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Chapter 478 - Who’d Vie with Me?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 478: Who’d Vie with Me?

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    The auction started soon after while Wen Xinya was in a moment of shock. The antiques and ornaments which were to be auctioned were displayed all over the table like vegetables in the market. It was as if they meant nothing to the tycoons at all.

    Anatoli even spent five million yuan on a diamond necklace which he then gave to one of his female companions.

    In such circumstances, money seemed to have lost its significance.

    Sensing the astonishment which overwhelmed Wen Xinya, Si Yiyan held her hand gently and said, “These are just the appetizers. A good show awaits.”

    Wen Xinya took a deep breath and thought to herself,

    Having lived through two lifetimes, she had been put through all sorts of loneliness, humiliation, and shame. However, she got an eyeopener this time.

    Si Yiyan had allowed her to step into his world. However, she knew that simply entering his world was not enough, and she had to become stronger in order to complement him.

    At this moment, a precious set of essential tools needed for calligraphy, also known as the Four Treasures of the Study, were up for auction. The auctioneer said enthusiastically, “Known to all, the Four Treasures of the Study consist of the brush, ink, paper, and inkstone. This set that’s up for auction today is worth 10 million yuan!”

    Wen Xinya took another deep breath. The Four Treasures of the Study symbolized the inheritance of culture and it was the most valuable collectible, which was highly coveted by many. Not to mention, the set that was up for auction dated all the way back to the Tang Dynasty where it was used for imperial calligraphy and writings. It had already surpassed the value of ordinary antiques.

    Soon, the highest bid for the Four Treasures of the Study went up to 50 million yuan. Yet, there were still guests calling for higher bids! They were reluctant to let the opportunity slip.

    Si Yiyan fed her a grape and said, “You’ve been practicing calligraphy for such a long time and yet you still don’t have a decent set of brushes and tools. This set of Four Treasures of the Study looks great. What do you think?”

    “It’s too expensive. I’ve only been practicing calligraphy for three years, I don’t need such an exquisite set yet. Forget it!” Wen Xinya refuted, leaning in Si Yiyan’s embrace and indulging in the deliciousness of grape juice that was lingering in her mouth.

    “It’s just a set of Four Treasures of the Study. I’ll bid for it so long as you like it,” Si Yiyan said while feeding her another snack.

    Just as Wen Xinya was about to protest, Si Yiyan shoved another snack into her mouth. Before she could even react, Si Yiyan had already named his price!

    “100 million yuan!” Si Yiyan exclaimed in a loud voice that was prominent despite the ruckus.

    All of the guests fell silent and stared at Si Yiyan, overwhelmed with a mix of emotions, including disgruntlement, respect and perplexity.

    It was Wen Xinya’s first time witnessing how formidable Rex was. Who’d dare to vie with him!?!

    “200 million yuan!” a voice exclaimed derisively.

    Wen Xinya looked over to see that Anatoli was still flirting with his female companions. She too, overheard the conversations between other guests who were gossiping.

    “Who’s that person? How brazen of him to vie with Rex! Is he tired of living!?!”

    “You’re the one who’s tired of living! That’s the future successor of the Ivanov Family. Rex has always been at odds with the Ivanov Family. If you get implicated, don’t blame me for failing to remind you.”

    Anatoli smirked arrogantly and he looked at Si Yiyan. “I shouldn’t be interfering with Rex’s plan to present his female companion with a gift. However, I heard that it’s a rare collection and I’d like to try getting my hands on it too.”

    “The items showcased during an auction always go to the offeror who offers the highest bid.” Si Yiyan glanced at Anatoli and exclaimed, “300 million yuan!”

    “400 million yuan!” Anatoli exclaimed, staring at Si Yiyan with raised brows in a taunting manner. He was nowhere as wealthy as Si Yiyan was and he was merely trying to provoke him.

    At this moment, Wen Xinya tugged at Si Yiyan’s sleeve and said coquettishly, “Si, hurry and place your bid. Everyone is lusting over that set of Four Treasures of the Study. I happen to be practicing Liao calligraphy lately too. I don’t have a decent set of Four Treasures of the Study yet.”

    She sounded charming and sexy, yet coquettish and tender like a flower bud.

    Everyone turned to stare at them.

    Anatoli glanced at Wen Xinya.

    “500 million!” Si Yiyan exclaimed obstinately while kissing her sideburns tenderly before planting a kiss on her lips. He continued to do so for a long while before letting go of her.

    “600 million!” Anatoli was still rather nonchalant and bent on provoking Si Yiyan previously. However, after hearing Wen Xinya’s words, he began showing his determination to getting his hands on the item.

    “800 million!” Wen Xinya exclaimed, glaring at Anatoli.

    Anatoli hesitated and shifted his gaze onto Si Yiyan, only to realize that he was not at all bothered by the auction. Instead, he was busy holding Wen Xinya in his embrace and kissing her affectionately while peeling grapes with his long and slender fingers before feeding it to her.

    Meanwhile, Wen Xinya was enjoying the grapes and kissing Si Yiyan. She was staring at Anatoli in a provoking manner as well.

    “One billion!” Anatoli yelled. He thought to himself,

    Given how in love Si Yiyan was with Wen Xinya, one billion yuan was peanuts to Si Yiyan.

    A deafening silence filled the air. Although the Four Treasures of the Study was a rare gem, the current bid was way too high.

    Most of the guests had already broken out into cold sweat and were wiping the perspiration off their foreheads with a handkerchief. Although they were the top tycoons of the world, one billion yuan was not a small sum.

    Wen Xinya burst into laughter and giggled coquettishly, sounding extremely loud in the silent hall.

    Si Yiyan kissed her and chided. “Mischievous!”

    Everyone was puzzled by their exchange.