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Chapter 474 - Flirting with Si Yiyan in the Restaurant of the Cruise

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 474: Flirting with Si Yiyan in the Restaurant of the Cruise

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    Wen Xinya and Si Yiyan finally arrived at the restaurant after making several turns here and there. The interior of the restaurant boasted of an Italian decor and it looked both romantic and extravagant.

    At this moment, there were only a few people in the restaurant and it was extremely quiet.

    Si Yiyan brought Wen Xinya to a table by the window and asked, “Steak goes well with 1995 Duck Muck Shiraz. Would you like to give it a try?”

    Wen Xinya agreed with a nod. “Sure!”

    Si Yiyan ordered some wine and steak, and soon after, a chef dressed in a kitchen uniform and a tall chef’s hat exited from the kitchen with a trolley.

    There was a bouquet of red roses which were crimson like blood on the trolley. It looked extremely beautiful and captivating.

    Si Yiyan picked up the bouquet of roses and handed it to Wen Xinya. “I don’t remember ever giving you flowers. These are a new breed of roses that are bright and red like blood. They represent passionate love that runs continuously like blood. It also symbolizes eternal love.”

    “I heard that flowers have the ability to stimulate one’s senses. Hence… lots of restaurants often prepare fresh and pretty flowers for their customers, which appeals to the visual and olfactory senses. They add to the romantic and graceful vibes of the ambiance. You’re just making use of their services, aren’t you?” Wen Xinya asked, blushing red with shyness, just like the blood-red roses. Si Yiyan was extremely romantic and she was just like Eve to his Adam, completely irresistible.

    Si Yiyan remained calm and composed despite having been exposed by her. He asked, “Must you really be such a wet blanket?”

    Seeing how serious he was, Wen Xinya burst into laughter.

    In fact, Si Yiyan suddenly felt that he was not a good boyfriend because he realized that he had never given her flowers before. Hence, he decided to take the chance to do so when he saw the roses in the trolley.

    Soon, the chef came with another trolley, on top of which were lots of marinated raw beef, as well as a plethora of sauces that were different from the ones that she usually had with her steak.

    Wen Xinya looked at Si Yiyan and asked, “Are you planning to cook me some steak?”

    Wen Xinya was appalled. She had never expected that a refined gentleman like Si Yiyan would actually make her some steak. She suddenly recalled the great wipeout of Black Sunday which occurred two years ago, after which Si Yiyan made her some sweet porridge. She suddenly felt that it was only his duty. However, she did not get to witness the process back then.

    Seemingly having sensed her astonishment, Si Yiyan said smilingly, “My culinary skills are superb. You’re in for a treat today.”

    “I’d be glad if you don’t mess up the sugar and salt.” Wen Xinya jested while watching him melt some butter in the pan with much finesse. After the butter melted completely, Si Yiyan placed the marinated beef into the pan and allowed it to simmer.

    “How would you like your steak?” Si Yiyan asked softly.

    “Medium well!” Wen Xinya answered, watching him flip the steak in the pan while adding some sauce that she had never seen before. A tempting fragrance wafted up to her nose and she asked, “What sauce is this? It looks very special.”

    All steaks tasted similar, and there were barely any new or innovative ways of preparation. The final taste would be determined by the sauces. Hence, Wen Xinya was extremely curious.

    Si Yiyan grabbed the spatula and flipped the piece of steak before continuing to pan fry it. “This is a special kind of sauce that allows the beef to become tender and delicious. It suits the Asian taste buds too.”

    “This is Asian steak, isn’t it?” Wen Xinya asked, chuckling. People of Z Nation had always placed emphasis on food. Food had always been a profound study ever since history. There were lots of different types of culinary styles and tastes. Hence, it was no surprise that the people of Z Nation could come up with ways to improve steak recipes, even though it was considered to be a foreign dish.

    After frying the steak in no time, Si Yiyan drizzled some sauce onto the steak and meticulously sliced it into pieces. He then placed the plate in front of her and said, “Try it and tell me what you think of my culinary skills.”

    Wen Xinya picked up a piece of steak with a fork and placed it inside her mouth, only to sense that it was tender and soft. It tasted decadent and slightly charred. Si Yiyan was indeed a perfectionist who would do his best all the time.

    “How is it? Does it taste great?” Si Yiyan asked smilingly.

    Wen Xinya raised her thumb up while eating the steak and then answered, “Wonderful! If the Xiasi Group bellies up one day, you won’t starve since you have such a skill.”

    “You’re right. If the Xiasi Group really goes bust, I can become your private chef, Miss Wen,” Si Yiyan said with a grin while frying another portion of steak.

    Wen Xinya chuckled and said, “You want to be my private chef? You can’t move me just by being a great cook.”

    Si Yiyan suddenly leaned closer towards her and said softly in a flirtatious manner, “In that case… shall I add in a warm bed?”

    Wen Xinya blushed red with shyness. She pretended to be composed and scanned him from head to toe. She raised his chin and said, “Not bad, you’re handsome, tall, talented and great in bed… I shall show mercy and spare you then.”

    Si Yiyan supported himself against the table and retorted. “Spare me, huh?”

    Wen Xinya’s heart dropped and she spluttered. “I’ll know the details after an examination.”

    She almost felt like biting her own tongue off as soon as she heard herself. There must be a tyrant living within Wen Xinya! It was a result of how much Si Yiyan doted on her!

    Si Yiyan smirked and asked, “How are you going to examine me? Do you want me to strip down to nothing? Or…” He paused in his speech and abruptly grabbed her chin.

    Due to the fact that they had masks on, it was a little hard for them to kiss. Absence makes the heart fonder. The stiffness of the mask often reminded him to know when to stop.

    However, he felt indignant about leaving without putting up a fight after flirting with her.

    After kissing her and being lovey-dovey with her for a long while, Si Yiyan let go of her and licked his own lips in satisfaction. “Are you happy now?”

    As red as a tomato, Wen Xinya nodded. If she were to shake her head, Si Yiyan would definitely continue to kiss her until she said that she was satisfied. The ancient saying went: he who understands the times is a wise man.