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Chapter 475 - Young Master Anatoli

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 475: Young Master Anatoli

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    After having their meal, Si Yiyan accompanied Wen Xinya for a while. Feeling a little tired, Wen Xinya decided to return to her room to get some sleep. It was already eleven o’clock by the time she woke up again. Realizing that Si Yiyan was no longer in the room, she reckoned that he was probably at the auction hall.

    Wen Xinya changed into her outfit and dolled herself up before leaving.

    Wen Xinya began walking around and she soon discovered that she was lost. Upon hearing the sounds outside, she looked into the distance, only to be greeted with an astonishing sight!

    This must be the real-life version of a hub of vices!

    The strong aroma of alcohol and barbecued meat filled the air, and she caught sight of a young man and woman flirting with each other in the pool while a few waiters and waitresses were barbecuing some meat. There was a plethora of fruits placed by the side of the pool, as well as some exquisite-looking snacks. There were dozens of types of delicacies…

    At this moment, the man in the pool seemed to have discovered Wen Xinya’s presence. He looked at her and asked, “Hey pretty girl, would you like to join us for some fun?”

    Wen Xinya had never seen such a refined and pretty man before. His eyes were clear like gemstones and had a vibrant hue. He looked posh and esteemed. His bright and psychedelic eyes made him look like a proud Persian cat. His thin and rosy lips were curled into a smile and he looked rather haughty and arrogant.

    Wen Xinya thought to herself,

    “Pretty girl, why are you gawking at me?” the man said while he pulled a gorgeous woman into his embrace and began caressing her face with his long and slender fingers.

    The woman moved closer towards him and snuggled up in his embrace.

    Wen Xinya frowned slightly. She did not expect to feel so repulsed by such a luxurious and extravagant place. She almost instinctively turned around and left.

    “Pretty girl, how old are you this year? You look underage! Since when have they started holding activities for underage teenagers? However, you do seem a little interesting. Why don’t you remove your mask and show me your face? If I’m pleased, I’ll keep you!” the man said with an adorable grin.

    Only the top tycoons of the world were allowed to attend such exclusive auctions. Hence, he did not think that an underage teenager like Wen Xinya would be able to become one of the invited guests.

    Wen Xinya touched her face, feeling thankful to be wearing a mask. A sullen expression formed on her face and she glared at him menacingly.

    “What do you know? What talents do you have? Are you great at pleasing men?” The man hugged the woman beside him and began flirting with her as if there was no one beside them at all.

    Wen Xinya smiled widely and said, “Do you really want me to serve you?”

    “Haha, why wouldn’t I be able to afford you? Well, unless you’re a big shot, there’s nothing too difficult about it,” the man said with a arrogant smile. Although he was still teasing and flirting with the woman, his train of thought was still undisrupted.

    Wen Xinya smiled and remained silent.

    The man smacked the woman on her butt and said smilingly, “Tell her who I am. Let’s see if I can afford her!”

    The woman looked extremely sultry and she said with an alluring and seductive look in her eyes, “Young Master Anatoli, are we not serving you well enough? You’re even enticed by an underage girl.”

    Racial discrimination!

    Wen Xinya was shocked to hear his name. Anatoli was a Russian name that was very prestigious and posh. He was of Russian and Chinese descent.

    Her mind was filled with information about the powers in Russia as well as the nobilities who were the top tycoons of the world. The most wealthy and prestigious family in Russia was the Ivanov family which became close affiliates with the new mayor ten years ago. They constantly attacked Lucifer and caused Si Yiyan to be exiled from Russia for three years.

    “Little green-eyed monster!” The man bit her earlobe and caused her to shriek in pain. “Young Master Anatoli, you’re so evil!”

    After placating the feelings of his jealous beau, Anatoli looked at Wen Xinya again and asked, “What’s your name?”

    Although she was wearing a mask, she exuded a youthful and puerile vibe. She could pique the curiosity of others easily.

    Wen Xinya sneered and asked, “Should we play something exciting? Are you up for it?”

    Anatoli groped his female beau’s chest and guffawed loudly. “There’s nothing that I wouldn’t dare to do in this world.”

    Wen Xinya smiled and gave some instructions to the waiter, after which the waiter turned around and left.

    About ten minutes later, the waiter returned with a tray, on which was a piece of red cloth. Wen Xinya grabbed the tray and walked towards the pool.

    “What’s that?” Anatoli asked curiously.

    Wen Xinya lifted the red cloth and Anatoli took a deep breath the moment he saw what was on the tray. He shuddered and stared at Wen Xinya in apprehension while swallowing some saliva.

    He stared at the handcuffs, chains, rings, candles, whips and many other sex toys on the tray. Wen Xinya picked up a pair of handcuffs and swung it in front of Anatoli. She gibed. “Do you know what these are for? Are you game enough?”

    Anatoli suddenly discovered that Wen Xinya was extremely devilish. Although he was lecherous, he was not a pervert. Neither did he have any unique fetishes.

    “Are you up for this too?” Wen Xinya asked with a smirk.

    Anatoli was tonguetied.

    “Don’t tell me, you’re not game enough?” Wen Xinya taunted.

    Anatoli stared at Wen Xinya who was sneering at him derisively. All of a sudden, he felt extremely enraged.

    Wen Xinya kicked the tray into the pool and gibed. “You’re so incompetent and yet, you still want me to serve you. You’re not competent yet!”

    Wen Xinya then bent over and removed her shoes before throwing them into the pool.

    She then grabbed a piece of tissue paper and began wiping her long and slender fingers. They resembled fine and exquisite jade beneath the light.

    After she was done, she threw the rubbish onto the ground and walked away.

    Wen Xinya allowed her actions to speak louder than her words when she mocked the lecherous scum Anatoli.