tabs and only an approved list of guests are granted entry. Some wealthy families tend to send their daughters here to give them an eye-opener and establish powerful connections that would aid them in their businesses.”

    “I can’t imagine it at all!” Wen Xinya had gained a lot of insights from the auction that was more than met the eye. The ostentatious figures in her eyes actually had to swallow their pride and serve those who were truly influential and prestigious. Had she not come to the cruise, she would have never known how far she was from becoming stronger.

    “Are you hungry? The steak here smells heavenly. Would you like to give it a try?” Si Yiyan asked softly, holding her hand.

    Wen Xinya began to feel a little famished after hearing his words. “Sure! Let’s go and try.”