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Chapter 487 - Xia Ruya’s Great Comeback

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 487: Xia Ruya’s Great Comeback

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    Tang Xiaowei smiled and said, “Ruya had published her virginity test in order to prove her innocence. I truly admire her for her courage, and I’ve been keeping close tabs on her for the past two years. What she did in Yun Chuan was beyond my expectations. However, I was really touched by the help she provided for the children in the slums, and the efforts she put into educating them. She also came up with several strategies for helping the victims. This is exactly what the Zhishan Club needs right now. It’s also the reason why I wanted to let Ruya join the club.”

    Wen Xinya answered smilingly, “I know that Zhishan Club has placed its focus on disabled children and providing aid to the people living in poverty in the slums. It’s a good thing that Ruya is joining us.”

    Just like Si Yiyan had predicted, Xia Ruya’s decision to reveal her virginity test report had given her a new lease on life in society and even caught the attention of Tang Xiaowei. Compared to Wen Xinya who became a member of the club because of her family’s connections and the fact that her mother and maternal grandparents used to be members, Xia Ruya seemed more worthy of the place, for she had secured a footing for herself using her own capabilities.

    Zhou Huiyan said smilingly, “You’re right. The large-scale charity auction that I held two years ago was the gateway to our next project.”

    Wen Xinya’s pupils constricted and she thought to herself, So… Xia Ruya had long found out about the plans that Aunt Zhou had in mind for Zhishan Club. That’s why she withdrew from school and proceeded to teach in the slums, so as to experience life there. She wanted to use her own efforts to touch the people of Zhishan Club, and Aunt Tang has always valued people who put in their own efforts. Hence, Xia Ruya wouldn’t have succeeded without the occurrence of the earthquake.

    She had belittled Xia Ruya. In fact, Xia Ruya had already found a way out to redeem herself ever since she published her virginity report. Once she became a member of the Zhishan Club, she would gain recognition from society and no one would dare to criticize her because of her past. All controversy about her would die down.

    Surprised and flattered, Xia Ruya stared at Tang Xiaowei and said, “Thank you so much, Teacher Tang. I didn’t expect that you’d actually started taking notice of me at such an early stage. Fortunately, I didn’t disappoint you.”

    Xia Ruya stared at Tang Xiaowei, her eyes full of sincerity.

    Extremely satisfied with Xia Ruya, Tang Xiaowei said, “Ruya has stayed in the slums for a long time and understands the conditions of that place very well. So, I’d like to let Ruya join us in providing relief to the schools in the slums. We’ll let her be in charge of building schools in Yun Chuan.”

    Wen Xinya’s fingers stiffened. She wondered, I’ve been in charge of building the schools in the mountain areas of Yun Chuan. Now that Xia Ruya has joined the club, she took over my assignment. Is… her strategy and policy really that great? Or has she just managed to move Aunt Tang?

    Greatly taken aback, Xia Ruya said frantically, “Teacher Tang, I’ve only joined the Zhishan Club for a while and I don’t know much about the club yet. Besides, I’ve never done any work in this area before. I’m worried that I won’t be able to perform the duty well. I think we’d better stick to the original plan. I’ll just provide assistance. That way, I’d be able to understand the constitution and protocols that Zhishan Club follows in a shorter amount of time.”

    Zhou Huiyan was not shocked at all. Instead, she smiled and said calmly, “The members of the Zhishan Club are all assigned to their respective duties and it won’t be appropriate to make any adjustments. The charity drives and auctions meant for raising funds for disabled children have been going on for two years. However, there hasn’t been much progress. Now that you’ve joined the club, you’ll better understand our problems. Don’t quit your job in Yun Chuan.”

    Tang Xiaowei agreed. “Huiyan is right. Don’t quit your job. I’ll hand you the relevant information and documents regarding Zhishan Club. It’ll help you understand the situation better. I believe you can overcome all struggles and problems. You could pull through such great adversity. This won’t be an issue for you.”

    Wen Xinya remained silent, though she was filled with dismay. Once Xia Ruya finds out about the protocols that Zhishan Club follows, she’d definitely become an official member.

    Wen Xinya indeed did not become a member based on her own abilities. However, ever since she joined the club, she had been trying her best not to commit any mistakes and did everything she could to ensure that things ran smoothly. Why must I free up some space for Xia Ruya just because she’s here?

    Is it only because Xia Ruya has become a member based on her own abilities? Is it only because Xia Ruya has adapted to life in Yun Chuan for twelve years and participated in disaster relief efforts? Is it only because she used to be a teacher in the slums?

    “In that case, I shall concede. I hope Teacher Tang and Teacher Zhou will help me and guide me along in the future,” Xia Ruya said while glancing at Wen Xinya with raised brows and teary eyes. However, she looked rather smug.

    Xia Ruya thought to herself, Wen Xinya, so what if you joined the Zhishan Club before I did? You’ve put in so much effort into the club and yet, you still have to hand your work over to me. She knew that the rules were strict in Zhishan Club, and a simple blunder could land her in serious trouble. She was just a member in name.

    Zhou Huiyan and Tang Xiaowei nodded smilingly.

    Zhou Huiyan stared at Tang Xiaowei calmly and said, “I’d like Xinya to follow me to manage and oversee the matters regarding the supervision and planning of the country’s charity activities. I’m sure you know that we’ve handed the Yun Chuan disaster relief project over to Xinya because the other members were too busy to make time. Xinya has an incredible talent for planning and management. Work has been hectic for me lately too and I’d like her to help me out.”

    Tang Xiaowei smiled and said, “I share the exact same thoughts. Xinya has always been very competent, and she can adapt well to sudden and unexpected changes too. She’s very well suited for planning strategies. Since you’re busy, I was planning to let her become your assistant.”

    Wen Xinya got a great shock, for that meant that she had truly become an elite member of the club.

    Xia Ruya’s smile stiffened, causing her to look a little deadpan and strange. The sudden change caught her off guard. Wen Xinya had become an official member before she was even done being smug. Wen Xinya was now on a higher level than her.

    At this moment, she realized that the smile that Wen Xinya had given her was full of derisiveness and was just like a huge slap to her face, causing it to sting and burn with excruciating pain.

    Zhou Huiyan looked at Wen Xinya and asked smilingly, “Xinya, what’s your opinion?”

    Wen Xinya recovered from the shock and hurriedly said, “Thank you for trusting me and having faith in me, Aunt Zhou and Aunt Tang. I definitely won’t disappoint you guys and perform my duties well.”